Historical Events in June

Jun 1949Journalist and author Tom McLean is born (United Kingdom)
McLean would later write the book If I Should Die about his personal journey with HIV/AIDS.
Links: New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt, WorldCat
Jun 1972The first Gay Pride week is held in New Zealand (New Zealand)
Jun 1973The cover of Broadsheet shows two lesbians (New Zealand)
Jun 1975The United Women's Convention is held (Wellington, New Zealand)
An estimated 200 women attended the lesbian feminist workshop.
Jun 1976Activists from Wellington Gay Liberation picket the National Party conference (Rotorua, New Zealand)
Jun 1980A street-walk for lesbian visibility is held (Wellington, New Zealand)
Jun 1980Lesbians and gay men picket the Russian embassy to protest at the treatment of homosexuals in the USSR (Wellington, New Zealand)
Jun 1981A lesbian activist weekend is held (New Zealand)
Jun 1981The Grey Lynn / Ponsonby Black Women's collective holds a Black Dykes' hui (Waiheke Island, New Zealand)
Jun 1989The group GLAD is formed (Hamilton, New Zealand)
The group is formed to work for anti-discrimination, including the broadening of the Human Rights Act.
Jun 1992The underground newsletter Bog Spy publication begins (Auckland, New Zealand)
The newsletter is about sexual activity in Auckland's public toilets.
Jun 2008Mates and Lovers, a History of Gay New Zealand by Chris Brickell is published
1 Jun 1944NZ Truth reports on New Plymouth Prison (New Plymouth, New Zealand)
Since 1917 the prison has housed sexual perverts, including homosexualists. The article notes "It should be borne in mind that the majority of homosexuals are men of intelligence, who have a thorough appreciation of the nature and the wrongness of their act and are consequently culpable at law."
Links: NZ Truth
1 Jun 1984The AIDS Support Network is established (New Zealand)
The Network has branches throughout the country, including Auckland. The Wellington branch is established by Bruce Burnett, Phil Parkinson, Bill Logan and possibly others.
Links: GayNZ.net, LAGANZ
1 Jun 1985AIDS activist and educator Bruce Burnett dies (Auckland, New Zealand)
Links: PrideNZ, LAGANZ
1 Jun 2019Destiny Church leader Bishop Brian Tamaki apologies to the rainbow community (Auckland region, New Zealand)
The apology happens during the Love is Greater Than Hate event at Destiny's Stand! Conference. Media report Bishop Tamaki as saying "It has never been my intent to cause hurt or harm." Referring to the Enough is Enough march in 2004, Tamaki said that if he had another chance "we'd do some things differently."
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2 Jun 1985Television news report: Bruce Burnett's death is reported and the YWCA comes in support of homosexual law reform (New Zealand)
6.30 news, ref F57639.
Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision, University of Auckland
2 Jun 1987Television news report: the third International Conference on AIDS is held (New Zealand)
Eyewitness news, ref F92793.
Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
2 Jun 1989Singer Judy Small performs at St Patricks Hall (Wellington, New Zealand)
2 Jun 1990A lesbian gathering and conference is held (Christchurch, New Zealand)
2 Jun 2009Television feature: interview with Marama Pala from INA (New Zealand)
Warrant of Fitness, ref F115058.
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2 Jun 2017Dr David Lim is found guilty of stupefying and indecently assaulting patients (Hastings, New Zealand)
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3 Jun 1954AIDS activist and educator Tom O'Donoghue is born (New Zealand)
O'Donoghue would later become a founding member of the National People Living With AIDS Union and Collective Thinking, a publication for people living with, or affected by, HIV/AIDS.
Links: New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt, Tui Motu InterIslands Magazine, Tapatoru
4 Jun 1989Television current affairs: a positive approach to AIDS (New Zealand)
Journalist Amanda Millar talks to Alistair who is living with AIDS and Micahel who is dying from AIDS related complications. Frontline, ref F96441.
Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision
4 Jun 1999Television programme: Behind the Wheel - segment on a man planning on going in drag to the HERO parade (New Zealand)
Behind the Wheel, ref F41334.
Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
4 Jun 2005The fundraising Black and White Ball is held (Wellington, New Zealand)
The event takes place at Pipitea Marae in honour of the late Chrissy Witoko. Attendees include Frankie Stevens, Carmen, Mayor Kerry Prendergast, Hon Marian Hobbs, MPs Tim Barnett and Georgina Beyer.
Links: Friends of Chrissy (1), Friends of Chrissy (2)
4 Jun 2018Jacquie Grant becomes an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit (ONZM) (West Coast region, New Zealand)
Grant was awarded the honour for services to the community. She had earlier received the MNZM in 1997.
Links: Stuff.co.nz
4 Jun 2018The Topp Twins are appointed Dame Companions of the New Zealand Order of Merit (New Zealand)
The honours for Jools and Lynda Topp were announced in the Queen's Birthday Honours.
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5 Jun 1981CDC reports five previously young, healthy gay men in Los Angeles having PCP (United States of America)
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report later is acknowledged as the first published scientific account of what would become known as Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS).
Links: CDC (1), CDC (2)
5 Jun 1985Television news report: gay bashings increase (New Zealand)
Features interviews with Neil Costelloe, Rob Lake and Philip Peek. Eyewitness news, ref F82229.
Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision, University of Auckland
5 Jun 1985Television news report: Kate Leslie remembers Bruce Burnett, co-founder of the AIDS Support Network (New Zealand)
6.30 news Top Half, ref F82228.
Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision, University of Auckland
5 Jun 1985The media reports self-defense courses for gay men are becoming more popular (New Zealand)
This follows a reported increase in gay bashings as the Homosexual Law Reform Bill moves through Parliament.
5 Jun 1989A South Island lesbian conference is held at Christchurch Polytech (Christchurch, New Zealand)
5 Jun 1991Television news report: 10th anniversary of the first CDC report on AIDS (New Zealand)
Interviewees include Warren Lindberg, Christina Lewis, Gloria Taylor and Eve Van Grafhorst. Holmes, ref F104646.
Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision, CDC (1), CDC (2)
5 Jun 2006Television news report: 25th anniversary of the first CDC report on AIDS (New Zealand)
TV3 news, ref F93401.
Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
6 Jun 1985Television news report: studio discussion on the increase of gay bashings (New Zealand)
Features interviews with Don McMorland and Barry Reed. Eyewitness news, ref F82516.
Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision, University of Auckland
6 Jun 1991Television news report: the first 10 years of AIDS (New Zealand)
Interviewees include Dr Rod Ellis-Pegler and Darren Horn. TV3 news, ref F104658.
Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
6 Jun 2001Composer Douglas Lilburn dies (Wellington, New Zealand)
Lilburn, described as the "grandfather of New Zealand music," dies peacefully at his home in Wellington. Lilburn was a composer, teacher, philanthropist and advocate for social justice.
Links: Te Ara
7 Jun 1954Computer scientist and mathematician Alan Turing dies (United Kingdom)
An inquest determined Turing had committed suicide. However Turing's mother believed that the cyanide poisoning was accidental, resulting from her son's careless storage of laboratory chemicals.
7 Jun 2017PPTA calls for gender-neutral uniforms and toilets be introduced into schools (New Zealand)
The Taranaki Daily News reports that in its latest voluntary guidelines, the Post Primary Teachers' Association (PPTA) calls for gender-neutral uniforms and toilets be introduced into schools.
Links: Stuff.co.nz
8 Jun 1984Male homosexual activity becomes legal in New South Wales (New South Wales, Australia)
The age of consent is set at 18 (it is 16 for heterosexual and lesbian couples).
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8 Jun 2018New Zealand's first rainbow crossing is launched in Queenstown (New Zealand)
The crossing on Beach Street was opened by Queenstown Lakes Mayor Jim Boult. It is a joint initiative between Winter Pride (formerly Gay Ski Week QT) and Fluid.
Links: Otago Daily Times
9 Jun 1933Te Ahurangi Matene (a.k.a. Rosanna Laihae) appears in court charged with falsely representing himself to be a woman (Auckland, New Zealand)
Matene's lawyer submits that Matene had every intention of paying money owing, and so therefore a fraud charge could not stand. The case is dismissed.
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9 Jun 1989Television news report: an AIDS vaccine? (New Zealand)
Eyewitness news, ref F96495.
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10 Jun 1938Eugenia Falleni dies following injuries sustained in an accident (Sydney, Australia)
The previous day Falleni had stepped off the pavement in front of a motorcar.
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10 Jun 1985A public meeting is held to discuss homosexual law reform (Auckland, New Zealand)
Labour MP Fran Wilde goes head-to-head with opponents of the Bill.
10 Jun 1985Television news report: three more people are diagnosed with AIDS and MP Fran Wilde meets opponents of homosexual law reform (New Zealand)
Eyewitness news, ref F82823.
Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision, University of Auckland
10 Jun 1985Three more people are diagnosed with AIDS in New Zealand promoting health warnings (New Zealand)
11 Jun 2005Television news reports: calls to help protect homosexual students from bullying, and AIDS in Africa (New Zealand)
Two reports: bullying (interviewees include Maria Hogan, Julie Hogan and Judie Alison) and the Pope says abstinence from sex is the only way to prevent the spread of AIDS in Africa. TV3 news, ref F87104.
Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
13 Jun 1986Television news report: the US Public Health Service is making startling predictions about the spread of AIDS. (New Zealand)
6.30 news, ref F91828.
Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
13 Jun 1991Television news report: a possible vaccine in the US that would stop the progression of HIV (New Zealand)
One Network News, ref F105124 and F105127 and TV3 News, ref F105131.
Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision (1), Nga Taonga Sound and Vision (2), Nga Taonga Sound and Vision (3)
13 Jun 2005Television news report: Ian Wishart's magazine article about the effectiveness of condoms (New Zealand)
TV3 news, ref F87106.
Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
13 Jun 2005Television news report: Ministry of Health will now off HIV tests to pregnant women (New Zealand)
Interviewees include Dr Graham Mills, Dr Patrick Tuohy and Rachael Le Mesurier. One news, ref F87085.
Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
14 Jun 1991Television news report: attempts to combat AIDS in Thailand (New Zealand)
TV3 news, ref F105138.
Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
16 Jun 2017LGBTI rainbow advocate Aaron Fleming receives a Blake Leader Award from the Sir Peter Blake Trust (Wellington, New Zealand)
The award was presented to Fleming by the Governor General Her Excellency Dame Patsy Reddy at Government House in Wellington.
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16 Jun 2017Mika X is confirmed as The Opportunities Party (TOP) candidate for the Auckland Central Electorate (Auckland, New Zealand)
TOP was founded by philanthropist Gareth Morgan in November 2016.
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16 Jun 2017Purple Onion - a dance work inspired by the drag venue - is performed by Le Moana at the Hannah Playhouse (Wellington, New Zealand)
The dance work had two performances - Friday and Saturday night at 9.30pm
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17 Jun 1882Plastic surgeon Harold Gillies is born (Dunedin, New Zealand)
Gillies is widely considered the father of plastic and gender reassignment surgery.
Links: Wikipedia
17 Jun 1906Writer Eric McCormick is born (Rangitikei region, New Zealand)
McCormick wrote, among other works, biographies on Alexander Turnbull and Frances Hodgkins
Links: Te Ara
17 Jun 1909The marriage of Percival Redwood (a.k.a. Amy Bock) and Agnes Ottaway is annulled (Dunedin, New Zealand)
Links: Papers Past, Te Ara
17 Jun 2006Television news report: New Zealanders being denied access to pain relieving drugs (New Zealand)
Interviewees include Jonathan Smith, Rachael Le Mesurier, Dr Pippa Mackay and Peter Moodie. TV3 news, ref F93675.
Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
18 Jun 1902Writer Samuel Butler dies (London, United Kingdom)
Links: Wikipedia, GayNZ.net, Te Ara
18 Jun 1929Politician Colin Moyle is born (Thames, New Zealand)
Moyle resigned from Parliament in 1977 after it was made public that he had been questioned by the police on suspicion of homosexual activities.
Links: Wikipedia
18 Jun 1985Television news report: homosexual law reform will help slow the spread of AIDS (New Zealand)
6.30 news Top Half, ref F83217.
Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision, University of Auckland
18 Jun 1985Television news report: the group Heterosexuals Unafraid of Gays (HUG) is formed (New Zealand)
Eyewitness news, ref F83218.
Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision, University of Auckland
18 Jun 1985The group Heterosexuals Unafraid of Gays (HUG) is formed (New Zealand)
The group is set up to support the homosexual law reform campaign.
18 Jun 1985The media reports calls for homosexual law reform to help reduce the spread of AIDS (New Zealand)
19 Jun 1991Television news report: Eve van Grafhorst is shouted a trip to Disneyland by two Lotto winners (New Zealand)
Interviewees include Gloria Taylor and Eve van Grafhorst. Holmes, ref F105171 and Nightline, ref F105172.
Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision (1), Nga Taonga Sound and Vision (2)
19 Jun 2008Dr Matt Wildbore dies (Auckland, New Zealand)
Wildbore supported many HIV positive men during the 1980s and 1990s.
Links: GayNZ.com, NZ.com
20 Jun 1980MP Warren Freer stops working on a Bill that would have adapted the law relating to sexual acts between consenting males (New Zealand)
Links: Hansard
20 Jun 2017Athlete Blake Skjellerup says leading sporting bodies still aren't doing enough to counteract homophobia (New Zealand)
Stuff reports Skjellerup saying "I still think within the professional sporting environment in New Zealand there is a fear by administration and athletes to step outside of the status quo, and to go against what has always been done, or in this case, not be done."
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21 Jun 1981Gay Pride Week takes place (New Zealand)
A poster has the text "After thousands of years in hiding, we are moving into the light. Our right to live, our right to love". The week runs until 28 June.
Links: Te Papa
21 Jun 1984Television current affairs: interviews with candidates contesting the Wellington Central electorate including Fran Wilde (New Zealand)
Close Up, ref F52898.
Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision, University of Auckland
21 Jun 1995The Dunedin Pride festival is held (Dunedin, New Zealand)
The festival runs from 21 June - 15 July 1995.
Links: NZ.com
21 Jun 2013Artist Meg Torwl dies
Links: North Shore News, PrideNZ.com
22 Jun 1954Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme kill Pauline's mother Honora Rieper (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Links: Te Ara, Wikipedia, PrideNZ.com
22 Jun 1980Gay Pride Week events take place (New Zealand)
Activities are held in Auckland, Gisborne, Wellington and Dunedin. In Auckland, the week runs from Sunday 22- Sunday 29 June.
Links: Auckland Museum
22 Jun 1982Foolish Things by Peter Wells screens at the Frameline Film Festival (San Francisco, United States of America)
The film screens twice - at the Pacific Film Archives on Tuesday 22 June, and on Thursday 24 June.
Links: Bay Area Reporter (1) , Bay Area Reporter (2)
22 Jun 1990The Gay Community Centre closes (Wellington, New Zealand)
23 Jun 1912Computer scientist and mathematician Alan Turing is born (London, United Kingdom)
23 Jun 1996The Dunedin Pride festival takes place (Dunedin, New Zealand)
The festival runs from 23 June-6 July. The festival begins with a dog show and soccer match and ends with a Masquerade Ball.
Links: NZ.com
24 Jun 1920Albert Edward McGurk is released from New Plymouth Prison (New Plymouth, New Zealand)
McGurk had been convicted in 1915 of committing an unnatural offence and had been jailed for 7-years with hard labour.
24 Jun 1973Gay Pride Week activities are held (New Zealand)
Activities are held throughout New Zealand. In Dunedin the week runs from Sunday 24 - Saturday 30 June.
Links: National Library
24 Jun 1974Television current affairs: Gay Pride week (New Zealand)
Features an interview with a gay man (and his father) in Coromandel preparing to march solo in solidarity with other pride marches. Look North, ref TZP2100. This item has been digitised and an online viewing copy can be requested from the archive.
Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision
24 Jun 1987Television current affairs: moral panic surrounding AIDS (New Zealand)
Interviewees include Norman Jones, Dr Richard Meech, Paul East and Dr Micheal Bassett. Eyewitness news, ref F92935.
Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
24 Jun 1995The first Man to Man Gay and Lesbian Writing Festival is held (Auckland, New Zealand)
The festival is New Zealand's first gay and lesbian writing festival. It is held at the Auckland College of Education and features Paula Boock, Witi Ihimaera, Renee, Noel Virtue and Peter Wells.
Links: NZ.com
24 Jun 1998Television drama: an HIV story-line on Shortland Street (New Zealand)
Shortland Street, ref F36149.
Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision
24 Jun 2005The first Trans Day of Action is held (New York, United States of America)
Pride weekend begins with a 1,000 strong march led by TransJustice demanding rights for trans and gender non-conforming people.
Links: Workers World
25 Jun 1991Television news report: Eve van Grafhorst makes it to Disneyland (New Zealand)
Nightline, ref F105192.
Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
25 Jun 2003The Prostitution Reform (Bill 2003) is read a third time, voted on and passed (New Zealand)
The Bill was introduced into Parliament by Tim Barnett (Christchurch Central, Labour Party). It passes its third reading 60-59.
Links: Handsard, Parliament
25 Jun 2011Sitaleki Koloamatangi attacks Trevor Kaukau leaving him severely brain damaged. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Koloamatangi is later sentenced to 12 months imprisonment.
Links: GayNZ, NZ Hearld
26 Jun 1967Radio: Rev Godfrey Wilson broadcasts a nationwide sermon reflecting on homosexuality (New Zealand)
The Reverend broadcasts from St Peter's Anglican church in Willis Street, Wellington. The anti-discrimination sermon is possibly the first of its kind to be heard in New Zealand.
Links: PrideNZ.com
26 Jun 1979As part of Gay Pride Week a radio interview is broadcast featuring members of the Nelson Gay Welfare Group (Nelson, New Zealand)
The interview is broadcast on 2ZN. A copy of the interview is available at the Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand.
26 Jun 1986Television news report: an international AIDS conference takes place (New Zealand)
6.30 news, ref F91925.
Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
27 Jun 1927Photographer Brian Brake is born (Wellington, New Zealand)
Links: Wikipedia, Te Papa
27 Jun 1982Gay Pride Week takes place (New Zealand)
The week runs until 3 July.
Links: PrideNZ.com
28 Jun 1918Alexander Turnbull dies (Wellington, New Zealand)
Links: Te Ara, GayNZ.net
28 Jun 1969The Stonewall riots take place (New York, United States of America)
Links: Wikipedia
28 Jun 1981Possibly the first-ever (by/for/about) gay radio broadcast takes place (Wellington, New Zealand)
The Gay Radio programme is broadcast on Wellington Access Radio - New Zealand's first community access radio station. It is produced as part of Gay Pride Week 1981.
Links: PrideNZ.com
28 Jun 2001Television news report: the United Nations declares war on AIDS (New Zealand)
TV3 news, ref F50400.
Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision, BBC
28 Jun 2003The Prostitution Reform Act (2003) is enacted (New Zealand)
Links: Parliament
29 Jun 1875Charles Mackay is born (Nelson, New Zealand)
Mackay later became the mayor of Wanganui
Links: Te Ara, GayNZ.net
29 Jun 1907The Girlhood of a Man by N. O. Body is reviewed in the New Zealand Herald (Berlin, Germany)
The autobiography of "Nobody" was published in Berlin. It documents the life of Nora/Norbet who was born in 1884.
Links: Papers Past
29 Jun 1973A Gay Liberation march and rally takes place at Dunedin Town Hall (Dunedin, New Zealand)
The rally is part of Gay Pride Week activities.
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30 Jun 2017Germany's Bundestag votes to legalize same-sex marriage
The Bill is passed 393-226, with 4 abstentions and 7 absentees.
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