Historical Events in July

Jul 1876Robert Gant arrives in Wellington (Wellington, New Zealand)
Gant emigrates from the United Kingdom
Jul 1908Katherine Mansfield leaves for England (Wellington, New Zealand)
Mansfield leaves shortly after her father reads Leves Amores.
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Jul 1967Lord Cobham declines an invitation to be patron of the Wolfenden Association (New Zealand)
Lord Cobham replied that "these people are mentally sick."
Jul 1972The Broadsheet publication begins (Auckland, New Zealand)
It was New Zealand's first feminist magazine.
Jul 1977Parliament refuses to include sexual orientation in the new Human Rights Commission Act (New Zealand)
Currently there is no protection against discrimination in work and living situations.
Jul 1980Mayor Michael Fowler stops a lesbian community notice being displayed on Wellington City Council buses (Wellington, New Zealand)
Fowler objects to the notice that invites lesbians to "contact your local community".
Jul 1980The Gay Information Centre opens (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Jul 1987Trevor Barnard stands as an openly gay candidate for the NZ Democratic party in Eastern Hutt (Lower Hutt, New Zealand)
Jul 1993The first Waikato University Gay Pride Week takes place (Waikato region, New Zealand)
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Jul 1994The first Stonewall Ball is held (New Plymouth, New Zealand)
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Jul 1994The second Waikato University Gay Pride Week takes place (Waikato region, New Zealand)
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Jul 1994Gaytime FM begins broadcasting on Fresh FM (Tasman region, New Zealand)
The radio programme broadcasts every Sunday morning at 11am
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Jul 1998Camp Mother (a.k.a. Lynda Topp) announces that she will run for Mayor of Auckland (Auckland, New Zealand)
Topp decides to run against Les Mills who was against the HERO festival. She withdraws two weeks before the election
Jul 1998The Defacto Property Bill is introduced (New Zealand)
It aims to standardise disposal of property on death or separation of unmarried couples (but not same-sex ones)
Jul 1998The Labour Relations Bill is introduced, granting same-sex partners leave for partners' sickness (New Zealand)
Jul 2009Ferdinand Ambach is convicted of the manslaughter of Ronald Brown
Ambach was initially charged with murder, but the charge was downgraded after Ambach's lawyer successfully argued the provocation defence (gay panic)
1 Jul 1934Ernst Roehm, an early Nazi leader and co-founder of the Sturmabteilung (SA) is executed (Germany)
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1 Jul 1977Gay Pride Week activities are organised throughout the country (New Zealand)
1 Jul 1995A day-long seminar takes placed called Exceptional Lesbian and Gay Lives (Christchurch, New Zealand)
The seminar is advertised as a "one day affirming seminar" and features Robin Duff, Kathleen Quinlivan, Brent Skerten, Ross Palmer, Andrew Carstairs McCarthy, Linda James, Sue Lovelock Marshall, Jo Drayton and Jane Ferrier. It takes place in the Elizabeth Kelly Room above Annies Wine Bar in the City Arts Centre.
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1 Jul 1995The second annual Stonewall Ball is held (New Plymouth, New Zealand)
The ball is to celebrate "gay, lesbian, bisexual and transpeople pride." It will be held at The Mill, 2 Powderham Street in New Plymouth.
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1 Jul 2012The Topp Twins first ever museum exhibition opens at the Waikato Coalfields Museum in Huntly (New Zealand)
The exhibition, called Six Strings and Politics, opened with a concert featuring the Hamilton County Bluegrass Band and the Cultural Performance Group from Huntly College
3 Jul 1985Television news report: a child has contracted AIDS from contaminated blood originating in Australia (New Zealand)
6.30 news Top Half, ref F57660.
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4 Jul 1975The Crimes Amendment Bill 1974 is defeated 34 votes to 29 (with 23 abstentions) (New Zealand)
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4 Jul 1992Radio Gay Nelson begins broadcasting (Nelson, New Zealand)
The programme broadcasts on the local community radio station (later called Fresh FM). In 1994 the programme changed its name to Gaytime FM.
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4 Jul 2017Sportsperson Cory McLennan reveals to the NZ Herald that he almost gave up on the sport due to fears about coming out as gay (New Zealand)
Aged 19, McLeannan was the youngest person to sail solo from Port Taranaki, New Zealand to Mooloolaba, Australia. He came out in 2015. In 2017 he launched the Rainbow Racing project to promote a message of acceptance and inclusiveness
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5 Jul 1920Eugenia Falleni (a.k.a Harry Crawford) is arrested over the death of wife Annie Birkett (Sydney, Australia)
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5 Jul 1931Photographer Henry Winkelmann dies (Auckland, New Zealand)
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5 Jul 1936Photographer Robert Gant dies (Wellington, New Zealand)
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5 Jul 1973Television news report: review of Gay Liberation week (Auckland, New Zealand)
On Camera, ref TZP126533. This item has been digitised and an online viewing copy can be requested from the archive.
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5 Jul 1996The Presbyterian Church rules that lesbian and gay people may not be licensed or ordained as elders or ministers or put in positions of leadership (New Zealand)
The decision was to be reviewed again in 1998.
5 Jul 2010Television current affairs: where is the support for people living with AIDS in Papua New Guinea?
Native Affairs, ref F200347.
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5 Jul 2017Creative New Zealand announces writer Paul Diamond is the latest recipient of the Berlin Writers Residency (New Zealand)
Diamond will spend up to 11 months in Berlin researching and writing a book about former Whanganui mayor, Charles Mackay, who was killed in Berlin in 1929 while working as a journalist
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6 Jul 1996The Gays and Lesbians Everywhere in Education (GLEE) National conference is held (Wellington, New Zealand)
The theme of the conference is: empowering lesbians and gays in education.
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6 Jul 2016The rainbow flag is flown for the first time at Parliament (Wellington, New Zealand)
The rainbow flag is flown for the first time on the forecourt of Parliament to mark the 30th anniversary of Homosexual Law Reform.
6 Jul 2017Parliament apologies for the hurt and stigma caused by the historic criminalisation of consensual homosexual activity (New Zealand)
During the first reading of the Criminal Records (Expungement of Convictions for Historical Homosexual Offences) Bill, Justice Minister Amy Adams read the following apology "Today we are putting on the record that this house deeply regrets the hurt and stigma suffered by the many hundreds of New Zealand men who were turned into criminals by a law that was profoundly wrong, and for that, we are sorry."
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6 Jul 2017The first reading of the Criminal Records (Expungement of Convictions for Historical Homosexual Offences) Bill takes place in Parliament (New Zealand)
The Bill unanimously passes its first reading.
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6 Jul 2018Australian police charge Pastor Logan Robertson after allegedly harassing worshippers at two Brisbane mosques (Australia)
Robertson faces deportation back to New Zealand. In July 2017 the Pastor called for gay people to be shot through the head.
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7 Jul 1980Lesbians and gays again picket the Russian embassy in protest at oppression in the USSR (Wellington, New Zealand)
7 Jul 1984MP Fran Wilde meets with members of the gay community to discuss law reform options (Wellington, New Zealand)
8 Jul 1985Television news report: poll shows little change in attitudes towards homosexual law reform (New Zealand)
Eyewitness news, ref F84878.
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8 Jul 1985Television news report: support increases for homosexual law reform (New Zealand)
6.30 news Top Half, ref F84877.
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9 Jul 1974Labour Prime Minister Norman Kirk opposes the Crimes Amendment Bill (New Zealand)
Kirk is quoted as saying homosexuality is "unnatural".
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9 Jul 1974Television report: the Prime Minister Norman Kirk will not support homosexual law reform (New Zealand)
NZBC news, ref TZP86612. This item has been digitised and an online viewing copy can be requested from the archive.
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9 Jul 1986Part 1 of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill is narrowly passed by Parliament, 49 votes to 44 (New Zealand)
Part 2 of the Bill dealing with anti-discrimination measures was lost on 16 April 1986.
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9 Jul 2017In a radio interview National MP Chester Borrows says he has changed his mind on same-sex marriage (New Zealand)
The departing Member of Parliament talks about how, after voting against Marriage Equality, now supports it. As celebrant he has married a gay couple
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10 Jul 1981Wellington Mayor Michael Fowler is picketed (San Francisco, United States of America)
A Chamber of Commerce dinner honouring Michael Fowler is picketed. Fowler had earlier stopped lesbian support notices being placed in Wellington City Council buses.
10 Jul 1998Presbyterian General Assembly bans ordination of practising gay men or lesbians for one year (New Zealand)
11 Jul 1986The Burnett Clinic is opened by Health Minister Dr Michael Bassett (Auckland, New Zealand)
The Burnett Clinic is named after Bruce Burnett and is the first HIV AIDS clinic in New Zealand.
11 Jul 1986The Homosexual Law Reform Act (1986) is signed into law by the Governor General (New Zealand)
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12 Jul 2017Alison Mau is announced as a finalist in the Women of Influence awards (New Zealand)
Established in 2012, the awards are run by Fairfax Media
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14 Jul 1985Artist Theo Schoon dies
16 Jul 1925A report into Mental Defectives and Sexual Offenders is tabled in Parliament (New Zealand)
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17 Jul 1867Hon Major Richardson introduces the Offences Against the Person Bill (1867) (New Zealand)
The Bill states that a person convicted of sodomy can be imprisoned for life and anyone convicted of attempted buggery or an indecent assault on a male can serve up to ten years imprisonment (Offences Against the Person Act 1867 / Unnatural Offences, 58-60).
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17 Jul 1917Dr Hjelman von Danneville is released from Matiu Somes Island after suffering a severe nervous breakdown (Wellington region, New Zealand)
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17 Jul 1982Eve van Grafhorst is born (New South Wales, Australia)
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17 Jul 1992Lawyer and social reformer Frank Haigh dies
Among other things Haigh was prominent in the cause of homosexual law reform.
18 Jul 1996Singer Shona Laing comes out as bisexual during a concert performance (New Zealand)
Laing's coming out was reported in Express magazine.
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18 Jul 2017Johnny Lumsden admits in court to endangering the health of three men by criminal nuisance (Christchurch, New Zealand)
After lying about his HIV status, Lumsden has unprotected sex with three men he met through social media
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20 Jul 1985Television news report: a 2,000 signature in support of homosexual law reform (New Zealand)
6.30 news, ref F84939.
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20 Jul 2003David McNee, an interior designer and former television host is killed (Auckland, New Zealand)
The provocation defence was later successfully used by Phillip Layton Edwards who was found guilty of manslaughter. Edwards was sentenced to nine years imprisonment. He was due for release in April 2012.
21 Jul 1980Enzo Francone attempts to chain himself to the railings in front of the Kremlin in Red Square (Moscow, Russia)
Francone is protesting Article 121 of the Russian penal code, and for the release of two imprisoned gay men. He is beaten by police.
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22 Jul 1929The Evening Post reports on a recent presentation entitled "The Adolescent Girl" (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Speaking to members of the Christchurch branch of the Parents' National Education Union Dr Jessie Scott talks about how girls between 11 and 16 experience a homo-sexual period. They "showed great affection for members of their own sex, often for women much older than themselves". This is followed by the heterosexual stage.
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22 Jul 1995The Hawke's Bay Queer Event takes place (Napier, New Zealand)
The event is advertised as "meeting, dancing, drinking and generally doing some wild stuff in Napier, at the Bay City Club from 9pm."
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23 Jul 2017Auckland Pastor Logan Robertson calls for gay people to be shot (Auckland, New Zealand)
During a sermon at the Westcity Bible Bapist Church, Past Robertson states he isn't against homosexuals getting married "as long as a bullet goes through their head the moment they kiss...that's what should happen". Excerpts of the video sermon are then uploaded to Youtube.
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23 Jul 2018UniQ Victoria pride week takes place (Wellington, New Zealand)
24 Jul 1845Mary Taylor arrives in New Zealand (New Zealand)
Taylor is a life-long friend and some say lover of writer Charlotte Bronte. She returns to England in 1860.
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24 Jul 1974National MP Venn Young introduces the Crimes Amendment Bill 1974 (New Zealand)
The Bill is the first parliamentary attempt at homosexual law reform in New Zealand. The age of consent is set at 21.
Links: Hansard, NZ Legal Information Institute
24 Jul 1974Television news report: the Crimes Amendment Bill 1974 has been introduced to Parliament (New Zealand)
The Bill seeks to legalise homosexual acts between consenting adults in private. The age-of-consent is set at 21. NZBC news, ref TZP86611. This item has been digitised and an online viewing copy can be requested from the archive.
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24 Jul 1985Television news report: the first locally contracted case of AIDS (disputed) (New Zealand)
6.30 news Top Half, ref F85012.
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24 Jul 1985The media reports New Zealand's first locally-contracted case of AIDS (Wellington, New Zealand)
The Health Department says the man from Wellington hadn't been overseas - but this is disputed by a Gay Task force spokesperson.
24 Jul 1995The third annual Waikato University Gay Pride Week takes place (Waikato region, New Zealand)
The week is organised by the Waikato Student Union and Queers on Campus.
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25 Jul 1865James Miranda Steuart Barry dies (London, United Kingdom)
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26 Jul 1877William Yate dies
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27 Jul 1909Writer and poet Charles Brasch is born (Dunedin, New Zealand)
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27 Jul 1928The Well of Loneliness by Radclyffe Hall is published (United Kingdom)
The lesbian-themed novel is later judged obscene by a British court and banned.
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27 Jul 1985Television news report: a new AIDS drug developed in France may be used in the USA (New Zealand)
6.30 news, ref F85047.
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28 Jul 1967The Sexual Offences Act 1967 decriminalises homosexual acts in England and Wales (United Kingdom)
The age of consent is set at 21.
28 Jul 1970The National Party's annual conference decides to seek liberalisation on the law relating to homosexuality (New Zealand)
The decision was applauded by the Homosexual Law Reform Society - as noted in an Evening Post article on 28 July.
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28 Jul 1993The Human Rights Bill is passed (New Zealand)
Among other things, the Bill outlaws discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. The Government is exempt until 31 December 1999.
29 Jul 1970Television current affairs: a look at the "problem" of homosexuality (New Zealand)
The South Tonight, ref TZP86813. This item has been digitised and an online viewing copy can be requested from the archive.
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31 Jul 1915Artist Theo Schoon is born (Java, Indonesia)
Schoon was a notable figure in New Zealand art in the mid 20th century. He refused to separate art and craft and created in a range of media. He was interested in the integration of Maori and European art to produce a local modernism.
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31 Jul 1985Television news report: a new report suggests AIDS will become an epidemic of biblical proportions (New Zealand)
6.30 news Top Half, ref F85120.
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31 Jul 1985Television news report: a new report suggests AIDS will become an epidemic of biblical proportions (New Zealand)
Eyewitness news, ref F85121.
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