Historical Events - Media

4 Aug 1917The NZ Truth reports on homosexuality in Germany (Berlin, Germany)
The newspaper reports that 30,000 people with homo-sexual inclinations reside in Berlin, and that 90% of the males in the city have at one time or another, been afflicted with the "sexual disease".
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23 Oct 1919The Thames Star reports on a play about Dr. James Miranda Steuart Barry (Thames, New Zealand)
Barry was a military surgeon in the British Army who lived their adult life as a man.
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23 Feb 1924A headline in NZ Truth reads "The growth of degeneracy and sex crime - sterilisation proposed" (New Zealand)
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1975The Gay Publishing Collective is formed (Auckland, New Zealand)
The Collective publishes New Zealand Gay News. It later becomes OUT! Magazine in 1976.
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1980Herstory Press ends (Wellington, New Zealand)
30 Mar 1981The Lesbian Gay Media Collective is formed (Wellington, New Zealand)
The group produces New Zealand's first Lesbian and Gay radio programme during Pride 1981 for Wellington Access Radio. The group later merges with the Pink Triangle Publishing Collective in 1982.
5 Apr 1981The first broadcast of Wellington Access Radio (Wellington, New Zealand)
Wellington Access Radio was the first community access radio station to broadcast regularly in New Zealand. The first broadcast featured the feminist show Leave Your Dishes in the Sink which is lesbian run and lesbian-oriented (although it wasn't explicitly stated).
28 Jun 1981Possibly the first-ever (by/for/about) gay radio broadcast takes place (Wellington, New Zealand)
The Gay Radio programme is broadcast on Wellington Access Radio - New Zealand's first community access radio station. It is produced as part of Gay Pride Week 1981.
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1984The Lesbian Community Programme begins broadcasting weekly on Wellington Access Radio (Wellington, New Zealand)
The programme is probably the longest running community radio braodcast in New Zealand.
9 Mar 1984A television interview is broadcast with a man who would become the first person to die from AIDS related conditions in New Zealand (New Plymouth, New Zealand)
The 29-year-old man had been infected overseas and had come back from Sydney to New Plymouth. He dies in April 1984.
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Oct 1984The media report that a non-hospitalised person with AIDS is living in Wellington (Wellington, New Zealand)
2 Feb 1985Gay BC begins broadcasting a weekly programme on Wellington Access Radio (Wellington, New Zealand)
The Gay Broadcasting Collective is formed to connect the community and advocate for homosexual law reform.
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10 Jun 1985Three more people are diagnosed with AIDS in New Zealand promoting health warnings (New Zealand)
24 Jul 1985The media reports New Zealand's first locally-contracted case of AIDS (Wellington, New Zealand)
The Health Department says the man from Wellington hadn't been overseas - but this is disputed by a Gay Task force spokesperson.
6 Aug 1985American Presbyterian Pastor Louis P. Sheldon warns New Zealand about homosexual law reform (New Zealand)
Sheldon founded the Traditional Values Coalition in 1984. He is invited to New Zealand in 1985 to oppose law reform.
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9 Aug 1985The media reports on an AIDS awareness campaign that will cost half a million dollars (New Zealand)
8 Sep 1985Activist Alison Laurie appears on television to debate homosexual law reform (New Zealand)
Laurie is responding to Barry Reid, a staunch opponent of law reform. The programme airs on TV1 at 9.30pm.
4 Jul 1992Radio Gay Nelson begins broadcasting (Nelson, New Zealand)
The programme broadcasts on the local community radio station (later called Fresh FM). In 1994 the programme changed its name to Gaytime FM.
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Jul 1994Gaytime FM begins broadcasting on Fresh FM (Tasman region, New Zealand)
The radio programme broadcasts every Sunday morning at 11am
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Oct 1995The Queer News Aotearoa (QNA) website begins (New Zealand)
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3 Dec 1995The AIDS Media Awards take place (Auckland, New Zealand)
The New Zealand AIDS Foundation event is hosted by Ginette McDonald and Anita McNaught. It also features Michael Parmenter performing a dance from his work A Long Undressing. The event is held at the Sheraton Auckland Hotel and Towers.
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1996The Topp Twins television series begins (New Zealand)
The series features the twins as Camp Mother and Camp Leader
1996Queer Nation begins screening on TVNZ
It became the world's longest running free-to-air TV programme for an LGBT audience
5 Feb 1996The first broadcast of Express Report occurs (New Zealand)
The programme is a regular rainbow tv news and current affairs show. It is later called Out There.
16 May 1996Sexual Healing? a documentary featuring former homosexual Noel Mosen is broadcast on TV One (New Zealand)
A number of people complain to the Broadcasting Standards Authority about the content. The complaints are upheld in November 1996.
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14 Nov 1996A complaint against the Sexual Healing? documentary is upheld by the Broadcasting Standards Authority (New Zealand)
The documentary featured former homosexual Noel Mosen, and broadcast on TV One on 16 May 1996.
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1997Broadsheet publication ends (New Zealand)
2001Gaynz.com begins (New Zealand)
Based in Auckland, GayNZ was a daily news and features website. It also had forums, an event calendar, scene photographs, business listings and personal ads
7 Dec 2003Two people announce that they are now straight after years as homosexuals. (New Zealand)
The interview was screened on 20/20, TV3.
2004Queer Nation broadcasts end
It became the world's longest running free-to-air TV programme for an LGBT audience
24 Aug 2004Destiny Church's Brian Tamaki is interviewed about the Enough is Enough march in Wellington. (New Zealand)
The interview broadcasts during the Holmes programme on TV1.
25 Aug 2004The Dominion Post publishes a Tom Scott cartoon mocking the Enough is Enough march (Wellington, New Zealand)
The text on the cartoon reads "I know this is not the right place or time, Kev, but you're really hot in those black pants".
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3 Dec 2004The Waikato Times publishes an Allan Charles Hawkey cartoon on the Civil Union Bill (Waikato region, New Zealand)
The cartoon text reads "The Civil Union Bill is still very discriminatory. Giraffes do not even rate a mention."
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6 Dec 2004The Otago Daily Times publishes a Garrick Tremain cartoon on marriage (Otago region, New Zealand)
The cartoon text reads "The fact is!.. Marriage is a blessed sacrament... A treasured institution! And you can't tell me that these gays and things...Will treat their marriages with the devotion and respect... That I've treated all mine!"
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Nov 2005UP magazine begins
30 Apr 2008The television soap opera Shortland Street includes a gay sex scene (New Zealand)
The BSA later rule that the scene breached good taste and decency and children's interests. The scene involved two male characters lying in bed talking. One then went under the blankets and the other nervously asked him "where are you going?". The first character popped his head back up and replied "it's a surprise" before descending back under. This was the first time a BSA complaint was upheld against Shortland Street.
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30 Oct 2010An article profiling LGBTI people in the NZ Defence Force is published in Your Weekend (Dominion Post) (New Zealand)
Out in Uniform, an article by Beck Eleven, is published in Your Weekend (Fairfax) magazine profiling LGBTI people in the NZ Defence Force including Major Brendan Wood and Lieutenant Commander Kevin Sanderson, Flight Sergeant Annette Walding and Flight Lieutenant Stu Pearce
31 May 2017GayNZ.com ends (New Zealand)
Based in Auckland, GayNZ.com was a daily news and features website. It also had forums, an event calendar, scene photographs, business listings and personal ads. Many of the articles have been archived online by multiple sites. A new website with the same name was launched in 2019.
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20 Jun 2017Athlete Blake Skjellerup says leading sporting bodies still aren't doing enough to counteract homophobia (New Zealand)
Stuff reports Skjellerup saying "I still think within the professional sporting environment in New Zealand there is a fear by administration and athletes to step outside of the status quo, and to go against what has always been done, or in this case, not be done."
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18 Mar 2019The Lesbian Community Radio Programme changes its name to the acronym QUILTED BANANAS (Wellington, New Zealand)
The acronym stands for "Queer, Intersectional, Intersex, Lesbian, Takataapui, Trans, Enby (non-binary), Diverse ... Bisexual, Asexual, and Nanas (because a lot of us also identify as nanas). As a metaphor, the name QUILTED BANANAS is about celebrating all the slippery overlaps these communities can have, and how finding your identity within them can be as messy - but also as fun - as trying to quilt with bananas."
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