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On This Day: 4th February

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Mon 4 Feb 2019

  • 20th Anniversary of the Ending HIV Big Gay Out
    20th Anniversary of the Ending HIV Big Gay Out cause for celebration ...
    Links: Scoop
  • Fighting Stigma with Every Bite
    On Sunday the 10th of February a pop-up café will be set up at the Big Gay Out to fight HIV related stigma and discrimination...
    Links: Scoop
  • Prince Charles considered gay turn before marrying Diana
    Despite his status, Prince Charles's quest for a wife was in no way a fairy tale adventure...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Fired Up: Ellen Page Lashes Out About Anti-LGBTI Policies, Racism, and...
    Links: Express
  • Jussie Smollett Speaks About Violent Attack For First Time, While Police...
    Links: Express

Sun 4 Feb 2018

  • After opening up to boss, transgender cadet was out of work in three days
    Two former Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) cadets have alleged they were discriminated against for transitioning gender...
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  • Anti-LGBTQ Christian group buys shuttered gay bar building
    TOLEDO, Ohio — A Christian group that considers homosexuality to be immoral has bought a building that until late last year housed one of Ohio's oldest gay bars...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Ask Agony Uncle Eli
    Links: Express

Sat 4 Feb 2017

  • Auckland Arts Festival Highlights
    Links: Express
  • How Parson James Stole the Show
    Links: Express
  • Tegan and Sara Want to Love You to Death
    Links: Express
  • The PrEP Underground, UK-style
    Given the unholy row about England's National Health Service previously maintaining barriers to PrEP access, British gay men nevertheless seem to be obtaining access to the HIV prevention drug - amidst a steep apparent decline in new HIV infection notifications in London...

Thu 4 Feb 2016

  • Anniversary Fare at Eagle Bar
    Links: Express
  • Circus Fantastica in Six Inch Heels
    Links: Express
  • India to Review Outdated Law on Homosexuality
    Links: Express
  • KPMG Achieves Rainbow Tick
    Links: Express
  • Play School looks ‘Through the Windows’ at Diversity
    Links: Express
  • Summerama at Family Bar
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  • HRC pleased "neomasculine" meetings canceled
    The Human Rights Commission is pleased to see that the three meetings of “neomasculine” pro-rape and anti-LGBTI group Return of Kings have been cancelled here in New Zealand...

Wed 4 Feb 2015

  • Teens to face trial over gay man's death
    Beauen Wallace-Loretz and Leonard Nattrass-Berquist Two teenagers charged with murdering gay Auckland man Ihaia Gillman-Harris have entered not guilty pleas...

Tue 4 Feb 2014

  • Watch: Irish drag queen's stunning speech
    Irish drag queen Panti Bliss makes a powerful stand against those who demean gay people, questioning why we should be made to put up with "reasoned debates" about the rights we deserve...

Mon 4 Feb 2013

  • Neville Creighton profile
    Neville Creighton talks about his background, becoming the first Director of the New Zealand AIDS Foundation, secondary school teaching, and managing the Gayline counseling service.
    Features: Neville Creighton
  • Youth and the older generation
    While reading an article on how Ireland’s president had called upon the youth of Ireland to outline their ideas on the future needs of their country...

Sat 4 Feb 2012

  • Belinda Borell - Decolonise Your Minds hui
    Features: Belinda Borell
  • Elizabeth Kerekere - Decolonise Your Minds hui
    Features: Elizabeth Kerekere
  • Hui introduction - Decolonise Your Minds hui
  • On same-sex marriage
    Rainbow Wellington Chair Tony Simpson has been gathering his thoughts on same-sex marriage, and he now delves into history then looks to the future in a thought-provoking piece he's penned on the issue...

Fri 4 Feb 2011

  • Teen speaks for his mothers' right to be wed
    Zach Wahls A stirring speech by the 19-year-old son of lesbian parents who tried to convince Iowa legislators not to revoke their right to be married has become an internet sensation...

Thu 4 Feb 2010

  • Theatre review: Psychopaths
    Psychopaths: "What do you want?" "I want your blood...

Wed 4 Feb 2009

  • WGN: Weekend of celebrations at SandM bar
    Waitangi weekend will mark the first anniversary of Wellington gay hangout S evening from 9pm will be the true anniversary celebration, with hourly drink specials, prize giveaways and DJ Ricky mixing uplifting house...

Mon 4 Feb 2008

  • UK Same sex gay union rate tails off
    The annual number of formalised same sex unions in the UK has dropped by 55% during the past year, but the total since unions were legalised has still outstripped government forecasts...

Sun 4 Feb 2007

  • USA: Teen girls charged for gay bashing
    Two 19-year-old girls from Des Moines, Iowa have been arrested in the beating and stabbing of a 16 year old gay teenager...

Fri 4 Feb 2005

  • Wellington principal ignores Destiny protest
    Wellington High School's principal has ignored protests by students wanting the Destiny Church removed from their school...

Sat 4 Feb 1995

  • The fourth annual Devotion dance party is held at Civic Square and the Wellington Town Hall
    (Wellington, New Zealand)

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