Prue Hyman  [image: Gareth Watkins]

Prue Hyman

Lesbian Programme

In this podcast Prue Hyman talks about the Lesbian Programme which has been broadcasting since the mid-1980's on Access Radio in Wellington.


"Alison Laurie and Linda Evans were two of the founding group, and for a while they did the whole thing themselves, for quite a number of years, which is a major commitment. And then if they went off overseas or anything I used to do the odd programme to fill in for them, and occasionally I was interviewed on it, as well, myself. And then it got to the point, very sensibly, when it was too much for them to do it on their own anymore, and they had done their time. And there have been a lot of... read full transcript

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Record date:24th September 2010
Interviewer:Wai Ho