Street march, 1985

Street march, 1985

Homosexual law reform

In this podcast Alison talks about homosexual law reform in New Zealand.


This podcast was funded by a generous grant from the Gay Line Wellington Trust with the support of the Rule Foundation


"I'm going to be looking at Homosexual Law Reform in New Zealand and how this was achieved. The New Zealand Homosexual Law Reform Society was formed in 1967 and it was dedicated to urging a change in the law regarding male homosexual acts. The Society presented a petition to Parliament urging Homosexual Law Reform, signed by 75 prominent people, in 1968, and in 1974 the National Member of Parliament for Egmont, Venn Young, put forward a private members' bill intending to amend the Crimes Act of 1961, which proposed the decriminalization of private homosexual acts between consenting males over... read full transcript

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Record date:12th January 2011