Historical Events - People

3 Nov 1802William Yate (missionary) is born
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26 Feb 1817Mary Taylor (feminist, businesswoman) is born in England [United Kingdom]
Taylor was a life-long friend of writer Charlotte Bronte
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4 Dec 1835Samuel Butler (explorer) is born
Dec 1836William Yate (missionary) leaves New Zealand
Yate left for England after an inquiry into allegations of sexual activity with some of his pupils
24 Jul 1845Mary Taylor arrives in New Zealand
Taylor was a life-long friend of writer Charlotte Bronte. She returns to England in 1860
2 Apr 1854Photographer Robert Gant is born [United Kingdom]
Gant is born in Woolwich (now Greater London). At the age of 21 he immigrates to Wellington, New Zealand.
16 Oct 1854Oscar Wilde (writer) is born
18 May 1859Amy Bock (confidence trickster) is born
Sep 1863Samuel Butler (explorer) begins a relationship with Charles Paine Pauli
14 May 1868Magnus Hirschfeld (physician, sexologist) is born
14 Sep 1868Alexander Turnbull (Alexander Turnbull Library) is born
28 Apr 1869Frances Hodgkins (painter) is born
6 Oct 1874Ursula Bethell (poet) is born
1875Eugenia Falleni (a.k.a Harry Crawford) is born
Falleni lived as a man, married Annie Birkett and was subsequently convicted of murdering her in 1920 in Australia. Born in Italy, Falleni had moved to Wellington, New Zealand in 1877. In 1996 Lorae Parry wrote Eugenia a play based on Falleni's life.
29 Jun 1875Charles Mackay is born [Nelson, New Zealand]
Mackay later became the mayor of Wanganui
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Jul 1876Photographer Robert Gant arrives in Wellington [Wellington, New Zealand]
Gant emigrates from the United Kingdom
26 Jul 1877William Yate (missionary) dies
17 Jun 1882Harold Gillies (plastic surgeon) is born [Dunedin, New Zealand]
Gillies is widely considered the father of plastic and gender reassignment surgery.
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16 Sep 1882Freda Du Faur (mountaineer) is born
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14 Oct 1888Katherine Mansfield (writer) is born
(born Kathleen Beauchamp)
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10 Apr 1890Maata Mahupuku is born
Mahupuku later had a close relationship with the writer Katherine Mansfield
1 Mar 1893Mary Taylor (feminist, businesswoman) dies
22 Jan 1896Walter D'Arcy Cresswell (poet) is born
Cresswell was later shot by Charles Mackay, mayor of Wanganui
2 Dec 1897Rewi Alley (teacher, writer) is born
2 May 1898Frank Haigh (lawyer, social reformer) is born
Among other things Haigh was prominent in the cause of homosexual law reform
30 Nov 1900Oscar Wilde (writer) dies
Feb 1901Frances Hodgkins (painter) leaves New Zealand for Europe
Hodgkins and painter Dorothy Richmond travel through Europe together
18 Jun 1902Samuel Butler (explorer) dies
23 Dec 1902Walter Scott (civil libertarian) is born
9 Feb 1903James Courage (writer) is born [Christchurch, New Zealand]
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23 Mar 1903Norris Frank Davey is born
Davey later changed his name to Frank Sargeson (writer)
17 Jun 1906Eric McCormick (writer) is born
McCormick wrote, among other works, biographies on Alexander Turnbull and Frances Hodgkins
29 Nov 1906Alister McIntosh (diplomat) is born
1907Katherine Mansfield continues a relationship with Maata Mahupuku
Mansfield also begins a relationship with Edie Bendall
Jul 1908Katherine Mansfield leaves for England
Mansfield leaves shortly after her father reads Leves Amores
17 Jun 1909Amy Bock's (a.k.a Percival Redwood) marriage to Agnes Ottaway is annulled
27 Jul 1909Charles Brasch (poet, writer) is born
20 Aug 1909Rodney Kennedy (artist) is born
27 Mar 1910Freda Stark (dancer) is born
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11 Apr 1910Mountford Tosswill Woollaston (artist) is born
10 May 1910Tuini Moetu Haangu Ngawai (composer) is born
1 May 1912Leo Bensemann (artist) is born
17 Dec 1913Rupert Brooke (poet) arrives in New Zealand onboard RMS Niagara [Auckland, New Zealand]
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7 Jan 1914Rupert Brooke (poet) departs for Tahiti onboard RMS Tahiti [Wellington, New Zealand]
Brooke is in Wellington 5-7 January 1914
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31 Jul 1915Theo Schoon (artist) is born
Schoon was a notable figure in New Zealand art in the mid 20th century. He refused to separate art and craft and created in a range of media. He was interested in the integration of Maori and European art to produce a local modernism.
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2 Nov 1915Douglas Lilburn (composer) is born
30 Jan 1917W. Somerset Maugham (writer) and his lover Gerald Haxton briefly visit Wellington en route to Tahiti
13 Dec 1917Keith Hay (morals campaigner) is born
Hay was a founding member of the Coalition of Concerned Citizens, a group that was behind the large anti law reform petition
28 Jun 1918Alexander Turnbull (Alexander Turnbull Library) dies [Wellington, New Zealand]
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25 Sep 1921Robert Muldoon (Prime Minister) is born
As Prime Minister, Muldoon accuses MP Colin Moyle of having been picked up for homosexual practices. Moyle resigned from Parliament in 1977
9 Jan 1923Katherine Mansfield (writer) dies in France
Mansfield dies of Tuberculosis
Katherine Mansfield was a prominent modernist writer of short fiction from New Zealand. She had a number of close relationships with women.
Aug 1924Effie Pollen joins Ursula Bethell (poet) to live in Christchurch
27 Jun 1927Brian Brake (photographer) is born [Wellington, New Zealand]
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17 Mar 1928Patricia Bartlett (morals campaigner) is born
Bartlett would later form the Society for the Promotion of Community Standards
1 May 1929Deresley Morton (a.k.a. Peter Stratford) dies in California, USA
NZ Truth headline: Death of Masquerader Reveals Incredible Deception
3 May 1929Charles Mackay is shot dead
Mackay was shot by a policeman while covering a street battle as a journalist in Berlin
18 Jun 1929Colin Moyle is born
Moyle resigned from Parliament in 1977 after it was made public that he had been questioned by the police on suspicion of homosexual activities
2 Jul 1934Ernst Roehm, an early Nazi leader and co-founder of the Sturmabteilung (SA), is executed [Germany]
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14 May 1935Magnus Hirschfeld (physician, sexologist) dies
Hirschfeld dies of a heart attack on his 67th birthday
11 Sep 1935Freda Du Faur (mountaineer) dies
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5 Jul 1936Photographer Robert Gant dies [Wellington, New Zealand]
10 Oct 1936Carmen Rupe (born Trevor Rupe) is born. [New Zealand]
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10 Jun 1938Eugenia Falleni (a.k.a Harry Crawford) dies following fatal injuries
The previous day she had stepped off the pavement in front of a motorcar in Sydney, Australia. Falleni lived as a man, married Annie Birkett and was subsequently convicted of murdering her in 1920 in Australia. Born in Italy, Falleni had moved to Wellington, New Zealand in 1877. In 1996 Lorae Parry wrote Eugenia a play based on Falleni's life.
1941Alison Laurie (activist, author, academic) is born [New Zealand]
1941Ngahuia Te Awekotuku (writer, academic, activist) is born
1 Mar 1941Johnny Croskery (female impersonator, volunteer, activist) is born [Wellington, New Zealand]
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25 Mar 1942Richard O'Brien (actor, writer) is born
27 Aug 1943US First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt visits New Zealand with her aide Norah Walton
Roosevelt was here to inspect the American troops and the American Red Cross
29 Aug 1943Amy Bock (confidence trickster) dies
7 Feb 1944Witi Ihimaera (writer) is born
15 Jan 1945Ursula Bethell (poet) dies
13 May 1947Frances Hodgkins (painter) dies
Jun 1949Tom McLean (author, journalist) is born
15 Jan 1952Maata Mahupuku dies
7 Oct 1952Marilyn Waring (politician, academic) is born
1953Mani Bruce Mitchell is born [Auckland, New Zealand]
Mani is recognised as the first out Intersex person in New Zealand
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1955Mahinarangi Tocker (singer) is born
1956Douglas Wright (dancer, choreographer) is born
28 Apr 1956Daniel Fielding is born
Daniel established the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt project in December 1988
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Nov 1957Georgina Beyer is born
Beyer would later become the world's first transsexual mayor and member of parliament
4 Aug 1958Tim Barnett (former politician) is born. [United Kingdom]
While in Parliament Barnett introduced the Prostitution Law Reform Bill (2003) and was also heavily involved in the Civil Union Bill (2004).
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1960Peter Wells (writer) is born [New Zealand]
21 Feb 1960Walter D'Arcy Cresswell (poet) dies
10 Sep 1960Harold Gillies (plastic surgeon) dies [United Kingdom]
Gillies is widely considered the father of plastic surgery and gender-reassignment surgery
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5 Oct 1963James Courage (writer) dies
12 Aug 1965Tuini Moetu Haangu Ngawai (composer) dies. [New Zealand]
Ngawai was a prolific Ngati Porou songwriter, composer, teacher and shearer who had close relationships with women. One of Ngawai’s most famous songs “Arohaina mai” became the unofficial hymn of the Maori Battalion.
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1968Hinemoana Baker (poet, writer) born
29 Feb 1968Gareth Farr (composer) is born [New Zealand]
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7 Apr 1970Benjamin Britten (composer) and Peter Pears (tenor) visit New Zealand
The visit was part of a tour to generate money for the rebuilding of the concert hall at The Maltings
Mar 1972Ngahuia Te Awekotuku is refused a United States visa because she is a known 'sexual deviant'
20 May 1973Charles Brasch (poet, writer) dies
1975Carmen Rupe announces she knows of gay and bisexual members of Parliament [Wellington, New Zealand]
Carmen is required to apologise by Parliament's Privileges Committee
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1976National MP Marilyn Waring is outted by the Truth newspaper
30 Nov 1978Alister McIntosh (diplomat) dies
1 Mar 1982Frank Sargeson (writer) dies
19 Feb 1985Walter Scott (civil libertarian) dies
1 Jun 1985Bruce Burnett (AIDS activist/educator) dies of AIDS related complications. [Auckland, New Zealand]
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14 Jul 1985Theo Schoon (artist) dies
2 Oct 1985Rock Hudson (actor) dies from AIDS related conditions. [United States of America]
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2 Jan 1986Leo Bensemann (artist) dies
17 Apr 1986Media reports that Eve van Grafhorst is confirmed to have AIDS. [New Zealand]
Van Grafhorst was born prematurely in 1982, and required eleven blood transfusions to save her life. The eleventh transfusion was contaminated, and van Grafhorst contracted HIV.
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19 Nov 1987Norman Jones (National MP) dies of a brain tumour
Jones had been a vehement opponent of law reform
27 Dec 1987Rewi Alley (teacher, writer) dies
4 Aug 1988Brian Brake (photographer) dies [Auckland, New Zealand]
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31 Oct 1988Peter Cuthbert dies from an AIDS related condition. [New Zealand]
Cuthbert is remembered in the first panel of the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt.
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24 Mar 1989Tom McLean, journalist and author of If I Should Die dies [Wellington, New Zealand]
McLean dies from an AIDS related illness
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14 Oct 1989Rodney Kennedy (artist) dies
23 Apr 1990Lew Pryme (singer) dies. [New Zealand]
Pryme dies from AIDS related conditions.
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17 Jul 1992Frank Haigh (lawyer, social reformer) dies
Among other things Haigh was prominent in the cause of homosexual law reform
5 Aug 1992Robert Muldoon (former Prime Minister of New Zealand) dies. [Auckland, New Zealand]
In 1976 Muldoon revealed in Parliament that prominent Labour MP Colin Moyle had been questioned by the police in regard to possible homosexual soliciting. Moyle subsequently resigned from Parliament in 1977.
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24 Nov 1993David Halls (Hudson and Halls) was found dead in his apartment. [London, United Kingdom]
Halls committed suicide after his partner Peter Hudson died from cancer a year earlier. Halls wrote Without Peter I don't want to go on - he was my life, and I have no regrets. I love him now as much as I always did and I want to be with him for all eternity.
28 Sep 1994Tom O'Donoghue, a long-term AIDS activist, dies
27 Nov 1994Arthur Tauhore (artist) dies
Tauhore dies from AIDS related illnesses
1 Jan 1995Warren Douglas (dancer) dies [Wellington, New Zealand]
Warren is remembered on the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt. The Warren Douglas Scholarship Fund was established in May 1995 to help those who wanted to make the transition from performer to arts administrator, as he had done.
Links: New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt, Warren Douglas Scholarship Fund
25 Mar 1995Eric McCormick (writer) dies
McCormick wrote, among other works, biographies on Alexander Turnbull and Frances Hodgkins
1996Mani Bruce Mitchell publicly comes out as Intersex [(nationwide), New Zealand]
Mani is recognised as the first out Intersex person in New Zealand
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25 Jan 1996Jonathan Larson (composer) dies. [New York, United States of America]
Larson's musical Rent was just days away from opening on Broadway when he passed away.
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18 Jul 1996Shona Laing (singer) comes out as bisexual in Express magazine
2 Jan 1997Keith Hay (morals campaigner) dies
1 Jan 1998Jacqui Grant (the Tranny Granny) is made a Member of the NZ Order of Merit [New Zealand]
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30 Aug 1998Mountford Tosswill Woollaston (artist) dies
19 Mar 1999Freda Stark (dancer) dies
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8 Nov 2000Patricia Bartlett (morals campaigner) dies
6 Jun 2001Douglas Lilburn (composer) dies
Lilburn, described as the grandfather of New Zealand music, dies peacefully at his home in Wellington. Lilburn was a composer, teacher, philanthropist and advocate for social justice.
9 Aug 2002Auckland police senior sergeant Mark Richards resigns after a newspaper sting. [Auckland, New Zealand]
Richards resigns despite being cleared of any criminal wrongdoing after he discussed drug use with a newspaper reporter. The Sunday Star Times headline read Senior policeman at the centre of sex and drugs investigation resigns before facing internal charges.
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28 Sep 2002Michael Pattison gains media attention as an openly gay man competing in the Cleo Bachelor of the Year. [(nationwide), New Zealand]
Pattison has previously won Mr Gay Wellington and Mr Drag Wellington.
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24 Aug 2004Brian Tamaki (Destiny Church) is interviewed about the Enough is Enough march in Wellington. [New Zealand]
The interview broadcasts during the Holmes programme on TV1.
6 Jan 2005Makgatho Mandela, the eldest son of Nelson Mandela dies of AIDS related conditions.
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15 Oct 2005Daniel Fielding dies [Wellington, New Zealand]
Daniel established the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt project in December 1988. Daniel dies at Wellington Public Hospital.
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10 Oct 2006Carmen Rupe visits Parliament on her birthday [Wellington, New Zealand]
32 years earlier Carmen had been brought before Parliament's Privileges committee because she suggested there were homosexual MPs.
2 May 2007Henare te Ua (broadcaster) dies. [Auckland]
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15 Apr 2008Mahinarangi Tocker (singer) dies
5 Apr 2009Marvin Te Maunga Te Kotahitanga Peihopa, a teenager bullied for being feminine, commmits suicide. [New Zealand]
The coroner found Peihopa had experienced bullying at a number of schools in Northland before taking his own life.
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29 Oct 2011Frank Lund (a.k.a. Toni Roget) dies [Wellington, New Zealand]
Frankie was a female impersonator who created elaborate outfits (a number of them now are held by Te Papa)
15 Dec 2011Carmen Rupe dies [Sydney, Australia]
Carmen was a New Zealand-Australian performer, brothel keeper, anti-discrimination activist, would-be politician, and HIV AIDS activist.
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12 Feb 2012Andreas Derleth wins Mr Gay New Zealand 2012 [Auckland, New Zealand]
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16 Feb 2012Sam Johnson wins Young New Zealander of the Year
Johnson was the founder of the Student Volunteer Army that assisted during the Christchurch earthquake recovery
19 Apr 2012Johnny Croskery (female impersonator, volunteer, activist) dies [Wellington, New Zealand]
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28 Feb 2013Coroner Gordon Matenga rules Douglas Hughes (soldier) committed suicide. [New Zealand]
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29 Mar 2013Warren Freer (former MP) dies
21 Jun 2013Meg Torwl (artist) dies, aged 46.
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22 Aug 2013Wentworth Miller (actor) comes out in an open letter protesting Russia's anti-gay laws. [United States of America]
Miller is best know for his role in the tv series Prison Break.
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3 Sep 2013Coroner H Brandt Shortland finds a teenager bullied for being feminine, committed suicide. [New Zealand]
Marvin Te Maunga Te Kotahitanga Peihopa died on 5 April 2009.
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16 Sep 2013Peter Taylor, a well known Auckland personality dies. [Auckland, New Zealand]
Taylor died shortly after stopping treatments for long-term HIV and leishmaniasis infections.
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27 Sep 2013Paul Findlay resigns as a board-member of youth group Q-topia. [Christchurch, New Zealand]
A sexting conversation was publicized in the media allegedly between Findlay and a person identifying themselves as a fifteen-year-old.
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28 Sep 2013Aunty Wai Mason (NZ AIDS Foundation kaumatua) dies. [Auckland, New Zealand]
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1 Oct 2013Nathan Verhelst, a Belgium transsexual, dies through euthanasia.
Verhelst told media None of these [gender reassignment] operations worked as desired ... I do not want to be a monster.
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1 Oct 2013The Solicitor General (Mike Heron) declines a request for a second Coronial Inquiry into the death of Corporal Douglas Hughes. [New Zealand]
Hughes committed suicide in Afghanistan shortly after being questioned about a situation with a subordinate soldier.
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17 Oct 2013Geno Sisneros' complaint against the Anglican Church is dismissed by the Human Rights Tribunal. [Auckland, New Zealand]
Sisneros complained that the Bishop of Auckland had prevented him from becoming a priest because of his sexuality.
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26 Oct 2013Paul Jenden (dramatist, performer) dies. [Wellington, New Zealand]
Jenden was a lyricist, writer and choreographer of numerous New Zealand productions.
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15 May 2017Vicki Letele dies [Auckland, New Zealand]
Letele, who was serving a prison term for fraud, was denied parole in October 2016, but was released on compassionate grounds in November 2016 to spend her final months with loved ones.
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16 Jun 2017Mika X is confirmed as The Opportunities Party (TOP) candidate for the Auckland Central Electorate [Auckland, New Zealand]
TOP was founded by philanthropist Gareth Morgan in November 2016.
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5 Jul 2017Creative New Zealand announces writer Paul Diamond is the latest recipient of the Berlin Writers Residency [(nationwide), New Zealand]
Diamond will spend up to 11 months in Berlin researching and writing a book about former Whanganui mayor, Charles Mackay, who was killed in Berlin in 1929 while working as a journalist
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12 Jul 2017Alison Mau is announced as a finalist in the Women of Influence awards [(nationwide), New Zealand]
Established in 2012, the awards are run by Fairfax Media
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