Proud 2016  [image: supplied]

Proud 2016

ILGA scholars plenary

Audio from the ILGA scholars plenary session.

Our ILGA Oceania area is huge - boarded on one side by Australia and Papua New Guinea, then stretching out into the Pacific and including South Pacific, Melanesia and the Micronesian Islands. Not only is it a very large area geographically it is an area that encompasses great diversity within the LGBTI* communities... in many places western constructions of diverse sex and gender do not adequately describe traditional and emerging identities.

This session was an opportunity to hear from the ILGA scholars with their perspectives on the critical human rights and health issues facing their respective diverse sex and gender communities.


  • 0:00:09 - Sulique Waqa (Fiji)
  • 0:00:50 - Roger Stanley (Samoa)
  • 0:09:20 - Elizabeth Taylor (Papua New Guinea)
  • 0:11:03 - Gigi Baxter (Vanuatu)
  • 0:16:05 - Sulique Waqa (Fiji)
  • 0:20:05 - Ken Moala (Samoa/Australia)
  • 0:26:30 - Isikeli Vulavou (Fiji)

Citation information

Record date:11th March 2016
Location:University of Otago Wellington School of Medicine