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On This Day: 22nd April

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Mon 22 Apr 2019

  • Australian mental health survey is world's largest study of bisexuals
    Groundbreaking study examined why bisexual people experience higher rates of psychological distress...
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  • Gay rugby star Gareth Thomas claims Billy Vunipola's apology is 'unacceptable'
    Former Lions skipper hits out at Israel Folau's "uneducated'' social media post about hell awaiting homosexuals...
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Sun 22 Apr 2018

  • Alice Snedden: Hate speech is hate speech, no debate
    OPINION: This week the husband of accomplished Silver Fern Maria Folau, Israel Folau, said on his Instagram account that gay people would go to hell unless they repent for their "sins"...
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  • Chiefs make a rainbow connection when they lace up to play Reds
    Chiefs players wore rainbow bootlaces in their Super Rugby game against the Reds, letting their feet do the talking for gay rights solidarity and straight-shooting halfback Brad Weber...
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  • Wellington’s S and M’s Bar Rocked on Saturday
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Fri 22 Apr 2016

  • Shift hui takes place
    (Wellington, New Zealand)
    The annual hui is organised by InsideOUT and is for young people of diverse sexualities, sexes and genders. The hui takes place at Tapu Te Ranga Marae in Island Bay.
  • Liberal Redneck Perfectly Explains Gender Neutral Bathroom Panic
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  • Prince Mourned by GLBT Celebrities
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  • “No public health outbreak plan in NZ for STIs.”
    As cases of a drug resistant “super strain” of gonorrhoea are found in the UK, here in New Zealand, The Ministry of Health say that there have been seven samples of gonorrhoea collected in New Zealand that were resistant to the same drug, azithromycin, however they are unsure of the level of resistance...

Wed 22 Apr 2015

  • Peter Ellis Request For Commission of Inquiry Declined
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  • UK Election: Labour Reveals GLBT Manifesto
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  • Peter Ellis denied Commission of Inquiry
    The Justice Minister has declined a request from supporters of Peter Ellis for a Commission of Inquiry into his sexual assault convictions...

Tue 22 Apr 2014

  • Wild Oates to sign off after four years
    Steven Oates getting wild at Radio Ponsonby Auckland glbti radio show Wild Oates will have its last hurrah this Sunday due to the closure of Radio Ponsonby...

Mon 22 Apr 2013

  • The best X Factor audition ever?
    South Auckland drag queen Ashley Tonga swept into the auditions of New Zealand's X Factor like a hurricane of hilarity and talent, leaving us all blown away! GayNZ...

Sun 22 Apr 2012

  • Michael Sanders - Queen of the Whole Universe
    Michael Sanders talks about being one of the choreographers for the Queen of the Whole Universe beauty pageant.
    Features: Michael Sanders

Fri 22 Apr 2011

  • Pink Ball could become an annual affair
    Organisers of next month's swanky Pink Ball at the picturesque central North Island Chateau Tongariro are hoping to make it an annual event, after their first foray into catering for the gay and lesbian market...

Thu 22 Apr 2010

  • Lesbian radio goes live to air this Saturday nite
    A lesbian-themed radio show, The Kel Word Saturday Night Shakedown, takes to the air in central Auckland - and to the internet - this Saturday night...

Wed 22 Apr 2009

  • Stephen Fry wants "a gay yoking"
    Gay UK wit Stephen Fry wonders why LGBT people can't come up with a new word for their committed couples, in places where same-sex marriage is still banned...

Tue 22 Apr 2008

  • TV magician says he found his perfect man
    Popular UK television illusionist Derren Brown has come out of the closet, telling a tabloid that he's been in a "perfect" relationship with a man for a year...

Sun 22 Apr 2007

  • USA: Teens
    A man from the American State of Arkansas is demanding the city pay him US$20,000 (NZ$26,836) for the ‘pain and suffering' of his sons after they discovered a book on lesbian sex in their local library...

Fri 22 Apr 2005

  • No weak gays in NZ police force
    The Police Association has dismissed concerns about weak gays being recruited for the force in the wake of the police computer-porn scandal as a "non-issue"...

Thu 22 Apr 2004

  • No local politics for Beyer
    MP Georgina Beyer has said she will not return to local body politics after she leaves Parliament at the end of the current term...

Tue 22 Apr 2003

  • McDonalds denies anti-gay stance
    Burger chain McDonalds is denying having an anti-gay stance as it reviews its policy regarding sexuality information in publications distributed through its stores in the wake of the Tearaway controversy...

Sat 22 Apr 1995

  • Tai Tahi Marsters attacks Jim Curtis
    (Napier, New Zealand)
    Marsters hit Curtis using a glass decanter. Curtis is left with brain damage while Marsters is later acquitted of both attempted murder and assault. At his trial Marsters uses the provocation/gay panic defence, claiming Curtis made a sexual advance.
    Links: Parliamentary debate, GayNZ

Fri 22 Apr 1983

  • The Topp Twins perform at Circa Theatre
    (Wellington, New Zealand)

Wed 22 Apr 1953

  • Charles Farthing is born
    (Christchurch, New Zealand)
    Farthing would later become a pioneering doctor specialising in the early recognition and treatment of HIV/AIDS.
    Links: New Zealand Medical Journal, Wikipedia

Mon 22 Apr 1907

  • Bertha Victor appears in court charged with drunkenness, vagrancy, and using obscene language
    (Auckland, New Zealand)
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