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On This Day: 1st February

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Sat 1 Feb 2020

  • 'I would be so deeply offended': Ian Roberts against Israel Folau return to NRL
    Gay former league star says he would be "hurt" if the controversial star was allowed to return to game in Australia...
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  • Body Diversity
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Fri 1 Feb 2019

  • Auckland Pride Festival takes place (Auckland, New Zealand)
    The festival runs from 1-17 February.
    Links: Auckland Pride
  • Bisexual teen: 'I just realised that straight is not the default'
    Glendowie College student Sophie Newton finds it hard to say exactly when she realised she was bisexual...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Rialto Channel PRIDE | A Month of LGBTQ+ Documentaries
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Thu 1 Feb 2018

  • Hui-tanguru / February 2018
    Kia ora and welcome to our Hui-tanguru update...
    Links: Lesbian News Aotearoa
  • Come Out With Olly
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  • In Conversation: Gui Taccetti and Alex Plumb
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  • Netsafe Shows its Support and Offers Advice to LGBT+ Communities
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  • Nick Von K’s Eclectic Valentine’s Treasure
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  • Trans Women Released From Detention in Indonesia Had to Agree to...
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Wed 1 Feb 2017

  • Huitānguru / February
    Kia ora and welcome to our Huitānguru update...
    Links: Lesbian News Aotearoa
  • Massive Drop in HIV Cases in Brisbane
    Links: Express
  • Obama’s Executive Order on Trans Employees to Remain
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  • UK Posthumously Pardons Thousands of Gay and Bisexual Men
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  • RW Sport and Culture weekend deemed a success
    The Rainbow Wellington Sport and Culture weekend was deemed a success despite the Wellington weather throwing challenges in the way...

Mon 1 Feb 2016

  • Trump would get US same-sex marriage nixed
    Donald Trump campaigning Bombastic Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump says he will, if elected president, seriously consider stacking the Supreme Court to get last year's landmark decision allowing same-sex marriage in USA reversed...

Sun 1 Feb 2015

  • Short Film Sunday: Thirteen or so Minutes

Sat 1 Feb 2014

  • Sydney Mardi Gras study needs Kiwi input
    North Islanders who are heading to Sydney for Mardi Gras are being sought to take part in research about the impact it has on them...

Fri 1 Feb 2013

  • Zimbabwe to vote on outlawing same-sex unions
    Robert Mugabe Ramping up its persecution of gays, Zimbabwe has included in its new draft constitution a section specifically outlawing same-sex marriages...

Wed 1 Feb 2012

  • Martina Navratilova - A Tribute
    Last year, there were far too many articles about rugby...

Tue 1 Feb 2011

  • Outgames fees about to increase
    If you haven't registered for the AsiaPacific Outgames, it's time to get into gear, unless you want to be slapped with a late fee...

Mon 1 Feb 2010

  • Stalked!
    When 19-year-old Aucklander Amiee (not her real name) met a nice girl online, she couldn't have been happier...

Sun 1 Feb 2009

  • Suburbs beckon Sydney Mardi Gras
    For 31 years, Sydney's Mardi Gras Parade has rolled down Oxford Street in the heart of the city - but the New South Wales Government is now encouraging the event to 'go west' out into the suburbs...

Fri 1 Feb 2008

  • TV's Outlook in doubt, Mardi Gras show plan
    The producer of TV2's late night GLBT show The Outlook says the series may not return, but he's planning a special television event for mid-2008 looking at the 30th Anniversary of Sydney Mardi Gras...

Thu 1 Feb 2007

  • UK: 'Attitude' magazine's MySpace return
    The official MySpace page of UK gay lifestyle title attitude has announced that the magazine will return to the shelves tomorrow...

Wed 1 Feb 2006

  • UniQ's Queer Guide To Wellington
    LGBT student group UniQ Victoria is to publish a "queer guide to Wellington" later this month, which will contain a message of support from Wellington mayor Kerry Prendergast...

Tue 1 Feb 2005

  • Safe sex ignored as syphilis returns
    The Government's safe sex campaign is falling on deaf ears as syphilis cases increase, says the National Party Health spokeswoman Judith Collins...

Sun 1 Feb 2004

  • Men's Sex Survey re-launched in February
    Two years ago, several hundred gay men around Auckland City were approached to participate in a research project called GAPSS - the Gay Auckland Periodic Sex Survey...

Sat 1 Feb 2003

  • Volunteers needed for Ansell Big Gay Out
    Volunteers are still urgently required to assist with one of the biggest events of Hero festival 2003, the Ansell Big Gay Out...

Sat 1 Feb 1997

  • The second Freedom dance party takes place (Christchurch, New Zealand)
    The party is at the Civic of Canterbury on Manchester Street.

Tue 1 Feb 1994

  • The Human Rights Act 1993 is enacted (New Zealand)
    The Act outlaws discrimination on a wide variety of grounds including sexual orientation and disability. The Act also provides protection against discrimination for those living with HIV/AIDS.
    Links: Wikipedia, New Zealand Legislation,

Mon 1 Feb 1993

  • The HERO 3 festival is held (Auckland, New Zealand)
    The festival's theme is: a celebration of diversity.

Fri 1 Feb 1980

  • Police raid Westside Sauna (Auckland, New Zealand)
    Eight men are arrested and charged.

Thu 1 Feb 1973

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