Historical Events - Publications

29 Jun 1907The Girlhood of a Man by N. O. Body is reviewed in the New Zealand Herald (Berlin, Germany)
The autobiography of "Nobody" was published in Berlin. It documents the life of Nora/Norbet who was born in 1884.
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27 Jul 1928The Well of Loneliness by Radclyffe Hall is published (United Kingdom)
The lesbian-themed novel is later judged obscene by a British court and banned.
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16 Nov 1928A court decides the book The Well of Loneliness by Radclyffe Hall is obscene (United Kingdom)
The judge orders the book to be destroyed.
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1961A Way of Love (1959) by James Courage is banned (New Zealand)
The book is censored on "grounds of indecency, and because it lacked redeeming literary merit". It is banned under the censorship provisions in place prior to the setting up of the Indecent Publications Tribunal in 1964.
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1971Up From Under magazine is published by Wellington Women's Liberation Front (Wellington, New Zealand)
Jul 1972The Broadsheet publication begins (Auckland, New Zealand)
It was New Zealand's first feminist magazine.
1973G.L.F. Gay Liberation Front is published (New Zealand)
Jun 1973The cover of Broadsheet shows two lesbians (New Zealand)
Dec 1973Circle publication begins (Wellington, New Zealand)
Published by Sisters for Homophile Equality (SHE), it is later renamed Lesbian Feminist Circle.
Apr 1974Circle magazine is marked "strictly not for men" (New Zealand)
It is later changed to "women only".
1976OUT! Magazine begins publication (Auckland, New Zealand)
OUT! was mostly edited by Brett Sheppard and was published by Tony Katavich.
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1976Spiral women's art magazine begins (New Zealand)
Apr 1976Diana Marvel Speaks magazine begins (Wellington, New Zealand)
The magazine is published by a Radical Feminist Caucus including members of the Wellington Feminist Collective.
14 May 1979Pink Triangle magazine begins (New Zealand)
The magazine is produced by the National Gay Rights Coalition and is an important source of news and feature articles. The magazine is distributed nationally, with the first issue published on 14 May 1979. The magazine's last issue is September/October 1990.
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1980Behind Enemy Lines newsletter begins (Wellington, New Zealand)
1980Bitches, Witches and Dykes newsletter begins (Auckland, New Zealand)
May 1980New Zealand's first gay feature film Squeeze premieres (New Zealand)
The film was originally titled Night Moves.
Oct 1980The National Gay Rights Coalition of New Zealand is published (New Zealand)
The publication is a mail-out to members of minutes of a meeting of the Coalition's executive, held in Wellington on 27 and 28 September.
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1981How to work with the media: a manual for lesbian and gay rights groups is published (New Zealand)
The manual is published by the National Gay Rights Coalition of New Zealand.
1986The Lesbian Feminist Circle publication ends (New Zealand)
May 1987Glad Rag magazine begins publication (Wellington, New Zealand)
21 Mar 1989Tom McLean's book If I Should Die is launched at Turnbull House (Wellington, New Zealand)
McLean dies a few days later from AIDS-related complications.
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Sep 1990Pink Triangle magazine ends (New Zealand)
The magazine was published by the National Gay Rights Coalition. It was an important source of news and feature articles and was distributed nationally. The first issue was published on 14 May 1979.
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1991The short fiction book Dangerous Desires by Peter Wells is published (New Zealand)
The book won the Reed Fiction Award for 1991.
1991Man to Man publication begins (New Zealand)
It starts out as a 4-page pamphlet but grows into a fully-fledged newspaper called Express. In 2014 it changes to a monthly magazine format with accompanying website.
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1991The Ever so slightly naughty Gay BC cookbook is published (Wellington, New Zealand)
The book is published by the Gay Broadcasting Collective (Gay BC) who have a weekly programme on Wellington Access Radio.
1991The Shining City by Stevan Eldred-Grigg is published (New Zealand)
9 Nov 1991Heather McPherson launches Other World Relations at Unity Books (Wellington, New Zealand)
1992A pink book : a collection of readings on aspects of EEO and gay men by Phil Parkinson is published (Wellington, New Zealand)
Apr 1992The Human Rights Commission publishes the discussion paper Discrimination on the ground of sexual orientation (New Zealand)
Jun 1992The underground newsletter Bog Spy publication begins (Auckland, New Zealand)
The newsletter is about sexual activity in Auckland's public toilets.
1993The short fiction book Sweet and Sour Cocktails by Robert Leek is published (New Zealand)
Apr 1993The Taranaki Lesbian Newsletter begins publication (Taranaki region, New Zealand)
Nov 1993Devotion: a lesbian and gay celebration is published (Wellington, New Zealand)
It's published by Sprung! Productions and Caspers.
1994The poetry book The Body of Man by David Herkt is published (New Zealand)
199610 Years Since The Bill is published by Spectrum (Nelson, New Zealand)
The booklet is published on the 10th anniversary of the passing of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill, and recalls the campaign and perspectives of people in the Nelson region. The text is later published online.
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12 Feb 1997Best Mates: Gay Writing in Aotearoa New Zealand edited by Peter Wells and Rex Pilgrim is launched (Auckland, New Zealand)
The book is launched in the Wintergardens at the Auckland Domain.
1999OUT! Magazine ends publication (New Zealand)
14 Feb 2017The children's fairy tale book Promised Land is published (New Zealand)
The book is co-authored by Adam Reynolds and Chaz Harris.
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