On This Day - 20th October

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This list of events is generated from a number of different sources: media items on PrideNZ.com, archived pages from GayNZ.com, our rainbow timeline and links to rainbow-related stories on other media sites. There may be some inaccuracies - please let us know if you find anything that needs changing. If you would like to see a full list of dates click here


  • Thumnail imageA Kiwi blind spot: New Zealand's intolerant love for Hudson and Halls
    In the 10 years before Homosexual Law Reform in 1986, New Zealand's most instantly recognisable personalities were two gay men, a real-life couple who bitched, fought, and drank all the way through an hour-long TV cooking show...
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  • Thumnail imageTransgender rights lie in the hands of a state's electorate
    BOSTON — Nicole Talbot isn't quite old enough to vote next month, but she isn't shy about urging Massachusetts residents who are to keep a state law that protects transgender people from discrimination, including the right to...
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  • Thumnail imageWhy were Hudson and Halls embraced as celebrities before it was legal to be gay?
    In the 10 years before Homosexual Law Reform in 1986, New Zealand's most instantly recognisable personalities were two gay men, a real-life couple who bitched, fought, and drank all the way through an hour-long TV cooking show...
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  • Thumnail imageFashion’s inclusive new mood
    Fashion is often a signal of a change in the air, reflecting societal norms and values...
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  • Thumnail imageUN "Deeply Concerned" Over Arrests of LGBT People
    UN rights office 'deeply concerned' over arrests of LGBT people in Azerbaijan, Egypt and Indonesia ...
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  • Thumnail imageShake a Bucket this Worlds AIDS Day
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  • Thumnail imageBBC Sets Diversity Targets
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  • Thumnail imageHaving the Chat: Dean Buckley
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  • Thumnail imageSuicide stats propagate “invisibility of identities”
    The provisional suicide statistics for the 2015/16 year have been released and show 579 people had taken their own life - the highest number of deaths since records began in 2007...
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  • Thumnail imageUpdate: Two weeks after assault on Krd
    Photographer and prominent community member, Tux Hika, was assaulted on Auckland’s K’rd two weeks ago in what he says was a completely unprovoked attack, the force of the hit left Hika with a broken nose and substantial bruising...
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  • Thumnail imageGrant Robertson on Fairness, Labour Values and the Sexuality Question
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  • Thumnail imageMutual Shags, Amy Winehouse and a Good Spoon
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  • Thumnail imageOur Exclusive with Mimi
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  • Thumnail imageRainbow Youth Celebrates 25 Years and Prepares for 25 More
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  • Thumnail imageRainbowYOUTH to celebrate turning 25
    RainbowYOUTH will mark its 25th birthday next month, and is inviting all those who have been involved over the years to come along and celebrate...
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  • Thumnail imageChris Brickell's Two-by-two
    The man behind Mates   ...
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  • Thumnail imageOne week to go for Marriage Equality submissions
    With just a week to go before submissions on the marriage equality bill close gay Green MP Kevin Hague is urging glbti people who believe same-sex couples should be able to legally marry to quickly get their views before the Parliamentary Select Committee...
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  • Thumnail imageAround 200 people march on parliament campaigning for gay marriage and adoption. (Wellington, New Zealand)
    The march was part of the LegaliseLove campaign.
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  • Thumnail imageUnited Future picks openly-gay candidate
    Damian Light speaking at last week's GABA forum United Future is running a gay candidate, and making it clear it's because he's an impressive person and his sexuality is utterly irrelevant...
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  • Thumnail imageWeatherman Vs. Cockroach
    This weatherman has a fear of creepy-crawlies...
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  • Thumnail imageUganda: "Police must hunt for gays"
    The Ugandan government has vowed to strengthen its anti-gay laws and broaden police operations against homosexuals amid concern over the "mushrooming" numbers of gays and lesbians in the East African nation...
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  • Thumnail imaget.A.T.u. - "They wailed like sexually frustrated Barbies"
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  • Thumnail imageCherry Bomb Comics
    Melissa Steiner and Tui Gordon were talking one day about what they'd like to do with their lives, and both had the same idea – a comic book shop...
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  • Thumnail imageObituary: Daniel Fielding (1956 - 2005)
    Daniel Fielding (1956 - 2005) Around two hundred people gathered at Old St Paul's church in central Wellington yesterday to celebrate a victory...
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  • Thumnail imagePill Diary: Week 4
    Week 4 of the edited diary entries of a HIV positive man going onto a standard 'combination therapy' pill regime to boost the immune system and repress the virus...
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  • Thumnail imageQueer Nation awaits green light
    Livingstone Productions hopes to know by the end of this month whether it has received funding for a ninth series of Queer Nation in 2004...
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  • Thumnail imageTelevision news report: interview with visiting morals campaigner Mary Whitehouse (New Zealand)
    Whitehouse was invited to tour by the Society for the Promotion of Community Standards. NZBC News, ref: TZP86099.
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