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On This Day: 26th October

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Mon 26 Oct 2020

  • Women slam Tampax over tweet celebrating the 'diversity of all people who bleed' amid calls for boycott
    Tampon brand Tampax faced a backlash yesterday after claiming "not all people with periods are women"...
    Links: NZ Herald
    Links: Express
  • Exclusive: Intersex Operation Numbers in New Zealand Questioned by Advocates
    Links: Express

Sat 26 Oct 2019

  • A Rainbow in the Village (2019) (Paekakariki)
    Organisers, participants and spectators talk about the worlds (unofficial) shortest pride parade - held during Paekakarikis annual pride festival.
    Features: Andrew Needs, Ann-Marie Stapp, Anna Walsh, Christopher Drinkwater, Corinne Guldmann, Danielle Burns, Donna Reed, Hugh Young, Jac Lynch, Jessica Bryan, Jon Trimmer, Linda McLaughlan, Mark Amery, Pat McIntosh, Rob Sumby, Robert O'Shea, Val Little, Will Walsh

Fri 26 Oct 2018

  • Caitlyn Jenner: I thought Trump would help trans people. I was wrong.
    These past two years under US President Donald Trump have given me the opportunity to reflect on a lot of topics that have come up in the LGBTQ community and in our nation...
    Links: Stuff
  • Not all black and white. Re-thinking identity
    Links: RNZ
  • Meet The Future of Queer Pop
    Links: Express
  • Trump to Leave Over One Million Trans Americans Without Discrimination Protection
    Links: Express

Thu 26 Oct 2017

  • Intersex Awareness Day - 26 October 2017
    Today marks Intersex Awareness Day and is the anniversary of what was considered the first public demonstration by intersex people in North America, on October 26, 1996, outside the venue in Boston where the American Academy of Pediatrics was holding ...
    Links: Scoop
  • Auckland Pride Announce Important Dates
    Links: Express

Wed 26 Oct 2016

  • Review: Cassia
    Links: Express
  • Theta Project Hosting Another Fabulous Party
    Links: Express
  • UN steps up for intersex awareness
    Today marks Intersex Awareness Day and this week the United Nations has launched its first ever intersex awareness campaign, a groundbreaking move that increases the visibility of intersex rights and provides informative resources in four different languages...

Mon 26 Oct 2015

  • Germaine Greer Says Transgender Women are “Not Women”
    Links: Express
  • Labour Weekend at Family – Featuring Hot Male Strippers
    Links: Express
  • Same Sex Couples Join in Mass Wedding in Taiwan
    Links: Express
  • Work of trans students, academics celebrated
    The University of Auckland's social group and advocacy network, Trans on Campus, are hosting an event to highlight and celebrate the work of transgender and gender variant students and academics...

Sun 26 Oct 2014

  • Thousands March in Taipei Pride Parade
    Links: Express
  • Vatican Decision Disappointing, But There is Still Hope
    Links: Express
  • Film made from QWU highlights reel
    A film made from highlights of the Queen of the Whole Universe pageant will be premiered at a World AIDS Day fundraiser next month...

Sat 26 Oct 2013

  • Dramatist and performer Paul Jenden dies (Wellington, New Zealand)
    Jenden was a lyricist, writer and choreographer of numerous New Zealand productions.
    Links:, Stuff
  • Sacked gay worker to lead McD's protest
    Sean Bailey A protest will be held at an Auckland McDonald’s today over the sacking of gay whistleblower Sean Bailey...

Fri 26 Oct 2012

  • “There is time” – Wall says ahead of deadline
    Louisa Wall Marriage equality bill author Louisa Wall is urging supporters to get typing ahead of the closing of submissions at 5PM today...

Wed 26 Oct 2011

  • Welsh rugby hardman Gareth Thomas retires
    Gareth Thomas has retired from all forms of rugby, saying he can no longer give it 100 per cent...

Tue 26 Oct 2010

  • Film review: Loose Cannons
    Loose Cannons (Mine Vaganti) Italy, 110 minutes Directed by: Ferzan Ozpetek Starring: Riccardo Scamarcio, Nicole Grimaudo and Ennio Fantastichini We no longer live in a generation of secret-keeping...

Mon 26 Oct 2009

  • Dot's bar will return bigger than ever
    The crew from Ponsonby Road's recently closed Dorothy's Sister bar will make Symonds Street more fabulous from late November...

Fri 26 Oct 2007

  • Three UK gay porn actors infected with HIV
    Three performers became infected with HIV last month during the production of a gay 'bareback' movie, according to UK gay magazine Boyz...

Thu 26 Oct 2006

  • Wellington: 2 new bars open this weekend
    Good news for LGBT Wellingtonians - two new gathering-places launch this weekend...

Wed 26 Oct 2005

  • Television news report: New Zealand on track for its highest rate of HIV infection (New Zealand)
    Interviewees include Jay Bennie, Michael Stevens and Tony Hughes. One news, ref F89559.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
  • United Failures
    During the next three years, we should spare no effort to pare United Future down to Peter Dunne...

Tue 26 Oct 2004

  • VIP Tamihere at Destiny Church
    Self-proclaimed red-blooded heterosexual MP John Tamihere was a VIP guest at Destiny Church's weekend Taking The Nation conference, receiving rapturous applause from the audience...

Sun 26 Oct 2003

  • Deborah Gordon's long road to ministry
    The first openly gay woman being allowed to train as a Presbyterian minister in New Zealand says that gay and lesbian Christians should not shut themselves away from church because of prejudice...

Fri 26 Oct 1984

Tue 26 Oct 1971

  • Television current affairs: profile of Rewi Alley (New Zealand)
    Gallery, ref TZP49890.
    Links: TVNZ, Wikipedia

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