Jac Lynch  [image: Gareth Watkins]

Jac Lynch

Open mic sessions

Audio from the open mic sessions held during the community event Queer History in the Making, where individuals and community groups were invited to talk and share about various rainbow activities.

The event was organised by the Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand and hosted at the National Library of New Zealand, Wellington on 12 September 2015.

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  • 0:00:05 - Adrienne Girling and Karen Harris   (Out in the Park)
  • 0:06:45 - MC Jac Lynch
  • 0:07:35 - Capt. Leanne Chambers   (OverWatch)
  • 0:15:25 - Malcolm Kennedy-Vaughan   (Chrissy Witoko Memorial Trust)
  • 0:22:25 - Pat McIntosh   (Glamaphones)
  • 0:30:15 - Tabby Besley and Bella Simpson   (Inside Out)
  • 0:36:30 - MC Kevin Haunui
  • 0:36:40 - Virginia Parker-Bowles and Frank   (Rainbow Team Wellington, Different Strokes Wellington)
  • 0:40:00 - Ellen Faed   (LILAC - Lesbian Information, Library and Archives Centre)
  • 0:45:30 - Lainey Cowan   (Lesbian Overland and Cafe Club)
  • 0:50:28 - MC LaQuisha Redfern
  • 0:52:10 - Simon Fulton   (Out Takes: a reel queer film festival)
  • 0:57:50 - Emma Kelly   (The Adventures of Jonathan Dennis)
  • 1:08:20 - Jac Lynch   (Polari-Fontabulosa, planning for homosexual law reform events next year)
  • 1:11:52 - Kathleen Winter and Jevon Wright   (Outerspaces - including Tranzform, School's Out, Naming New Zealand, Social Fruits)
  • 1:17:40 - John Mayes   (Gay Line Wellington)
  • 1:27:50 - Lynette Townsend and Stephanie Gibson   (Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa)
  • 1:39:30 - Mani Mitchell   (Intersex Trust Aotearoa New Zealand)
  • 1:48:40 - Des Smith and John Jolliff
  • 1:54:00 - Ellen Faed   (Lesbian Wellington on the web - digital archiving)
  • 2:01:30 - Valda Edyvane   (Armstrong and Arthur Charitable Trust for Lesbians)
  • 2:11:10 - Kevin Haunui and Karen Te Wao   (Tiwhanawhana, Tapatoru)

A special thank you to the Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand for allowing us to record this event.

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Record date:12th September 2015