Alison Laurie  [image: Gareth Watkins]

Alison Laurie

Early lesbian and gay groups

In this podcast Alison talks about early lesbian and gay groups in New Zealand.


This podcast was funded by a generous grant from the Gay Line Wellington Trust with the support of the Rule Foundation


"I'm going to be looking at lesbian and gay organizing in New Zealand, and early law reform attempts. I want to start off by thinking about the first, that we know of, kinds of lesbian or gay organizations or organizing that started in Europe and where possibly some New Zealanders may have been connected to these organizations. New Zealand was never isolated. Boats came here all the time bringing information from especially England. People received newspapers and magazines, they got books. When boats came it was very important. So this country has never been isolated. It's never not known... read full transcript

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Record date:11th January 2011