Ursula Bethell

Ursula Bethell

Ursula Bethell

In this podcast Alison talks about the New Zealand poet Ursula Bethell.


This podcast was funded by a generous grant from the Gay Line Wellington Trust with the support of the Rule Foundation


"I'm going to be looking at the poet Mary Ursula Bethell who lived between 1874 and 1945, and I'm going to be looking at her relationship with Effie Pollen - Henrietta Dorothea 'Effie' Pollen - who was five years younger, she lived between 1879 and 1934, and at Ursula's reactions after the death of Effie, which were very sad and tragic, and also with her later relationship with some other women. The relationship between Ursula Bethell and the woman she called her consort, Effie, lasted for over 30 years. They lived as expatriates for many years and didn't return... read full transcript

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Record date:12th January 2011