Priscilla Penniket

In this podcast Priscilla talks about working for Rainbow Youth to do homophobia education in schools. This podcast was funded by a generous donation from Roger Smith.

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"I'm the education coordinator at Rainbow Youth. That means I go and talk to students in the high schools; they're generally about 15 or 16. I talk to them about sexual orientation, gender identity, homophobia, coming out, and all those kinds of topics. Wai: And how do they take that? Priscilla: Generally really, really well. All of them take it really, really well. Sometimes there are some homophobic students in the class, but they're generally just trying to be defensive. You know, maybe they're gay or whatever. But yeah, they take it pretty well. Today in class they seem... read full transcript

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Record date:26th May 2010
Interviewer:Wai Ho