Historical Events - Religion

15 Apr 1979Ascent Wellington is formed for gay and lesbian Catholics (Wellington, New Zealand)
Aug 1979Ascent Christchurch is formed for gay and lesbian Catholics (Christchurch, New Zealand)
30 Mar 1980The Metropolitan Community Church of the Resurrection is formed (New Zealand)
22 Oct 1984Churches in New Zealand attempt to block the television series Jesus the Evidence (New Zealand)
The BBC series contains references to homosexuality.
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30 Mar 1985Roman Catholic Cardinal Tom Williams speaks out against the Homosexual Law Reform Bill (New Zealand)
Williams appears on TV 1 news.
13 Apr 1985The National Council of Churches votes in support of decriminalising homosexuality (New Zealand)
9 Feb 1987The media reports that the Rev Carl Titchener is giving out condoms during church services (New York, United States of America)
Titchener, a Unitarian minister in New York, gives out condoms to help prevent the spread of AIDS.
1989The Rock of Life Ministries is formed (Christchurch, New Zealand)
The group is formed circa 1989 (exact date unknown).
18 Aug 1991A television debate is broadcast on whether there should be ordained homosexual ministers in the Christian Church (New Zealand)
The debate was broadcast on TV1.
5 Nov 1995Martin Dickson is licensed as a Presbyterian minister (New Zealand)
Dickson is the first openly gay man to be licensed in New Zealand by the Presbyterian church. In 1999 the Sunday Star Times reported that despite being licensed as a minister, no congregation wanted him. "One thing I've learnt is people often have quite good intentions, but the last thing they want in their Church is conflict."
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5 Jul 1996The Presbyterian Church rules that lesbian and gay people may not be licensed or ordained as elders or ministers or put in positions of leadership (New Zealand)
The decision was to be reviewed again in 1998.
13 Apr 1997Alyson Murrie-West is licensed as a Presbyterian minister at St Andrews-on-the-Terrace (Wellington, New Zealand)
12 Nov 1997The Rev. David Bromell, an openly gay man, is ordained in the Methodist Church (New Zealand)
10 Jul 1998Presbyterian General Assembly bans ordination of practising gay men or lesbians for one year (New Zealand)
27 Sep 2002The general assembly of Presbyterian Church rejects a motion to investigate the church's position on gay ministers. (New Zealand)
The motion is put forward by the Wellington Presbytery.
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5 Oct 2003The Pope states to the Anglican Church his opposition to homosexuality. ((worldwide))
24 Sep 2004The Presbyterian Church votes to prevent lesbians, gays or people in defacto relationships from becoming church leaders.
18 Aug 2017Police say Pastor Logan Robertson committed no criminal offence with his hate speech (Auckland, New Zealand)
In a sermon on 23 July, Robertson from the WestCity Bible Baptist Church in Avondale said "I'm not against [homosexuals] getting married as long as a bullet goes through their head the moment they kiss...that's what should happen". Police issued a statement to Newshub stating "no criminal offence has been committed".
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25 Sep 2017A same-sex couple are denied a church wedding by St Peter's Anglican Church (New Zealand)
The Anglican Church denies Alexandra Saunders and Sara Rimmer the right to marry at St Peter's in Paekakariki. The churches nationwide position is to "uphold Christian marriage as a union of a man and a woman". Priests are not allowed to officiate same-sex marriages.
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