Kay Jones

In this podcast Kay talks about homosexual law reform activities in Auckland and Wellington, challenging inequality and bisexual erasure.

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Voices: Kay Jones

Tags: 1980s, 1990s, accessibility, activism, aids support network, alan cumming, alison laurie, anger, aotearoa new zealand, auckland, bars, bigotry, bisexual, bisexual erasure, blogs, bob mccoskrie, brian tamaki, butch, charles chauvel, children, chinese, church, club 41 (wellington), coming out, common ground (wellington), communication, crime, dance, department of internal affairs, disability, discrimination, diversity, don't ask, don't tell (dadt), doods (dykes out of debt), equal employment opportunities, equality, faith, feminism, flamboyant, flaming, friends, gay-tms (teller machines), glad (gays and lesbians against discrimination), health, health system, heterosexuals unafraid of gays (hug), history, hiv/aids, homophobia, homosexual law reform, homosexual law reform petition, human rights, human rights act (1993), human rights commission, humour, identity documents, institutional racism, kay jones, labels, language, law, lesbian, lesbian information, library and archives centre (lilac), lesbian line (wellington), liberation books (wellington), marriage, marriage equality, masterton, media, meetings, member of parliament, new zealand council of trade unions (ctu), newspapers, norman jones, parliament, parties, pedophilia, physics, pink dollar, pink triangle collective, playboy (magazine), police, pornography, protest, queer bashing, queer workers rights group, rainbow tick, relationships, safe space, salvation army, saunas, school, sexism, sexuality, silo, sister paula brettkelly, social justice, social media, state sector act (1988), state sector reforms, stonewall riots (1969), teaching, the glamaphones (wellington), the queer avengers (wellington), theatre sports, transgender, transition, transphobia, unions, university, victoria club (wellington), wellington, wellington bisexual women's group, west coast, women

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Record date:14th October 2015
Interviewer:Jac Lynch