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On This Day: 6th April

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Sat 6 Apr 2019

  • Brunei hotels deleted from social media
    A group of luxury hotels owned by Brunei's royal family are putting their social media pages on lockdown after a celebrity backlash against the kingdom's introduction of Sharia Law including a death penalty for gay sex...
    Links: RNZ
  • Auckland Pride Announce Date for 2019 AGM
    Links: Express

Fri 6 Apr 2018

  • Rugby Australia to talk to Folau over gay comments
    Rugby Australia will grill Israel Folau over his use of social media after the Wallabies superstar's latest homophobic comment, which is in stark contrast to the position of its major sponsor...
    Links: RNZ
  • The Week In Review for week ending Fri April 6 2018
    A review of the week's news including...
    Links: RNZ
  • The Instagram Revolution
    Links: Express

Thu 6 Apr 2017

  • ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Removes Lesbian Kiss from Film
    Links: Express
  • Facebook Aims to Protect Victims of ‘Revenge Porn’
    Links: Express
  • Gay ‘Catfish’ Reveals Why He Lies to Men on Grindr
    Links: Express
  • New Documentary Seeks to Uncover the Importance of Pride
    Links: Express

Wed 6 Apr 2016

  • Beard’s Lawyer Bites Back
    Links: Express
  • Come Fly With Me
    Links: Express
  • ‘Triplings’ couple’s lawyer: “the truth isn’t all there"
    The comments from the New Zealand gay couple who are currently in Mexico attempting to come back home with their three babies have offended and angered their surrogacy lawyer who says "the truth isn't all there"...

Mon 6 Apr 2015

  • Miley Cyrus Decides to “stir some shit up” In Support of...
    Links: Express
  • Nick Jonas: All Grown Up
    Links: Express
  • NZAF mainstay Vern Keller has died
    Vern Keller Vern Keller, the long-serving librarian and researcher at the NZ AIDS Foundation, has died suddenly at his Auckland home...

Sun 6 Apr 2014

  • Dr Charles Farthing dies
    Farthing was a pioneering doctor specialising in the early recognition and treatment of HIV/AIDS. He died while traveling in Hong Kong.
    Links: New Zealand Medical Journal, Wikipedia
  • Trans model nails spot in national final
    Amy competing last night...

Sat 6 Apr 2013

  • Mugabe visiting NZ appears unlikely
    UPDATE: Jacinda Ardern has queried rumours Robert Mugabe is attempting to visit New Zealand and says there seems to be no truth to the claims...

Fri 6 Apr 2012

  • Our shocking history
    Joan Bellingham on holiday in Brisbane After ten years of fighting, a Christchurch lesbian has finally received an apology for the more than 200 bouts of electroconvulsive therapy she was given in Princess Margaret Hospital...

Wed 6 Apr 2011

  • Studio to turn Sexy for one night only
    Studio will be turned into a massive gay dance party on Easter Sunday as a fundraiser for HIV-support charity Body Positive...

Tue 6 Apr 2010

  • Unpleasant Paisley Swirls
    In my final piece on the forthcoming British elections, I thought I'd deal with the question of Northern Ireland and its benighted, militant fundamentalist Democratic Unionist Party...

Mon 6 Apr 2009

  • Six gay men confirmed killed in Iraq
    Iraq officials say six gay men - at least two of them in their teens - have been killed there in the past week...

Sun 6 Apr 2008

  • Special K: What is Ketamine?
    Reportedly the next recreational drug on the government's hit list after the current ban on BZP, what is ketamine? Originally developed in 1962, ketamine is commonly used as a human emergency or animal anaesthetic, often in intensive care settings or on Third World battlefields, to relieve respiratory distress, and there is some clinical evidence that it also treats alcoholism and drug addiction...

Fri 6 Apr 2007

  • Equal status for same-sex couples
    New rules in place this week will affect same-sex couples receiving or applying for income assistance, says Work and Income NZ (WINZ)...

Thu 6 Apr 2006

  • Weird History: Kissing the Fundament?
    In 1659, startled English Puritans were aghast to learn about a new radical political and religious sect that welcomed "Fellow Creatures" by kissing them on their posterior...

Wed 6 Apr 2005

  • Ponsonby Heroes to fold
    Local gay rugby team, the Ponsonby Heroes, is folding through lack of players...

Tue 6 Apr 2004

  • Sado-Maso-Christians?
    A gay perspective on Mel Gibson's gore-fest movie Passion of the Christ' by Craig Young...

Mon 6 Apr 1987

  • Television news report: the Australian government commits $3 million dollars to an AIDS awareness campaign
    (New Zealand)
    Eyewitness news, ref: F92493.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

Sat 6 Apr 1985

  • Television: McPhail and Gadsby political satire comedy skit featuring the Homosexual Law Reform Petition and Spot the Gay with Norman J
    (New Zealand)
    ref: TZP5748.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

Sat 6 Apr 1895

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