Historical Events - Health

1979The Hecate Women's Health Collective opens (Wellington, New Zealand)
The Collective is located at 6 Boulcott Street.
5 Jun 1981CDC reports five previously young, healthy gay men in Los Angeles having PCP (United States of America)
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report later is acknowledged as the first published scientific account of what would become known as Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS).
Links: CDC (1), CDC (2)
1983The first AIDS cases are reported in New Zealand (New Zealand)
Aug 1984Bruce Burnett begins a nationwide one-person AIDS education roadshow (New Zealand)
2 Apr 1985The media reports the Auckland Blood Transfusion Service is sampling AIDS testing kits (Auckland, New Zealand)
11 Apr 1985The Government announces funding for a blood screening program to combat the spread of AIDS (New Zealand)
24 May 1985Dr David Cooper is interviewed about how homosexual law reform may impact the spread of AIDS (New Zealand)
The interview is broadcast on Eyewitness News, TV1.
18 Jun 1985The media reports calls for homosexual law reform to help reduce the spread of AIDS (New Zealand)
6 Aug 1985The media reports blood testing kits are now available to test for AIDS (New Zealand)
9 Sep 1985The media reports New Zealand's eleventh case of AIDS (New Zealand)
21 Oct 1985Testing of all donated blood for AIDS antibodies begins (New Zealand)
11 Apr 1987The Awhina Clinic opens (Wellington, New Zealand)
The HIV/AIDS clinic is later renamed the Awhina Centre.
Feb 1994The New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt is displayed at the Aotea Centre (Auckland, New Zealand)
The Quilt is displayed for one-and-a-half weeks, followed by two days laid out on Aotea Square.
Links: New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt
31 Oct 1994HIV Awarenss month is held (Auckland, New Zealand)
Links: New Zealand AIDS Quilt
21 Oct 1995The Riding the Rainbow conference takes place (Wellington, New Zealand)
The Pink Health conference focuses on lesbian and gay health and is held at the Wellington College of Education. Speakers include Raz Bloomfield and Neville Creighton.
Links: NZ.com
1 Dec 1995World AIDS Day is commemorated (Auckland, New Zealand)
This year's theme is: shared rights, shared responsibility. In Auckland, the Quilt and Baton of Hope march is held. The Quilt is carried up Queen Street with 400 placards representing people who have died from AIDS related conditions in New Zealand. Events also take place in Blenheim, Christchurch, Dunedin and Nelson.
Links: NZ.com, New Zealand AIDS Quilt
21 Sep 1996The Riding the Rainbow '96 conference takes place (Christchurch, New Zealand)
The Pink Health conference's theme is self esteem.
Links: NZ.com
3 Sep 2002New Zealand AIDS Foundation is blocked from erecting penis billboards. (New Zealand)
The billboards were to promote National Penis Day on 5 September.
Links: Gay NZ
5 Sep 2002New Zealand AIDS Foundation launches the "Toolbox" safe sex campaign. (New Zealand)
The toolbox contains condoms, lubricants and application hints, and was distributed to people on the street.
Links: Gay NZ
1 Nov 2002Panels from the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt travel to Australia to be part of an international display at the Sydney Gay Games. (Sydney, Australia)
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29 May 2017Data released today shows that 244 people were diagnosed with HIV in 2016 in New Zealand (New Zealand)
The data from the AIDS Epidemiology Group showed that in 2016, 217 men and 27 women were diagnosed HIV+, the highest numbers ever recorded in New Zealand.
Links: RNZ
16 Oct 2018Media report that the government has lifted the cap on gender affirming surgeries (New Zealand)
Up until this point, the State had only funded 3 male-to-female surgeries and 1 female-to-male every two years. From June 2018 the old cap became the new minimum number of surgeries every two years.
Links: Newsroom, Guardian
30 May 2019Minister of Finance Grant Robert delivers the Budget which includes $3 million dollars for gender affirmation surgeries (New Zealand)
The Government commits $750,000 every year for the next four years for the surgeries.
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