Historical Events in December

Dec 1836Missionary William Yate leaves New Zealand (New Zealand)
Yate leaves for England after an inquiry into allegations of sexual activity with some of his male pupils.
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Dec 1973Circle publication begins (Wellington, New Zealand)
Published by Sisters for Homophile Equality (SHE), it is later renamed Lesbian Feminist Circle.
Dec 1979Nelson Gay Society is formed (Nelson, New Zealand)
The Society grew out of the Nelson Gay Welfare Group.
Dec 1979Puss-in-Boots bar is picketed for excluding lesbians and gays (New Zealand)
Dec 1980Lesbians paste up anti-Christmas posters (Wellington, New Zealand)
Posters appear in Wellington and Hastings.
Dec 1994The High Court rules that post-operative transsexuals can marry in their adopted sex (New Zealand)
1 Dec 1924Music teacher John Leslie Lander dies in New Plymouth Prison (New Plymouth, New Zealand)
Lander had been sentenced to life imprisonment in 1915 for committing an unnatural offence, plus 10-years hard labour for indecent assault. He was known to have epileptic fits. His death was recorded as heart failure following a fit.
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1 Dec 1976Matthew Shepard is born (Wyoming, United States of America)
Shepard was murdered in October 1998 in Wyoming by Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson.
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1 Dec 1988Television news report: the first World AIDS Day is marked in New Zealand (New Zealand)
Eyewitness news, ref F95421.
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1 Dec 1988The first World AIDS Day is held internationally
1 Dec 1988The New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt is launched on World AIDS Day (Wellington, New Zealand)
Inspired by the NAMES Project, the New Zealand quilt is established by the People With AIDS Collective. The first panel is presented by Daniel Fielding for his partner Peter Cuthbert who had died in October 1988.
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1 Dec 1989Television news report: the New Zealand AIDS Memorial quilt displayed on World AIDS Day (New Zealand)
The report is taken from a news compilation tape. The footage will most likely be from 1 December 1988 or 1989. Ref F44883.
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1 Dec 1989Television news report: World AIDS Day is marked around New Zealand (New Zealand)
Interviewees include Darren Horn, Bev Jelicich and Dr Mike Pohl. Eyewitness news, ref: F98109.
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1 Dec 1991Television news report: coverage of World AIDS Day (New Zealand)
TV3 news, ref F107883.
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1 Dec 1992World AIDS Day is commemorated (Auckland, New Zealand)
Since World AIDS Day 1991, 43 people had died in New Zealand from AIDS-related complications. Father Michael Bancroft leads the first ever AIDS requiem mass in New Zealand.
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1 Dec 1993World AIDS Day is commemorated (Dunedin, New Zealand)
The New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt is displayed in St Paul's Cathedral in Dunedin to mark World AIDS Day. The quilt remains on display for a week.
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1 Dec 1994Worlds AIDS Day is commemorated (New Zealand)
In Auckland, the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt is is carried outspread down Queen Street for an unfolding ceremony. The global theme of the day is: AIDS and the family.
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1 Dec 1995World AIDS Day is commemorated (Auckland, New Zealand)
This year's theme is: shared rights, shared responsibility. In Auckland, the Quilt and Baton of Hope march is held. The Quilt is carried up Queen Street with 400 placards representing people who have died from AIDS related conditions in New Zealand. Events also take place in Blenheim, Christchurch, Dunedin and Nelson.
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1 Dec 1996World AIDS Day is commemorated (New Zealand)
1 Dec 2004The Civil Union Bill 2004 passes its second reading in Parliament (New Zealand)
1 Dec 2005The first ILGA Pacific conference is held (Auckland, New Zealand)
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1 Dec 2006A conference to mark the 20th anniversary of homosexual law reform is held (Wellington, New Zealand)
The 20 Years On - Homosexual Law Reform Conference is hosted by LAGANZ at the National Library.
2 Dec 1897Writer and educator Rewi Alley is born (Canterbury region, New Zealand)
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2 Dec 1971Television current affairs: a look at prostitution in New Zealand (New Zealand)
On Camera, ref TZP86607.
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2 Dec 1995The first Freedom dance party takes place (Christchurch, New Zealand)
The event is held at the Ministry for "lesbians, gays, bisexuals and their friends."
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2 Dec 2003Television news report: World AIDS Day is marked internationally ((worldwide))
TV3 news, ref: F61163.
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2 Dec 2004Media report that a trans woman burglar is sent to a male prison (New Zealand)
2 Dec 2004Television news reports: World AIDS Day and HIV/AIDS in the Pacific (New Zealand)
Interviewee Maire Bopp from the Samoan AIDS Foundation. TV3 news, ref F84528.
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2 Dec 2006Television news report: India is being called the new AIDS epicenter
One news, ref F96459.
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3 Dec 1910Freda Du Faur ascends Mt Cook (Canterbury region, New Zealand)
Du Faur is the first woman to reach the summit.
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3 Dec 1995The Coming Out Day parade takes place (Auckland, New Zealand)
The parade begins at 2pm from Three Lamps Plaza, goes along Ponsonby Road and ends at Western Park. The 1994 parade attracted approximately 3,000 people.
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3 Dec 1995The AIDS Media Awards take place (Auckland, New Zealand)
The New Zealand AIDS Foundation event is hosted by Ginette McDonald and Anita McNaught. It also features Michael Parmenter performing a dance from his work A Long Undressing. The event is held at the Sheraton Auckland Hotel and Towers.
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3 Dec 1999Jason Meads and Stephen Smith are found guilty of murdering teenager Jeff Whittington (Wellington, New Zealand)
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3 Dec 2004The Waikato Times publishes an Allan Charles Hawkey cartoon on the Civil Union Bill (Waikato region, New Zealand)
The cartoon text reads "The Civil Union Bill is still very discriminatory. Giraffes do not even rate a mention."
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3 Dec 2007During his trial, Ashley Arnopp pleads guilty to the murder of Palmerston North man Stanley Waipouri. (Palmerston North, New Zealand)
Arnopp's co-accussed, Andre Gilling maintains his innocence.
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4 Dec 1835Writer Samuel Butler is born (Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom)
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4 Dec 1912James Townsley (a.k.a. Evelyn Hartwood) is jailed for 5 years (Sydney, Australia)
Referred to as the "king of burglers" in South Australia, Townsley is also known for his skill at female impersonation. He is jailed for escaping custody in Adelaide.
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4 Dec 1970Television news report: unsuitable books found in children's section of department store (Auckland, New Zealand)
This Day, ref TZP86812.
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4 Dec 1986Newspaper report: USA Salvation Army funding anti-homosexual reform campaign in New Zealand (San Francisco, United States of America)
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4 Dec 1986Television news report: HIV prevention - providing clean needles to people who inject drugs (New Zealand)
Eyewitness news, ref F132362
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4 Dec 1991Television news report: launch of Kids with AIDS support group and trust (New Zealand)
Interviewees include Jeremy Miller and his parents Katrina Miller and Howard Miller. Holmes, ref F107907.
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4 Dec 2003Television news report: Pharmac refuses to subsidise HIV medication (New Zealand)
Interviewees include Matt Whyte, Richard Meech, Wayne McNee and Annette King. One news, ref: F61189.
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5 Dec 1986Television news report: the Government discusses a needle exchange programme to help prevent the transmission of AIDS (New Zealand)
Newsline, ref F23205.
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5 Dec 1991Television news report: a viewer responds to the new Kids with AIDS support group (New Zealand)
Holmes, ref F107913.
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5 Dec 1998The Awhina World AIDS Day variety concert is held (Wellington, New Zealand)
The concert takes place in Soundings Theatre at Te Papa, with funds raised going to the Awhina Centre.
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6 Dec 2004The Otago Daily Times publishes a Garrick Tremain cartoon on marriage (Otago region, New Zealand)
The cartoon text reads "The fact is!.. Marriage is a blessed sacrament... A treasured institution! And you can't tell me that these gays and things...Will treat their marriages with the devotion and respect... That I've treated all mine!"
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6 Dec 2007There is a hung jury in the murder trial of Andre Gilling. (Palmerston North, New Zealand)
Gilling, along with Ashley Arnopp, is on trial for the 2006 killing of Palmerston North man Stanley Waipouri. Co-accused Ashley Arnopp, 20, earlier changed his plea to guilty.
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7 Dec 1991The first Devotion dance party is held (Wellington, New Zealand)
The party is held at the Overseas Passenger Terminal. Tickets cost $20-$25.
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7 Dec 2003Two people announce that they are now straight after years as homosexuals. (New Zealand)
The interview was screened on 20/20, TV3.
9 Dec 1995The controversial Robert Mapplethorpe Retrospective exhibition shows at the City Gallery Wellington (Wellington, New Zealand)
City Gallery Director Paula Savage said "His work documents a pre-AIDS era in New York when homosexuality was given a social acceptability unseen for decades, perhaps centuries, and gay cultural blossomed." The exhibition runs from 9 December 1995 - 20 February 1996.
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9 Dec 2004The Civil Union Act is passed
The Act gives same-sex couples an equivalent to marriage
10 Dec 1924The Society for Human Rights is formed (Chicago, United States of America)
The Society is the oldest documented homosexual organisation in the USA.
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10 Dec 2011Phillip Cottrell is assaulted while working home and subsequently dies, Wellington
12 Dec 1983The Laetus Social Club ends (New Zealand)
13 Dec 1915Bea Arthur is born (New Zealand)
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13 Dec 1917Morals campaigner Keith Hay is born (Hastings, New Zealand)
Hay was a founding member of the Coalition of Concerned Citizens, a group that was behind the large anti homosexual law reform petition
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14 Dec 1990Television news report: working with AIDS babies in Romania (New Zealand)
Interviewee Robyn Beckerleg. Holmes, ref F102458.
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14 Dec 1991The Bring and Buy lesbian fair is held (Wellington, New Zealand)
14 Dec 1996Teaser, a pre-Freedom dance party is held (Christchurch, New Zealand)
The party is held at Bar Particular on 14 December 1996.
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15 Dec 1985Television news report: World Health Organisation announces a huge increase in cases of AIDS (New Zealand)
6.30 news, ref F90666.
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15 Dec 2011Carmen Rupe dies (Sydney, Australia)
Carmen was a New Zealand-Australian performer, brothel keeper, anti-discrimination activist, would-be politician, and HIV AIDS activist.
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15 Dec 2011Willie Ahsee is sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for the manslaughter of Denis Phillips
16 Dec 2004Television news report: a Ghanaian man who lied about his HIV status has been jailed (New Zealand)
The man lied about his status during an attempt to gain residency. One news, ref F84560.
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17 Dec 1913Poet Rupert Brooke arrives in New Zealand onboard RMS Niagara (Auckland, New Zealand)
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17 Dec 1997The Court of Appeal turns down three lesbian couples' appeal against a High Court ruling against same-sex marriage (New Zealand)
19 Dec 2018The Auckland Pride Board announces that it is working towards a grassroots-led Pride Parade (Auckland, New Zealand)
The Board said that "with a more community-based funding model, we have the challenge and opportunity to be creative on what the actual proceeding will look like."
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20 Dec 1906Bertha Victor (a.k.a Bert Rotciv) is arrested (Sydney, Australia)
The NZ Truth headline reads "Boy Bertha, a Perplexing Puzzle."
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21 Dec 1984Television news report: footage of New Zealand's first AIDS patient (New Zealand)
The footage appears as part of a year-in-review programme. The man's sister is also interviewed. The footage was first broadcast earlier in 1984. Eyewitness news, ref F60412.
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21 Dec 1991The Dominion Dance is held at the Dominion Hotel (Wellington, New Zealand)
The dance is organised by Dykes Out Of Debt (DOODS).
23 Dec 1902Civil libertarian Walter Scott is born (Canterbury region, New Zealand)
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23 Dec 1993MP Chris Carter (Te Atatu, Labour Party) comes out publicly (New Zealand)
Carter becomes the first openly gay Member of Parliament in New Zealand.
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23 Dec 1995The Dyke Ball takes place (Christchurch, New Zealand)
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23 Dec 1998Television news report: fears that patients have come into contact with a worker who is HIV+ (New Zealand)
One news, ref: F38793.
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23 Dec 2006Stanley Waipouri is killed (Palmerston North, New Zealand)
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27 Dec 1987Writer and educator Rewi Alley dies (Beijing, China)
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27 Dec 2013Entrepreneur Tony Katavich dies (Auckland, New Zealand)
Katavich created the Out! business empire with Brett Sheppard.
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30 Dec 2004Television news report: a former male sex worker who is HIV+ has been placed in a home in Canterbury (New Zealand)
TV3 news, ref F84594.
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31 Dec 1985Television current affairs: HIV and AIDS in New Zealand in 1985 (New Zealand)
News Review '85, ref F57798.
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31 Dec 1986Television current affairs: the year in review (New Zealand)
Lindsay Perigo presents a review of the major news stories - including homosexual law reform and Eve van Grafhorst. News, ref F92032.
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