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Historical Events - Crime

20 May 1863Rev H M Turton is tried in the Supreme Court on a charge of sodomy (Nelson, New Zealand)
One of Turton's servants had accused him of an incident in October 1862. The jury found Turton not guilty.
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30 Apr 1886Amy Bock is convicted of obtaining goods by false pretences (Christchurch, New Zealand)
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6 Apr 1895Oscar Wilde is arrested (London, United Kingdom)
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26 May 1895Oscar Wilde is convicted of gross indecency and sentenced to two years hard labour (London, United Kingdom)
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20 Dec 1906Bertha Victor (a.k.a Bert Rotciv) is arrested (Sydney, Australia)
The NZ Truth headline reads "Boy Bertha, a Perplexing Puzzle."
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22 Apr 1907Bertha Victor appears in court charged with drunkenness, vagrancy, and using obscene language (Auckland, New Zealand)
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28 Aug 1908Dennis William Quill appears in court charged with being idle and disorderly (Wellington, New Zealand)
Quill was arrested wearing female attire near Pirie Street. He assured the judge that he bought the clothing out of "sheer devilment" and was wearing them for a similar fantasy. The charge was dismissed.
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27 Apr 1909Amy Bock pleads guilty to forgery charges (Dunedin, New Zealand)
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5 Apr 1912The Northern Advocate reports on the "romance of two girls" (London, United Kingdom)
The report headline reads "one poses as a man - the other as the wife". The couple come before the courts for disorderly conduct. "Why couldn't they have left us alone? We were so happy together weren't we, darling?" said Adelaide Dallamore, "Yes love, but they shall never, never part us!" replied her partner.
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4 Dec 1912James Townsley (a.k.a. Evelyn Hartwood) is jailed for 5 years (Sydney, Australia)
Referred to as the "king of burglers" in South Australia, Townsley is also known for his skill at female impersonation. He is jailed for escaping custody in Adelaide.
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Oct 1914Dr Hjelmar von Dannevill is accused of being a German spy (Wellington, New Zealand)
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20 Jan 1915The Evening Post reports Lindsay Campbell pleads guilty to unlawfully wearing female clothing in a public place (Adelaide, Australia)
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6 Feb 1915Albert Edward McGurk is sentenced to 7-years imprisonment for committing an unnatural offence (sodomy) (Auckland, New Zealand)
John Leslie Lander (24) testified against him. McGurk (34) would later testify against Lander - seeing him also convicted of an unnatural offence and sentenced to life imprisonment. McGurk was released from prison on 24 June 1920. He would later marry.
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18 Apr 1915The Taranaki Daily News reports on the court case of Ellehan Eppheam (a.k.a Miss de Vien) who has posed as a woman for 15 years (London, United Kingdom)
The report documents a court appearance where the chief constable believes Eppheam has symptoms of insanity.
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17 May 1915Music teacher John Leslie Lander pleads guilty to committing an unnatural offence (Auckland, New Zealand)
Lander was sentenced to life imprisonment, plus 10-years hard labour on a charge of indecent assault. He was imprisoned in New Plymouth Prison. Lander had earlier been the primary witness in the trial of bootmaker and vocalist Alexander Edward McGurk (34). He hadn't himself been charged until the NZ Truth began reporting on the incident. McGurk would later "peach" (inform) on Lander. Gordon James Cunninghame (18) would also testify. Lander was described by the NZ Truth as a dainty-looking "chappie" and the willing victim of the offence. Justice Chapman observed that "the prisoner was not a safe man to be at large in a free community." Lander would later die in jail.
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27 Oct 1916The Ohinemuri Gazette reports on the court appearance of Frederick Wright (a.k.a Kathleen Woodhouse) (London, United Kingdom)
Wright is charged with "being an idle and disorderly person in female attire". Wright tells police that he wished he had been a woman.
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26 May 1917Dr Hjelmar von Dannevill is imprisoned on Matiu Somes Island (Wellington region, New Zealand)
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17 Jul 1917Dr Hjelmar von Dannevill is released from Matiu Somes Island after suffering a severe nervous breakdown (Wellington region, New Zealand)
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1918Report on Prisons 1917/18 is tabled in Parliament (New Zealand)
The report notes (p.9) that "during the past year your directions regarding the more complete separation of the various classes of prisoners have been carried out as far as the structural arrangement of our building permitted. Our first step was to segregate the sexual perverts. This was accomplished by setting apart the New Plymouth Prison almost entirely for this class of offenders, and drafting thereto all the worst cases from other prisons." The report goes on (p.17) to state that the prison has been "set apart for sexual perverts sentenced under sections 153 and 154 of the Crimes Act, 1908, the first draft of prisoners from Auckland arrived in February, 1917, and other drafts followed from other prisons. The prisoners are employed in the quarry and are strictly under observation, and in my opinion the quarry is the most suitable place both for safe custody and observational purposes. I find this class of prisoners very mixed in temperament; some are of the vicious type, and others are weaklings, but the majority are nervous and excitable."
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2 Aug 1918The Colonist reports on the Noel Pemberton Billing libel case in the United Kingdom (New Zealand)
Billing had implied that the actress Maud Allan was a lesbian associate of German sympathisers. The news report also mentions the Berlin Black Book. It's claimed that the Germans are blackmailing 47,000 highly placed "British perverts". The alleged aim is to exterminate the "manhood of Britain" by luring men into homosexual acts.
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16 Aug 1919A youth is arrested in female attire (Auckland, New Zealand)
The Evening Post reports that Norman (last name not published) had been arrested in well-made female attire. The probation officer told the court that the youth who went by the name Ada Reeve "exercised a disturbing influence over other inmates in the probation home".
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15 May 1920Charles Mackay shoots and wounds D'Arcy Cresswell (Whanganui, New Zealand)
Mackay is the Mayor of Wanganui at the time.
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27 May 1920Charles Mackay is sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for the attempted murder of D'Arcy Cresswell (Whanganui, New Zealand)
Mackay had earlier pleaded guilty to the charge. In the hope of mitigating Mackay's sentence, his defense lawyer pointed to how Mackay had been suffering from homo-sexual monomania for a number of years.
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24 Jun 1920Albert Edward McGurk is released from New Plymouth Prison (New Plymouth, New Zealand)
McGurk had been convicted in 1915 of committing an unnatural offence and had been jailed for 7-years with hard labour.
5 Jul 1920Eugenia Falleni (a.k.a Harry Crawford) is arrested over the death of wife Annie Birkett (Sydney, Australia)
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6 Oct 1920Eugenia Falleni is found guilty of murdering Annie Birkett (Sydney, Australia)
Falleni is condemned to death but the sentence is commuted to detainment at the Governor's Pleasure.
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3 May 1921George Rocake (a.k.a Winifred Wilson) appears in court charged with offensive behaviour (Sydney, Australia)
Police had earlier raided Rocake's room and removed "female clothing, paints and powders".
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12 Oct 1923Hector Froggatt is sentenced to 8 years imprisonment for indecent assault on boys (Christchurch, New Zealand)
A medical man giving evidence at the trial said Froggatt suffered from "homo-sexual abnormality".
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23 May 1924A parliamentary inquiry begins into Mental Defectives and Sexual Offenders (Wellington, New Zealand)
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16 Jul 1925A report into Mental Defectives and Sexual Offenders is tabled in Parliament (New Zealand)
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2 Oct 1925Kenneth James Dell is arrested on Queen Street and charged with behaving in a disorderly manner (Auckland, New Zealand)
Dell is seen walking on Queen Street wearing woman's shoes, a hat, veil and neck scarf.
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3 Oct 1925Kenneth James Dell is hospitalised on the morning of his court appearance (Auckland, New Zealand)
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10 Oct 1925NZ Truth reports on the court case involving Kenneth James Dell (Auckland, New Zealand)
Dell had been arrested in women's clothing on Queen Street. Dell was hospitalised on the morning of the court appearance.
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1927Henry Field conducts an investigation into homosexuality (New Plymouth, New Zealand)
Field has an interest in the psychopathology of criminal behaviour and interviews 40 inmates at New Plymouth prison. The exact date of this investigation is unknown - circa 1926-1929.
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20 Apr 1927George Grace is convicted and sentenced to 3-months imprisonment for wearing female clothing (Napier, New Zealand)
Grace had also gained admission to the local girls college. The Magistrate said "I will teach you to leave girls' clothing and girls' colleges alone in the future."
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1928The Prisons Department report for 1927/28 is tabled in Parliament (New Zealand)
The report notes (p.18) "Owing to the homo-sexual proclivities of of the prisoners detained here it is absolutely necessary that they be kept under constant observation during the periods of the day when they have to intermingle with one another, and, as the configuration of the quarry particularly lends itself to this end, the majority of the men have been kept employed there during the year."
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9 May 1929The NZ Truth reports on a "man with female mentality" (Auckland, New Zealand)
The news report documents the court case against Nikora Hune Haora. The prosecuting sub-inspector said to the court that Haora is actually wanting "an order to allow him to continue wearing female apparel".
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1 Oct 1929Leonard Hollobon is arrested and charged with indecently assaulting a male (Wellington, New Zealand)
Norris Davey (a.k.a Frank Sargeson) is the other party. Both are charged, with Davey later testifying against Hollobon.
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29 Oct 1929Norris Davey is convicted of indecent assault on a male (Wellington, New Zealand)
Soon after Davey begins using the name Frank Sargeson.
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31 Oct 1929Leonard Hollobon is sentenced to five years reformative detention after pleading guilty to three charges of indecent assault on males (Wellington, New Zealand)
Norris Davey had earlier testified against Hollobon.
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9 Jun 1933Te Ahurangi Matene (a.k.a. Rosanna Laihae) appears in court charged with falsely representing himself to be a woman (Auckland, New Zealand)
Matene's lawyer submits that Matene had every intention of paying money owing, and so therefore a fraud charge could not stand. The case is dismissed.
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1935The Prisons Department report 1934/35 is tabled in Parliament (New Zealand)
The report notes (p.7) that homo-sexual prisoners in New Plymouth are segregated and "the majority of them are either emotionally unstable or suffering from some degree of mental abnormality."
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15 Apr 1935Eric Mareo murders his wife Themla Mareo (Auckland, New Zealand)
Themla was also in a relationship with dancer Freda Stark.
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1936The Prisons Department report 1935/36 is tabled in Parliament (New Plymouth, New Zealand)
The report notes (p.22) "the desirability of keeping the mental outlook of the homo-sexual prisoners detained here as bright and sound as possible [...] Many evening entertainments and lectures have been provided by members of the public [...] It is helpful to see each prisoner trying his very best to excel. It is felt that these exercises and the effort put into the preparation of songs, music, recitations for concerts have an uplifting effect on the men."
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26 Feb 1936Eric Mareo is found guilty of murdering Themla Mareo (Auckland, New Zealand)
Mareo is sentenced to death. His sentence is later commuted to life imprisonment on 5 August 1936.
Links: Papers Past, Te Ara
5 Aug 1936Eric Mareo's death sentence is commuted to life in prison (New Zealand)
Mareo was earlier found guilty and sentenced to death for the murder of his wife Thelma Mareo.
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26 Sep 1936Phillip Stewart is arrested in an Auckland hotel "dressed as a girl" (Auckland, New Zealand)
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1937The Prisons Department report 1936/37 is tabled in Parliament (New Zealand)
The report notes (pp.13-14) that "the Rotary Club have paid fortnightly visits and have provided first-class entertainment. The fact that homo-sexual prisoners are allowed to see an audience from the outside world and listen to their effort to uplift and benefit them has a wonderful anti-depression effect. Men here are encouraged to take an active part in entertainments, and it is decidedly noticeable what a beneficial effect it has on their demeanour. At first they are shy, nervous, and backward, but this gradually wears off, and in time they are able to stand before an audience and do their part in a manly way."
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26 Jan 1942William Preen is arrested in the women's waiting room of the Timaru Railway Station (Timaru, New Zealand)
Preen is suspected of being a spy when he is seen dressed in women's clothing. The court later hears that Preen's "lapse was the result of some craze to see how it would feel to dress like a woman".
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24 Sep 1945Police interview two women about their recent marriage to each other (Auckland, New Zealand)
The Evening Post headline reads "Strange Masquerade, Woman as Man."
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7 Nov 1945Garth Gilmour is arrested for breaking and entering (Dunedin, New Zealand)
Gilmour is arrested dressed in female clothing. In a police statement Gilmour said it gave him a certain amount of satisfaction to dress in girl's clothes and he liked "flitting about from house to house."
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22 Nov 1945Two women appear in court after being found to be married and living as husband and wife (Auckland, New Zealand)
The court orders both women to submit themselves to psychiatric treatment.
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1952Paul De Rungs is court martialed after being charged with buggery (New Zealand)
De Rungs, a 16-year old army cadet, had made a formal complaint about being raped. He was subsequently charged himself.
22 Jun 1954Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme kill Pauline's mother Honora Rieper (Christchurch, New Zealand)
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28 Aug 1954Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme are convicted of murdering Pauline's mother Honora Rieper (Wellington, New Zealand)
Parker and Hulme were given indeterminate sentences in different prisons and released after five years.
Links: Te Ara, Wikipedia, Guardian,
1962Two men are discharged without conviction for indecent acts (New Zealand)
The Magistrate comments that the law "is soon to change". Police prosecutors appeal, and the decision is overturned
23 Jan 1964Charles Aberhart is beaten to death by a group of teenagers in Hagley Park (Christchurch, New Zealand)
11 May 1964The six teenagers accused of killing Charles Aberhart are all acquitted by a jury (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Those acquitted were Zane Leslie McDonald, Anthony Dennis O'Connor, Frank Leicester Reynolds, Raymond Clive Neither, Brian Francis Johns and Roger Malcolm Williams.
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9 Jan 1966Carmen Rupe is arrested with behaving in an offensive manner in a public place (Auckland, New Zealand)
The offensive manner was because Carmen was wearing female clothing: a black frock, black silk stockings and high-heeled shoes. "His face was made up with cosmetics and his hair was dressed in a feminine style."
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24 Jan 1966Carmen Rupe appears in court charged with behaving in an offensive manner (Auckland, New Zealand)
The charge relates to Rupe dressing in female clothing in public. Rupe challenges the charge.
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26 Jan 1966Justice McCarthy dismisses the case against Carmen Rupe (Auckland, New Zealand)
Justice McCarthy's decision notes that he is "quite unable to find anything in our law which says that it is unlawful for a male to attire himself in female clothing."
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Nov 1966Raewyn Petley is found dead in her bed with a deep wound to her neck (New Zealand)
Doreen Ellen Davis is charged with her murder.
Mar 1967Doreen Ellen Davis is found not guilty of murdering Raewyn Petley (New Zealand)
Davis' defence argued that she had been "befriended by a woman outwardly kind and sympathetic but inwardly a hunting lesbian"
1976Labour MP Gerald O'Brien is charged with molesting two boys (Christchurch, New Zealand)
It was alleged that O'Brien asked them back to his motel room for a drink. The charges were thrown out at a depositions hearing. Later O'Brien commented it was an "attempt by my political enemies to get rid of me."
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27 Nov 1978Harvey Milk is assassinated (San Francisco, United States of America)
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1 Feb 1980Police raid Westside Sauna (Auckland, New Zealand)
Eight men are arrested and charged.
24 Apr 1980Arthur Ball stabs Miles MacFarlane to death (Wellington, New Zealand)
MacFarlane is a total stranger to Ball, who is later found not guilty on the grounds of insanity.
16 Sep 1980Arthur Ball is found not guilty of murdering Miles MacFarlane (on the grounds of insanity) (Wellington, New Zealand)
20 Jun 1983Television: Meetings between a massage parlour owner and his accountant bugged by tax inspectors (Auckland, New Zealand)
ref: TZP107574. An official Inland Revenue Department inquiry into why Aucklander and massage parlour owner Ronald Kingnsnorth's meetings had been bugged by tax inspectors.
Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
10 Apr 1984Customs officials raid Gay's the Word bookstore (London, United Kingdom)
The raid was named Operation Tiger and the bookstore was subsequently charged with conspiring to import indecent literature.
5 Jun 1985The media reports self-defense courses for gay men are becoming more popular (New Zealand)
This follows a reported increase in gay bashings as the Homosexual Law Reform Bill moves through Parliament.
11 Sep 1986The Lesbian and Gay Rights Resource Centre is damaged by arson (Wellington, New Zealand)
Links: LAGANZ (1), LAGANZ (2)
24 Jan 1990Expatriate New Zealander Richard Johnson is murdered by a gang of youths (Sydney, Australia)
15 Apr 1991Alex Mihailovic and Dean Howard are convicted of the murder of Richard Johnson (Sydney, Australia)
Mihailovic and Howard were part of a gang of youths convicted of the murder of the New Zealander in Sydney.
2 Aug 1994Richard Leonard kills ex-Aucklander Stephen Dempsey with a crossbow. (Sydney, Australia)
Leonard later claims it as was an act of self-defence after Dempsey propositioned him. Leonard was finally captured, tried and found guilty of two murders and sentenced to life in prison.
Links: Forensic Investigators
22 Apr 1995Tai Tahi Marsters attacks Jim Curtis (Napier, New Zealand)
Marsters hit Curtis using a glass decanter. Curtis is left with brain damage while Marsters is later acquitted of both attempted murder and assault. At his trial Marsters uses the provocation/gay panic defence, claiming Curtis made a sexual advance.
Links: Parliamentary debate, GayNZ
1996Patrick Clotworthy stabs Wayne Cowan six times while shouting anti gay comments (Auckland, New Zealand)
Clotworthy later pleads guilty in 1997 and was initally sentenced to a 2 year suspended sentence but this was appealed by the Crown. In June 1998 his sentence was increased to 3 years imprisonment
Links: Sensible Sentencing Trust
Mar 1996Tai Tahi Marsters is acquitted of attempted murder and causing Jim Curtis grievous bodily harm (New Zealand)
Marsters hit Curtis using a glass decanter. Curtis is left with brain damage while Marsters is acquitted of both attempted murder and assault. At his trial Marsters uses the homosexual panic defence, claiming Curtis made a sexual advance.
Links: Parliamentary debate
4 Nov 1996Bryan James Gardner murders David Shore in a hotel room (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Gardener is sentenced to life imprisonment in May 1997.
Links: Sensible Sentencing Trust
26 Mar 1997The Awhina Centre at 35 Mein Street, Newtown is badly damaged by a suspected arson (Wellington, New Zealand)
The Centre moves to 45 Tory Street.
May 1997Patrick Clotworthy pleads guilty to assaulting Wayne Cowan in a side street off Karangahape Road (Auckland, New Zealand)
Clotworthy stabbed Cowan six times in 1996 while shouting anti gay comments. He was initally sentenced to a 2 year suspended sentence but this was appealed by the Crown. In June 1998 his sentence was increased to 3 years imprisonment
Links: Sensible Sentencing Trust
26 May 1997Bryan James Gardner is sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering David Shore in November 1996 (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Gardner tried unsuccessfully to use the homosexual panic defence.
Links: Sensible Sentencing Trust
10 Nov 1997Richard Leonard is found guilty of killing Stephen Dempsey with a crossbow in 1994 (Sydney, Australia)
Leonard claimed it was an act of self-defence after Dempsey propositioned him. Leonard was also found guilty of murdering a taxi driver. He was sentenced to life in prison
Links: Forensic Investigators
12 Oct 1998Matthew Shepard is killed in Wyoming (United States of America)
Links: Wikipedia
9 May 1999Teenager Jeff Whittington dies (Wellington, New Zealand)
Whittington was murdered in Wellington by Jason Meads and Stephen Smith
Links: Wikipedia
3 Dec 1999Jason Meads and Stephen Smith are found guilty of murdering teenager Jeff Whittington (Wellington, New Zealand)
Links: Wikipedia
19 Apr 2001Dallas Peneha, Daniel Beams and Jack Blance attack Jeff Pinfold and Peter Kitchen in Napier
Kitchen died in hospital a number of days later
18 Aug 2002A man is arrested in connection with the killing of John Rogers. (Tauranga, New Zealand)
Rogers was found near a public domain toilet block in central Tauranga.
Links: Gay NZ
20 Jul 2003David McNee, an interior designer and former television host is killed (Auckland, New Zealand)
The provocation defence was later successfully used by Phillip Layton Edwards who was found guilty of manslaughter. Edwards was sentenced to nine years imprisonment. He was due for release in April 2012.
17 Sep 2004Peter Wells writes about the killing of David McNee (New Zealand)
Wells writes an article for the Listener about the trial of Phillip Layton Edwards who killed David McNee in Auckland. The article begins "Listening to a dead person being made responsible for their own violent death is an odd sensation." Later in the article Wells makes the point "It is impossible in New Zealand - and many other countries - to murder a homosexual. It is possible to be found guilty of manslaughter. The underlying message is that any homosexual's life is of little value."
Links: Listener
2 Dec 2004Media report that a trans woman burglar is sent to a male prison (New Zealand)
5 Oct 2005Justin Dalley is found not guilty of criminal nuisance (Wellington, New Zealand)
Dalley used a condom during sex with a woman but didn't tell her of his HIV-positive status. It is the first time in New Zealand that anyone is charged with criminal nuisance following protected sexual intercourse. The case set a significant legal precedent: that HIV-positive people can choose not to tell sexual partners about their HIV status, as long as they wear a condom.
Links: NZ Herald
26 Nov 2007The trial of Ashley Arnopp and Andre Gilling begins over the death of Stanley Waipouri. (Palmerston North, New Zealand)
Arnopp and Gilling are charged with murdering Waipouri in Palmerston North on 23 December 2006.
Links: Gay NZ
3 Dec 2007During his trial, Ashley Arnopp pleads guilty to the murder of Palmerston North man Stanley Waipouri. (Palmerston North, New Zealand)
Arnopp's co-accussed, Andre Gilling maintains his innocence.
Links: Gay NZ
6 Dec 2007There is a hung jury in the murder trial of Andre Gilling. (Palmerston North, New Zealand)
Gilling, along with Ashley Arnopp, is on trial for the 2006 killing of Palmerston North man Stanley Waipouri. Co-accused Ashley Arnopp, 20, earlier changed his plea to guilty.
Links: Gay NZ
29 Apr 2009Diksy Jones is killed by two men in Disky's home in Upper Hutt
Phillip Sanders and David Galloway were later found guilty of manslaughter
10 Jul 2009Ferdinand Ambach is convicted of the manslaughter of Ronald Brown (Auckland, New Zealand)
Ambach is initially charged with murder, but the charge is downgraded after Ambach's lawyer successfully argued the provocation (gay panic) defence. Ambach is sentenced to twelve years imprisonment with a minimum non-parole period of eight years.
Links: Stuff, Nga Taonga
30 Nov 2009Glenn Mills is found dead in a remand cell. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Mills was accused of purposely infecting a number of sex partners with HIV. He was awaiting trial at the time of his death. He faced 28 charges relating to 14 people.
Links: TV3, Gay NZ
5 Nov 2010Phillip Sanders and David Galloway are found guilty of the manslaughter of Diksy Jones
Galloway was [finally] sentenced to nine years imprisonment, and Sanders nine years and six months
16 Jan 2011A lesbian couple's business is burnt down in a continued serious of hate crimes at Mangawhai Heads
7 Mar 2011Jason Meads is released from prison after serving a sentence for murdering Jeff Whittington in 1999 (New Zealand)
Links: Stuff, Wikipedia
25 Jun 2011Sitaleki Koloamatangi attacks Trevor Kaukau leaving him severely brain damaged. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Koloamatangi is later sentenced to 12 months imprisonment.
Links: GayNZ, NZ Hearld
3 Oct 2011A couple's car is targetted in an ongoing series of hate crimes at Mangawhai Heads
19 Oct 2011Willie Ahsee is found guilty of the manslaughter of Denis Phillips
10 Dec 2011Phillip Cottrell is assaulted while working home and subsequently dies, Wellington
15 Dec 2011Willie Ahsee is sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for the manslaughter of Denis Phillips
23 Jan 2012Roman Skorek is stabbed to death in Kuirau Park, Rotorua
Four young men were charged with his murder
28 Feb 2012Nicholas Nitro is convicted on a charge of receiving commercial sexual services from a person aged sixteen
Nitro is the co-owner of the Closet cruise club in Christchurch
28 Feb 2012Sitaleki Koloamatangi is sentenced to 12 months in jail for attacking Trevor Kaukau
Koloamatangi was charging with "injuring that, had death been caused, he would have been guilty of manslaughter". Kaukau was left severely brain damaged
11 Aug 2013Police search for Phillip Edwards after a child is abducted. (Auckland, New Zealand)
In 2003 Edwards was found guilty of the manslaughter of interior decorator David McNee.
Links: Gay NZ
3 Sep 2013Phillip Edwards is arrested after a child was abducted in August and later found abandoned. (Auckland, New Zealand)
In 2003 Edwards was found guilty of the manslaughter of interior decorator David McNee.
Links: Gay NZ
25 Sep 2013Correction Minister Anne Tolley announces that transgender prisoners will be housed according to their legal sex. (New Zealand)
At the time of the announcement there were nine transgender offenders in the prison system.
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30 Sep 2013A public meeting is held to discuss safety on Karangahape Road. (Auckland, New Zealand)
The meeting follows an increase in violence towards rainbow people in the Karangahape Road area.
Links: K Road Community Safety
17 Feb 2016Ferdinand Ambach is released from prison and immediately deported to Hungary (Auckland region, New Zealand)
Ambach, a tourist to New Zealand, was found guilty in 2009 of the manslaughter of Auckland pensioner Ronald Brown. Originally charged with murder, Ambach successfully used the provocation (gay panic) defence, claiming Brown had made an unwanted homosexual advance.
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17 May 2017Chelsea Manning is released from US military prison (United States of America)
Manning, a former US military intelligence analyst, was released after serving seven years in a US military prison for passing on classified documents to WikiLeaks. Manning's 35-year sentence was commuted by President Obama just before he left office.
2 Jun 2017Dr David Lim is found guilty of stupefying and indecently assaulting patients (Hastings, New Zealand)
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18 Jul 2017Johnny Lumsden admits in court to endangering the health of three men by criminal nuisance (Christchurch, New Zealand)
After lying about his HIV status, Lumsden has unprotected sex with three men he met through social media
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18 Aug 2017Dr David Lim is sentenced to five years in prison for indecently assaulting five male patients (New Zealand)
Dr Lim was sentenced in the Napier District Court
11 Feb 2018Zena Campbell dies (Wellington, New Zealand)
Campbell is found in a car in Aro Valley. Her partner was subsequently accused of murder, but the judge dismissed the charge on the day the High Court trial was due to start (12 February 2019). A pathologist said the death was "likely due to methadone and alcohol toxicity, or neck compression or some combination of the two."
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6 Jul 2018Australian police charge Pastor Logan Robertson after allegedly harassing worshippers at two Brisbane mosques (Australia)
Robertson faces deportation back to New Zealand. In July 2017 the Pastor called for gay people to be shot through the head.
Links: RNZ
12 Feb 2019A judge dismisses the murder charge against the partner of Zena Campbell (Wellington, New Zealand)
Campbell's body was found in a car in Aro Valley on 11 February 2018. Her partner was subsequently accused of murder, but the judge dismissed the charge on the day the High Court trial was due to start. A pathologist said the death was "likely due to methadone and alcohol toxicity, or neck compression or some combination of the two."
15 Mar 2019The Christchurch mosque massacres take place (Christchurch, New Zealand)
51 people are killed after a gunman opens fire at two mosques in Christchurch during Friday prayers. Subsequently, numerous public events throughout the country are either cancelled or postponed - include a number of high profile Pride events in Wellington.
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