This page has links to useful reference and research websites for people interested in Aotearoa New Zealand's rich LGBTI rainbow heritage. If you know of a useful link that should be included please get in contact.

Research tools:

Aotearoa New Zealand:


Research areas:


  • Evergreen Coffee Lounge (Wellington) - images
  • Wellington sites related to LGBTI rainbow communities - images



  • Activism (including homosexual law reform) - images
  • Anti LGBTI rainbow activities - images
  • Art and performance - images
  • Female impersonators (WW1, WW2, 1950s) - images
  • HIV AIDS in Aotearoa New Zealand - images
  • New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt - images
  • People related to LGBTI rainbow communities - images
  • Politics - images
  • Pride (including parades) - images
  • Social activities - images
  • The Trials of Eric Mareo [relates to Themla Trott and Freda Stark] - text