Mike Bryant and Esme Oliver

In this podcast Mike Bryant and Esme Oliver talk about being young and queer. This podcast was funded by a generous donation from Roger Smith.


"We host a radio show called Queer Zone on Wellington Access Radio. Mike: That's a very inventive name. We chose it for its originality. Esme: It's part of a group of shows called Youth Zone, which are about radio made by youth for youth, and they wanted a queer-specific one, because there are lots of just general youthy ones, and so we... Mike: Youthy? Esme: Well, you asked us, actually. You got a push to ask someone and you chose us. Wai: Yes, that's correct. Mike: Because we are pretty magnificent, aren't we? Esme: Yeah. Wai: So tell me... read full transcript

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Record date:26th April 2010
Interviewer:Wai Ho