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On This Day: 29th July

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Mon 29 Jul 2019

  • 'Coming out made life much better': Former A-League player opens up
    Openly gay footballer Andy Brennan says that overcoming his fears has had a positive impact on his life...
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  • Ex-staffers call out racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia
    Former US President Barack Obama, who doesn't often comment on current politics, seemed to yesterday endorse an op-ed written by 148 African Americans who served in his administration that called out President Donald Trump for recent...
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  • Feminists fire over Hubbard
    Kiwi transgender weightlifter's controversial win prompts feminist group to call for defence of women's sport...
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  • a-ha Announce First-Ever NZ Tour!
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  • Australian Politician Urged To Resign After Calling Deputy Mayor A “Poof”
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  • Bulgarian Court Makes Historic Ruling By Recognising Same-Sex Marriage
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  • express Hits The Gym With Dan @ 9Round Auckland CBD
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  • President Of Palau Announces Support For Marriage Equality
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Sun 29 Jul 2018

  • Barry Humphries: “Transgenderism” is a “Fashion”
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Sat 29 Jul 2017

  • Tiwhanawhana celebrates Matariki
    (National Library of New Zealand)
    Audio from the Tiwhanawhana Celebrates Matariki event held at the National Library of New Zealand in Wellington on 29 July 2017
    Features: Ani Waapu, Ariana Tikao, Kevin Haunui, Paul Diamond, Tiwhanawhana
  • LGBT community mourns loss of campaigner Virginia Burns
    Virginia Rose Burns, LGBT events organiser and campaigner: b Hastings, August 3, 1977; p Jac Lynch; d Wellington, June 18, 2017, aged 39...
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  • Nigel Owens on his sexuality, suicide attempt and bulimia battle: 'Yes, I would swap everything I have achieved for a normal life'
    By Ian Herbert of the Daily Mail Nigel Owens has travelled more than 2,000 miles in the past two weeks but he's still a long way from home...
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Fri 29 Jul 2016

  • August Hottie of the Month: Luke Bird!
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  • Males Under 26 to be Included in HPV Vaccinations
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  • P2P’s Craig Watson Receives Medals of Commendation
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  • “Big gay rainbow” MP to retire
    The National MP known for his viral “big gay rainbow” speech that he delivered during the marriage equality campaign, has announced he will retire at next year’s election...

Wed 29 Jul 2015

  • Australian Labor Promises to Introduce Marriage Equality Bill Within First 100...
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  • Crowds Gather to See ISIS Throw Gay Man to His Death...
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  • Lick’s Prom Themed Throwback
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  • NZ Scouts Backs US Decision Allowing Gay Leaders
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  • “Straight pride” proves a complete flop
    A man who tried to hold a ‘straight pride’ event was the only person who turned up...

Tue 29 Jul 2014

  • Honolulu Pride!
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  • Save The Dates! Auckland Pride Festival 2015 Dates Confirmed
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  • UFC Fighter Kyle Kingsbury In Support of The Gay Community
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  • Catching up with diving judge Simon Latimer
    When the diving (finally!) gets underway at the Commonwealth Games on Wednesday night, gay New Zealander Simon Latimer will be among the judges...

Mon 29 Jul 2013

  • Winners of double wedding comp found
    The winners of a radio station’s double same-sex wedding are a lesbian couple from the Bay of Islands and a gay couple from Christchurch...

Sun 29 Jul 2012

  • TV3 reporter and Am. Cup yachtie's son a couple
    David Farrier and Grayson Coutts TV3 reporter and blogger David Farrier has come out as bisexual and has revealed that he is in a relationship with the son of America's Cup yachting hero Russell Coutts...

Fri 29 Jul 2011

  • Skjellerup named Gay Games ambassador
    New Zealand Olympic speed skater Blake Skjellerup has been made a Gay Games Ambassador alongside out Australian diver Matthew Mitcham...

Thu 29 Jul 2010

  • Payout for man denied access to dying partner
    Scull and Greene in younger days A Northern California county has agreed to pay an elderly gay man US$600,000 after social workers prevented him from seeing his dying partner in hospital...

Wed 29 Jul 2009

  • Seven more formal complaints against Mills

Tue 29 Jul 2008

  • UK: Gay sex is a sin, say most Protestants
    Most Protestant Christians in Britain believe gay sex is a sin and that practising gays should not be ordained, according to a new survey...

Sun 29 Jul 2007

  • Rainbow Youth makes plans for growth
    Youth Co-ordinator Robert Marshall's report at Rainbow Youth's Annual General Meeting yesterday suggested the new Board is in for busy year, as the organisation hopes to increase its influence in schools and expand into the greater Auckland region...

Sat 29 Jul 2006

  • Tamihere's World: Homophobes keep on keeping on
    John Tamihere On the weekend commencing July 7, 2006, while New Zealand gays and lesbians marked our freedoms and equalities stemming from Homosexual Law Reform in 1986, John Tamihere and his talkback 'callers' vented their spleens on Radio Live...

Fri 29 Jul 2005

  • Victim
    VICTIM UK, 1961, 1hr 40mins Dir: Basil Dearden Starring: Dirk Bogarde, Sylvia Sims Forty four years ago, Victim became the first British film to publically address the issue of contemporary gay criminality, which led to the decriminalisation of homosexuality under the UK Sexual Offences Act 1967...

Thu 29 Jul 2004

  • Brownlee taunts Tamihere over sexuality
    Cabinet Minister John Tamihere is planning an attack on "politically correct" critics of "red-blooded heterosexual men", while National's deputy leader Gerry Brownlee has taunted the Minister over his own sexuality...

Tue 29 Jul 2003

  • Queenstown Gay Ski Week
    An exciting new event with the potential to develop into a key international happening on the gay calendar gets underway in Queenstown next week...

Wed 29 Jul 1970

  • Television current affairs: a look at the "problem" of homosexuality
    (New Zealand)
    The South Tonight, ref TZP86813. This item has been digitised and an online viewing copy can be requested from the archive.
    Links: TVNZ

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