Nigel Studdart  [image: Gareth Watkins]

Nigel Studdart

Nigel Studdart

In this podcast Nigel Studdart talks about the impact of losing his teaching position at Pompallier Catholic College during the Marriage Equality debate. This interview was recorded during the Marriage Equality Conference held at Community House in Wellington. The transcript of this podcast was generously sponsored by James Barron.


"I started out as a cardiac research scientist back in Liverpool. I've got an Honor's Degree in Science and I was in the middle of a PhD when I took off sailing and left for 20 years, and immigrated to New Zealand five years ago. I went back into teaching and was teaching at a Catholic school. I teach science, I teach chemistry and I teach biology. The incident occurred when the principal of the school, Richard Stanton, wrote a newsletter entitled "Keeping Marriage Sacred." The Catholic school has a right under Catholic doctrine to have an opinion on... read full transcript

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Record date:1st December 2012
Location:Community House (84 Willis Street, Wellington)
Interviewer:Gareth Watkins