Ralph Knowles  [image: Gareth Watkins]

Ralph Knowles

Ralph Knowles(December 2011)

In this podcast Ralph talks about the early years of HIV AIDS in Christchurch, and how he helped produce the first pamphlet about the virus in New Zealand.


The transcript for this podcast was generously sponsored by Jeri Castonia.


"There was a lot of activity out on the beaches and the beats, cruising the areas. There was by then a sauna very similar to ones you find in other big metropolitan cities. And there was a lot of community work. There were some pubs that were known for short periods to be places where gay people would meet. What tended to happen was we tended to become unwelcome and would move on to somewhere else; that was the Ramada Inn in particular. There was also a community center run on a voluntary basis called the Lambda Center. That... read full transcript

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Record date:30th December 2011