All Historical Events

3 Nov 1802William Yate (missionary) is born
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26 Feb 1817Mary Taylor (feminist, businesswoman) is born in England [United Kingdom]
Taylor was a life-long friend of writer Charlotte Bronte
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28 Oct 1835Maori Declaration of Independence is signed
4 Dec 1835Samuel Butler (explorer) is born
Dec 1836William Yate (missionary) leaves New Zealand
Yate left for England after an inquiry into allegations of sexual activity with some of his pupils
6 Feb 1840Treaty of Waitangi is signed
New Zealand becomes part of the British Empire, which makes homosexual acts illegal (punishable by death)
24 Jul 1845Mary Taylor arrives in New Zealand
Taylor was a life-long friend of writer Charlotte Bronte. She returns to England in 1860
2 Apr 1854Photographer Robert Gant is born [United Kingdom]
Gant is born in Woolwich (now Greater London). At the age of 21 he immigrates to Wellington, New Zealand.
16 Oct 1854Oscar Wilde (writer) is born
18 May 1859Amy Bock (confidence trickster) is born
1861Death penalty for buggery is abolished in the United Kingdom
However, male homosexual acts still remained illegal and were punishable by imprisonment
Sep 1863Samuel Butler (explorer) begins a relationship with Charles Paine Pauli
10 Oct 1867New Zealand's buggery law is revised. [New Zealand]
A person convicted of sodomy could be imprisoned for life and anyone convicted of attempted buggery or an indecent assault on a male could serve up to ten years imprisonment (Offences Against the Person Act 1867 / Unnatural Offences, 58-60).
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14 May 1868Magnus Hirschfeld (physician, sexologist) is born
14 Sep 1868Alexander Turnbull (Alexander Turnbull Library) is born
28 Apr 1869Frances Hodgkins (painter) is born
6 Oct 1874Ursula Bethell (poet) is born
1875Eugenia Falleni (a.k.a Harry Crawford) is born
Falleni lived as a man, married Annie Birkett and was subsequently convicted of murdering her in 1920 in Australia. Born in Italy, Falleni had moved to Wellington, New Zealand in 1877. In 1996 Lorae Parry wrote Eugenia a play based on Falleni's life.
29 Jun 1875Charles Mackay is born [Nelson, New Zealand]
Mackay later became the mayor of Wanganui
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Jul 1876Photographer Robert Gant arrives in Wellington [Wellington, New Zealand]
Gant emigrates from the United Kingdom
26 Jul 1877William Yate (missionary) dies
17 Jun 1882Harold Gillies (plastic surgeon) is born [Dunedin, New Zealand]
Gillies is widely considered the father of plastic and gender reassignment surgery.
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16 Sep 1882Freda Du Faur (mountaineer) is born
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1885The buggery law in the United Kingdom is extended to include any kind of sexual activity between males
(Criminal Law Amendment Act 1885)
13 Apr 1886Amy Bock (confidence trickster) is convicted of obtaining goods by false pretences
14 Oct 1888Katherine Mansfield (writer) is born
(born Kathleen Beauchamp)
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10 Apr 1890Maata Mahupuku is born
Mahupuku later had a close relationship with the writer Katherine Mansfield
1 Mar 1893Mary Taylor (feminist, businesswoman) dies
19 Sep 1893New Zealand becomes the first country in the world to grant women the right to vote in parliamentary elections
6 Oct 1893New Zealand's law is broadened to outlaw any sexual activity between men
Penalties include life imprisonment, hard labour and flogging (Criminal Code Act 1893)
6 Apr 1895Oscar Wilde is arrested
26 May 1895Oscar Wilde is convicted of gross indecency and sentenced to two years hard labour
22 Jan 1896Walter D'Arcy Cresswell (poet) is born
Cresswell was later shot by Charles Mackay, mayor of Wanganui
14 May 1897Magnus Hirschfeld founds the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee, Germany
2 Dec 1897Rewi Alley (teacher, writer) is born
2 May 1898Frank Haigh (lawyer, social reformer) is born
Among other things Haigh was prominent in the cause of homosexual law reform
30 Nov 1900Oscar Wilde (writer) dies
Feb 1901Frances Hodgkins (painter) leaves New Zealand for Europe
Hodgkins and painter Dorothy Richmond travel through Europe together
18 Jun 1902Samuel Butler (explorer) dies
23 Dec 1902Walter Scott (civil libertarian) is born
9 Feb 1903James Courage (writer) is born [Christchurch, New Zealand]
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23 Mar 1903Norris Frank Davey is born
Davey later changed his name to Frank Sargeson (writer)
17 Jun 1906Eric McCormick (writer) is born
McCormick wrote, among other works, biographies on Alexander Turnbull and Frances Hodgkins
29 Nov 1906Alister McIntosh (diplomat) is born
20 Dec 1906Bertha Victor (a.k.a Bert Rotciv) is arrested in Sydney
NZ Truth headline: Boy Bertha, a Perplexing Puzzle
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1907Katherine Mansfield continues a relationship with Maata Mahupuku
Mansfield also begins a relationship with Edie Bendall
22 Apr 1907Bertha Victor appears in an court in Auckland charged with drunkenness, vagrancy, and usine obscene language
5 Jul 1907The Girlhood of a Man by N. O. Body is reviewed in the Ashburton Guardian
Jul 1908Katherine Mansfield leaves for England
Mansfield leaves shortly after her father reads Leves Amores
27 May 1909Amy Bock is convicted on two counts of false pretences and one of forgery
Bock, posing as Percival Redwood, married Agnes Ottaway
17 Jun 1909Amy Bock's (a.k.a Percival Redwood) marriage to Agnes Ottaway is annulled
27 Jul 1909Charles Brasch (poet, writer) is born
20 Aug 1909Rodney Kennedy (artist) is born
27 Mar 1910Freda Stark (dancer) is born
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11 Apr 1910Artist Toss Woollaston is born [Stratford, New Zealand]
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10 May 1910Tuini Moetu Haangu Ngawai (composer) is born
3 Dec 1910Freda Du Faur ascends Mt Cook
Du Faur is the first woman to reach the summit
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1 May 1912Leo Bensemann (artist) is born
17 Dec 1913Rupert Brooke (poet) arrives in New Zealand onboard RMS Niagara [Auckland, New Zealand]
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7 Jan 1914Rupert Brooke (poet) departs for Tahiti onboard RMS Tahiti [Wellington, New Zealand]
Brooke is in Wellington 5-7 January 1914
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31 Jul 1915Theo Schoon (artist) is born
Schoon was a notable figure in New Zealand art in the mid 20th century. He refused to separate art and craft and created in a range of media. He was interested in the integration of Maori and European art to produce a local modernism.
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2 Nov 1915Douglas Lilburn (composer) is born
30 Jan 1917W. Somerset Maugham (writer) and his lover Gerald Haxton briefly visit Wellington en route to Tahiti
13 Dec 1917Morals campaigner Keith Hay is born [Hastings, New Zealand]
Hay was a founding member of the Coalition of Concerned Citizens, a group that was behind the large anti homosexual law reform petition
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28 Jun 1918Alexander Turnbull (Alexander Turnbull Library) dies [Wellington, New Zealand]
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1919Institut fur Sexualwissenschaft opens in Berlin, Germany
The Science of Sexuality Institute was headed Magnus Hirschfeld
15 May 1920Charles Mackay shoots and wounds D'Arcy Cresswell
Mackay was the mayor of Wanganui at the time
27 May 1920Charles Mackay pleads guilt to the attempted murder of D'Arcy Cresswell
Mackay is sentenced to 15 years imprisonment
5 Jul 1920Eugenia Falleni (a.k.a Harry Crawford) is arrested over the death of 'his' wife Annie Birkett
6 Oct 1920Eugenia Falleni (a.k.a Harry Crawford) is found guilty of murdering Annie Birkett
Falleni was convicted and condemned to death, but her sentence was commuted to detainment at the Governor's Pleasure
25 Sep 1921Robert Muldoon (Prime Minister) is born
As Prime Minister, Muldoon accuses MP Colin Moyle of having been picked up for homosexual practices. Moyle resigned from Parliament in 1977
9 Jan 1923Katherine Mansfield (writer) dies in France
Mansfield dies of Tuberculosis
Katherine Mansfield was a prominent modernist writer of short fiction from New Zealand. She had a number of close relationships with women.
23 Feb 1924NZ Truth headline: The Growth of Degeneracy of Sex Crime, Sterilisation Proposed
Aug 1924Effie Pollen joins Ursula Bethell (poet) to live in Christchurch
10 Dec 1924The Society for Human Rights is formed in Chicago, USA
The Society is the oldest documented homosexual organization in the USA
1927Henry Feild, with an interest in the psychopathology of criminal behaviour, conducts an investigation into homosexuality
Field interviews 40 inmates of New Plymouth prison (date unknown, ca 1926-1929)
27 Jun 1927Brian Brake (photographer) is born [Wellington, New Zealand]
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17 Mar 1928Patricia Bartlett (morals campaigner) is born
Bartlett would later form the Society for the Promotion of Community Standards
27 Jul 1928The Well of Loneliness - a lesbian-themed novel by Radclyffe Hall is published
It was judged obscene by a British court and banned
1 May 1929Deresley Morton (a.k.a. Peter Stratford) dies in California, USA
NZ Truth headline: Death of Masquerader Reveals Incredible Deception
3 May 1929Charles Mackay is shot dead
Mackay was shot by a policeman while covering a street battle as a journalist in Berlin
18 Jun 1929Colin Moyle is born
Moyle resigned from Parliament in 1977 after it was made public that he had been questioned by the police on suspicion of homosexual activities
1 Oct 1929Leonard Hollobon is arrested and charged with indecently assaulting a male (Norris Davey) [Wellington, New Zealand]
Davey is also charged. He later testifies against Hollobon
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29 Oct 1929Norris Davey is convicted of indecent assault on a male
Soon after Davey changes his name to Frank Sargeson
30 Oct 1929Leonard Hollobon is sentenced to five years reformative detention
Hollobon pleaded guilty to three charges of indecent assault on males
6 May 1933Nazi's attack the Institute for the Science of Sexuality, Berlin, Germany
11 May 1933Books from the Institute for the Science of Sexuality are burned in the Opernplatz, Germany
The burning of books is featured in a number of well-known Nazi images
2 Jul 1934Ernst Roehm, an early Nazi leader and co-founder of the Sturmabteilung (SA), is executed [Germany]
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15 Apr 1935Eric Mareo murders his wife Themla Mareo
Themla was also in a relationship with dancer Freda Stark
14 May 1935Magnus Hirschfeld (physician, sexologist) dies
Hirschfeld dies of a heart attack on his 67th birthday
11 Sep 1935Freda Du Faur (mountaineer) dies
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26 Feb 1936Eric Mareo is found guilty of murdering his wife Themla Mareo
Sentenced to death (on two occasions), his sentence was commuted to imprisonment for life on 4 August 1936
5 Jul 1936Photographer Robert Gant dies [Wellington, New Zealand]
10 Oct 1936Carmen Rupe (born Trevor Rupe) is born. [New Zealand]
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10 Jun 1938Eugenia Falleni (a.k.a Harry Crawford) dies following fatal injuries
The previous day she had stepped off the pavement in front of a motorcar in Sydney, Australia. Falleni lived as a man, married Annie Birkett and was subsequently convicted of murdering her in 1920 in Australia. Born in Italy, Falleni had moved to Wellington, New Zealand in 1877. In 1996 Lorae Parry wrote Eugenia a play based on Falleni's life.
1941Alison Laurie (activist, author, academic) is born [New Zealand]
1941Flogging is removed as a punishment for homosexual acts
(Offences Against the Person Act 1867 / Unnatural Offences)
1941Ngahuia Te Awekotuku (writer, academic, activist) is born
1 Mar 1941Johnny Croskery (female impersonator, volunteer, activist) is born [Wellington, New Zealand]
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25 Mar 1942Richard O'Brien (actor, writer) is born
27 Aug 1943US First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt visits New Zealand with her aide Norah Walton
Roosevelt was here to inspect the American troops and the American Red Cross
29 Aug 1943Amy Bock (confidence trickster) dies
7 Feb 1944Witi Ihimaera (writer) is born
15 Jan 1945Ursula Bethell (poet) dies
24 Sep 1945Police interview two women about their recent marriage to each other
Evening Post headline: Strange Masquerade, Woman as Man
22 Nov 1945Two women appear in court after being found to be married and living as husband and wife [Auckland, New Zealand]
The court orders both women to submit themselves to psychiatric treatment.
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13 May 1947Frances Hodgkins (painter) dies
Jun 1949Tom McLean (author, journalist) is born
1950Writer and film-maker Peter Wells is born [New Zealand]
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11 Nov 1950The first meeting of the Mattachine Society is held in Los Angeles, USA
The Mattachine Society is one of the earliest homophile organizations in the USA
1952Paul De Rungs is court martialed after being charged with buggery
De Rungs, an army cadet, had made a formal complaint about being raped
15 Jan 1952Maata Mahupuku dies
7 Oct 1952Marilyn Waring (politician, academic) is born
1953Mani Bruce Mitchell is born [Auckland, New Zealand]
Mani is recognised as the first out Intersex person in New Zealand
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1954Hard labour is removed as a punishment for homosexual acts
(Offences Against the Person Act 1867 / Unnatural Offences)
3 Jun 1954AIDS activist and educator Tom O'Donoghue is born
Links: AIDS Memorial Quilt, Tui Motu InterIslands Magazine
22 Jun 1954Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme kill Pauline's mother. [Christchurch, New Zealand]
Links: Queer History, Te Ara, Wikipedia
30 Aug 1954Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme are convicted of murdering Pauline's mother
Parker and Hulme were given indeterminate sentences in different prisons and released after five years
15 Sep 1954A committee chaired by Lord Wolfenden begins looking into homosexual offences and prostitution in the United Kingdom
The resulting report was published in 1957
1955Mahinarangi Tocker (singer) is born
Oct 1955Daughters of Bilitis is formed in San Francisco, United States
It was the first lesbian rights organization in the United States
5 Oct 1955Paul Jenden (dramatist, performer) is born [Wellington, New Zealand]
1956Douglas Wright (dancer, choreographer) is born
28 Apr 1956Daniel Fielding is born
Daniel established the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt project in December 1988
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4 Sep 1957The Wolfenden report is published, United Kingdom
One of the recommendations: homosexual behaviour between consenting adults in private should no longer be a criminal offence
Nov 1957Georgina Beyer is born
Beyer would later become the world's first transsexual mayor and member of parliament
4 Aug 1958Tim Barnett (former politician) is born. [United Kingdom]
While in Parliament Barnett introduced the Prostitution Law Reform Bill (2003) and was also heavily involved in the Civil Union Bill (2004)
Links: Wikipedia, Parliament
1959The Attorney-General H.G.R. Mason tries unsuccessfully to have the penalties for homosexual acts reduced
21 Feb 1960Walter D'Arcy Cresswell (poet) dies
10 Sep 1960Harold Gillies (plastic surgeon) dies [United Kingdom]
Gillies is widely considered the father of plastic surgery and gender-reassignment surgery
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1961A Way of Love (1959) by James Courage is banned
It was censored on 'grounds of indecency, and because it lacked redeeming literary merit'
1962The Dorian Society is formed
It was the first documented organisation for homosexual men in New Zealand
1962Two men are discharged without conviction for indecent acts, with the Magistrate commenting that the law 'is soon to change'
Police prosecutors appeal, and the decision is overturned
1963The Dorian Society forms a legal subcommittee to work towards law reform
5 Oct 1963James Courage (writer) dies
1964Purple Onion opens in Wellington [Wellington, New Zealand]
Pasi Daniels (aka Pasi Tunupopo) returns to Wellington after performing at Les Girls and the Purple Onion in Sydney to open Wellington's first drag revue club.
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1964Writer Paula Boock is born [New Zealand]
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23 Jan 1964Charles Aberhart is beaten to death in Hagley Park, Christchurch
11 May 1964Six teenagers are acquitted of the manslaughter of Charles Aberhart
12 Aug 1965Tuini Moetu Haangu Ngawai (composer) dies. [New Zealand]
Ngawai was a prolific Ngati Porou songwriter, composer, teacher and shearer who had close relationships with women. One of Ngawai’s most famous songs “Arohaina mai” became the unofficial hymn of the Maori Battalion.
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Nov 1966Raewyn Petley is found dead in her bed with a deep wound in her neck
Doreen Ellen Davis is charged with her murder
Mar 1967Doreen Ellen Davis is found not guilty of murdering Raewyn Petley
Davis' defence argued that she had been befriended by a woman outwardly kind and sympathetic but inwardly a hunting lesbian
17 Apr 1967Wolfenden Association is formed
It is soon renamed New Zealand Homosexual Law Reform Society
Jul 1967Lord Cobham declines an invitation to be patron of the Wolfenden Association
Lord Cobham replies: These people are mentally sick
28 Jul 1967The Sexual Offences Act 1967 decriminalises homosexual acts in England and Wales
It sets the age of consent at 21
1968A petition signed by 75 prominent New Zealanders calling for homosexual law reform is presented to parliament
1968Hinemoana Baker (poet, writer) born
29 Feb 1968Gareth Farr (composer) is born [New Zealand]
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1969Aquarius Inc, a social group is formed in Auckland
The group is formed in the late 1960s (date unknown)
28 Jun 1969Stonewall riots in take place [New York, United States of America]
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7 Apr 1970Benjamin Britten (composer) and Peter Pears (tenor) visit New Zealand
The visit was part of a tour to generate money for the rebuilding of the concert hall at The Maltings
1971Up From Under magazine is published by Wellington Women's Liberation Front
1971The KG (Kamp Girls) Club is formed in Auckland
The KG is a social club for lesbians held in private homes
19 Sep 1971Ngahuia Te Awekotuku leads women's liberation in a Suffrage Day of Mourning
1972Gay Liberation Front Christchurch is formed
1972Gay Liberation Front Victoria University of Wellington is formed
1972University Gay Liberation Auckland is formed
The group diverged from Gay Liberation Auckland
1972University of Canterbury Gay Activists Society is formed
It later is renamed Gay University Students' Society (GUSS)
Mar 1972Ngahuia Te Awekotuku is refused a United States visa because she is a known 'sexual deviant'
Apr 1972The first national Women's Liberation Conference was held, Wellington
May 1972Gay Liberation Front Auckland is formed
It is later renamed Gay Liberation Auckland Inc.
Jun 1972First Gay Pride week held in New Zealand
Jul 1972Broadsheet publication begins, Auckland
It was New Zealand's first feminist magazine
Aug 1972First National Gay and Lesbian Conference is held, Auckland
They are held every year until 1989 (except 1983)
1973G.L.F. Gay Liberation Front is published
1973First United Women's Convention has a workshop for 'homosexual' women
1973Sisters for Homophile Equality (S.H.E.) Canterbury Inc is formed
S.H.E. was one of the earliest specifically lesbian groups to emerge from Gay Liberation
1973Sisters for Homophile Equality (S.H.E.) Wellington is formed
1973University of Canterbury Gay Activists' Society is formed
1973Victoria University Feminist Group is formed
Mar 1973Gay-Aid - a phone counselling service is formed, Wellington
20 May 1973Charles Brasch (poet, writer) dies
Jun 1973The cover of Broadsheet shows two lesbians
24 Jun 1973Gay Pride Week activities are held throughout New Zealand [(nationwide), New Zealand]
Gay Pride Week activities are held throughout New Zealand - including Dunedin and Wellington. In Dunedin the week runs from Sunday 24- Saturday 30 June
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29 Jun 1973Gay Liberation march and rally takes place in Dunedin Town Hall [Dunedin, New Zealand]
The rally was part of Gay Pride Week activities
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Nov 1973Rotorua Gay Liberation Front is formed
Dec 1973Circle publication begins
Published by Sisters for Homophile Equality (S.H.E.) It is later renamed Lesbian Feminist Circle
1974Gay Liberation Front Victoria University of Wellington ends
1974Herstory Press is formed, Wellington
1974Radical feminists, members of S.H.E. and Socialist Action League open a Women's Centre, Christchurch
Mar 1974First National Lesbian Conference, Auckland
Mar 1974Gay activists talk to a Lincoln High School liberal studies class
Mar 1974Gay Feminist Collective is formed
Mar 1974Gay Liberation Nelson is formed
Mar 1974Lesbian Club is formed, Wellington
Apr 1974Circle magazine marked 'strictly not for men'
It was later changed to 'women only'
Jul 1974National MP Venn Young introduces the Crimes Amendment Bill
It is the first parliamentary attempt at homosexual law reform (with an age of consent of 21)
Jul 1974Prime Minister Norman Kirk (Labour) opposes the Venn Young Bill
Kirk is quoted as saying homosexuality is 'unnatural'
1975Auckland Gay Welfare Group is formed
The group became Auckland Gay/Lesbian Welfare Group ca. 1984
1975Carmen Rupe announces she knows of gay and bisexual members of Parliament [Wellington, New Zealand]
Carmen is required to apologise by Parliament's Privileges Committee
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1975Club 69 - a social club is formed
Formed ca. 1975 (date unknown)
1975Gay Liberation Front Taranaki (GLT) is formed
It later is renamed Taranaki Gay Society
1975Gay Publishing Collective is formed
The Collective published New Zealand Gay News which was superseded by Out! in 1977
1975The Campaign for Homosexual Equality (CHE) is formed, Christchurch
CHE moved to Wellington in 1980
Feb 1975Members of S.H.E. Christchurch help organise the first Women's Refuge conference
Feb 1975Second National Lesbian Conference is held
May 1975Dorian Society Christchurch is formed
Jun 1975United Women's Convention is held, Wellington
An estimated 200 women attended the lesbian feminist workshop
Jul 1975Labour MP Gerald Wall moves an amendment to the Venn Young Bill
The amendment proposes that any communication to under 20s that homosexuality is normal is punishable by two years imprisonment
Jul 1975Parliamentary Select Committee reports back on the Venn Young Bill
It reduces the age of consent from 21 to 20
4 Jul 1975The Venn Young Bill is defeated 34 to 29 (with 23 abstentions)
Nov 1975Robin Duff stands in the General Election as an openly gay candidate for the Values party. [New Zealand]
1976Spiral women's art magazine begins
1976Befriend is formed in Christchurch
The group was earlier known as Gays-An and was one of the earliest counseling services in Christchurch
1976Daybreak, New Zealand's first feminist bookshop opens in Dunedin
1976Eros Northland - a social club is formed, Whangarei
The group was provisionally named The 'G' Club
1976Gay Teachers and Students Union is formed, Christchurch
It later is renamed Gays in Education (1981)
1976Labour MP Gerald O'Brien is charged with molesting two boys
The charges were thrown out at a depositions hearing. Later O'Brien commented it was an 'attempt by my political enemies to get rid of me'
1976National MP Marilyn Waring is outted by the Truth newspaper
Apr 1976Diana Marvel Speaks magazine begins
It's published by a Radical Feminist Caucus
Jun 1976Activists from Wellington Gay Liberation picket the National Party conference, Rotorua
Sep 1976The Back Street Theatre tours the country
The group is formed by the National Radical Feminist Caucus
20 Oct 1976National Gay Rights Coalition is formed
The coalition comes out of the fifth National Gay and Lesbian Conference held in Wellington
7 Nov 1976Prime Minister Robert Muldoon accuses Colin Moyle of having been picked up for homosexual practices
1 Dec 1976Matthew Shepard is born [United States of America]
Shepard was murdered in October 1998 in Wyoming by Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson
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1977National Gay Rights Coalition of New Zealand is published
1977Out! magazine begins publication
It supersedes New Zealand Gay News
1977Alliance group is formed, Dunedin
It becomes the Otago Gay Equality Society in May 1978
1977Gay Liberation Auckland Inc. ends
1977Gay Pride Week activities are organised in Wanganui
1977Lesbians demand and get the removal of male reporters from the United Women's Convention in Christchurch
1977Minister of Agriculture Colin Moyle resigns from Parliament
Moyle resigned after it was made public that he had been questioned by the police on suspicion of homosexual activities
1977National Gay Rights Coalition Resource Centre is formed
It later becomes the Lesbian and Gay Rights Resource Centre, and in 1995 it becomes the Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand
1977The Amazons lesbian softball team is formed, Wellington
1977Wanganui Gay Rights Group is formed
Jan 1977Campaign to Oppose Persecution begins, Wellington
Formed in response to scandals involving allegations of homosexuality against Members of Parliament
Jan 1977First New Year's camp at Vinegar Hill takes place
Links: Vinegar Hill
Jan 1977Lesbian summer camp held at Glentui, North Canterbury
8 Jan 1977First meeting is held to set up the National Gay Rights Coalition of New Zealand
Feb 1977Auckland Gay Social Club is formed
It becomes the Laetus Social Club in March 1978
Feb 1977Gay Liberation pickets the Labour Party conference for failing to defend Colin Moyle
Feb 1977Hawkes Bay Gay Society - a social club is formed
Mar 1977Christchurch Women's Liberation Collective is formed
Apr 1977Lesbians Ignite Fire Brigade is formed, Wellington
May 1977Lesbian Club ends, Wellington
May 1977Lesbians picket Parliament for the repeal of the abortion laws
Jul 1977Parliament refuses to include sexual orientation in the new Human Rights Commission Act
There is no protection against discrimination in work and living situations
1 Jul 1977Gay Pride Week activities are organised throughout New Zealand
Aug 1977Manawatu Gay Rights Association (MAGRA) is formed [Palmerston North, New Zealand]
The Association is later renamed Manawatu Lesbian and Gay Rights Association (MALGRA). It is New Zealand's longest running LGBTI rainbow rights and social organisation.
Oct 1977National Gay Rights Coalition Conference
1978Auckland Gay Rights Activists is formed
1978Gay Liberation Front Christchurch ends
1978Gay Rights of Waikato is formed
1978Taranaki Gay Society is formed
It grew out of Gay Liberation Taranaki
1978Victoria Club - a social club is formed in Wellington
Mar 1978Laetus Social Club is formed in Auckland
Nov 1978Robin Duff and Sandy Gauntlett stand in the General Election
They are both openly gay candidates for the Values Party
27 Nov 1978Harvey Milk is shot in San Francisco, United States
30 Nov 1978Alister McIntosh (diplomat) dies
1979Breathing Space - a coming-out group for lesbians, is formed in Wellington
1979First Reclaim The Night march is held in Wellington
1979Gay Community Centre opens at 6 Boulcott Street, Wellington
1979Gay Health Workers Alliance is formed
1979Gay Switchboard is formed in Wellington
1979HERA (Help End Repressive Attitudes) is formed in Dunedin
HERA was a support group for lesbians
1979Labour MP Warren Freer introduces a Crimes Amendment Bill to decriminalize homosexual acts
The Bill has a proposed age of consent of 20
1979Otago Gay Support Group is formed in Dunedin
1979Otago University Gay Rights Society is formed
1979Taranaki Gay Society ends
1979Women's Resource Centre and Hecate Women's Health Collective opens at 6 Boulcott St, Wellington
15 Apr 1979Ascent Wellington is formed for gay and lesbian Catholics
14 May 1979Pink Triangle magazine begins [(nationwide), New Zealand]
Pink Triangle is the newspaper of the National Gay Rights Coalition. It is an important source of news and feature articles and was distributed nationally. The first issue was published on 14 May 1979. The magazine's last issue was September/October 1990.
Links: Auckland Museum
Aug 1979Ascent Christchurch is formed for gay and lesbian Catholics
Aug 1979Geyserland Gay Club is formed in Rotorua
Dec 1979Nelson Gay Society is formed
The Society grew out of the Nelson Gay Welfare Group
Dec 1979Puss-in-Boots bar is picketed for excluding lesbians and gays
1980Behind Enemy Lines newsletter begins, Wellington
1980Bitches, Witches and Dykes newsletter begins, Auckland
1980Blood of the Lamb by Bruce Mason premieres, Christchurch
The play focuses on a lesbian couple with child
1980Auckland Gay Rights Activists ends
1980Gay Health Workers Alliance ends
1980Gay Information Centre is formed in Christchurch
1980Gay Liberation Wellington ends
1980Gay Rights of Waikato ends
1980Gays In Education is formed, Auckland
It is later renamed to Gays and Lesbians are Everywhere in Education (GLEE)
1980Herstory Press ends
1980Labour MP Warren Freer again proposes homosexual law reform
1980Lesbian Action for Visibility in Aotearoa (LAVA) is formed
A lesbian feminist separatist group formed in the 1980s (date unknown)
1980Lesbian Legal Advisory Committee is formed
1980Lesbian Liberation Week is held in Wellington
1980Lesbian Mothers' Defence Fund is formed
1980Network Group is formed to oppose the Warren Freer Bill
Feb 1980Auckland Gay Task Force is formed
Formed as a result of the Westside sauna raid
1 Feb 1980Police raid Westside sauna in Auckland
Eight men were arrested and charged
8 Feb 1980600 people march to protest the raids on the Westside sauna and OUT! magazine
22 Feb 1980Another protest march takes place against the police raids on the Westside sauna and OUT! magazine
Mar 1980Female impersonator Danny La Rue records Danny Down Under for TVNZ [New Zealand]
Recorded over 3 days Danny Down Under featured Irish-born entertainer Danny Le Rue and comedians John Cadsby and David McPhail
Links: NZ On Screen
Mar 1980Lesbian Liberation Army attacks the offices of Sunday News after it runs an anti-lesbian article
Mar 1980World's first Lesbian Centre officially opens at 6 Boulcott Street, Wellington
7 Mar 1980Lesbians march to mark International Lesbian Day (8 March)
20 Mar 1980Lesbian Mothers Defence Fund presents a submission to the select committee considering the Guardianship Amendment Bill
30 Mar 1980Metropolitan Community Church of the Resurrection is formed
Apr 1980Wellington Lesbians attempt to augment an Anzac Day service by carrying a coffin and laying a wreath in memory of women raped and killed in wartime
5 Apr 1980National Gay Rights Conference (8th) is held in Dunedin
24 Apr 1980Arthur Ball stabs Miles MacFarlane - a total stranger - to death in Wellington
He is later found not guilty on the grounds of insanity
May 1980Squeeze by Richard Turner - New Zealand's first gay feature film premieres
It was originally titled Night Moves
May 1980Gay men organise National Offenders Day march to protest at anti-gay laws in a carnival atmosphere
Lesbians dykecott the march saying it fails to challenge the status quo
Jun 1980A streetwalk for lesbian visibility is held in Wellington
Jun 1980The Freer Bill is abandoned due to lack of support
Jun 1980Wellington lesbians and gay men picket the Russian embassy to protest at the treatment of homosexuals in the USSR
22 Jun 1980Gay Pride Week is observed in Auckland, Gisborne, Wellington and Dunedin [(nationwide), New Zealand]
Activities are held in various centres throughout New Zealand. In Auckland, the week runs from Sunday 22- Sunday 29 June.
Links: Auckland Museum
Jul 1980Gay Information Centre is formed in Christchurch
Jul 1980Wellington Mayor Michael Fowler vetoes lesbian notices in buses
Fowler objected to 'Lesbians, contact your local community'
7 Jul 1980Wellington lesbians and gays picket the Soviet embassy in protest at oppression in the USSR and in support of Enzo Francone, who chained himself to a Kremlin railing during the Moscow Olympics
Sep 1980Chief Human Rights Commissioner Pat Downey supports rejection of National Gay Rights Coalition submissions, saying in some circumstances discrimination is justified
Sep 1980Gays and lesbians are banned from the Cantabrian Hotel, Christchurch
Sep 1980One workshop on lesbianism is held at the first national hui for Black women
Sep 1980Wellington lesbians join protest against the US nuclear-powered warship Truxtun with a banner 'Lesbian Activity Today Stops Radioactivity Tomorrow'
16 Sep 1980Arthur Ball is found not guilty of murdering Miles MacFarlane (on the grounds of insanity)
4 Oct 1980The first Lesbian Librarians' Week is held in Wellington and Christchurch
10 Oct 1980200 women take part in a lesbian march through Wellington
It was followed by a Lesbian Liberation Dance attended by 300
Nov 1980Wellington City Council buses are overnight covered in stickers promoting the Wellington Lesbian Centre
Nov 1980World's first Lesbian Centre opens at 6 Boulcott Street, Wellington
It was officially opened in March 1980
Dec 1980Lesbians post anti-Christmas posters in Wellington and Hastings
1981How to work with the media: a manual for lesbian and gay rights groups is published
Published by National Gay Rights Coalition of New Zealand
1981Gay Welfare Conference is held in Christchurch
1981National Gay Rights Conference (9th) is held in Wellington
1981Otago Gay Support Group ends
1981The Women's Place bookshop opens in Cuba Street, Wellington
1981University Gay Liberation Auckland ends
1981Waxing Moon Archives begins in Hamilton
1981Young Gays Group is formed in Auckland
Formed ca. 1981, the group worked closely with the University Gays Group
1981Young Lesbian and Gay group formed in Auckland
Jan 1981Gays and lesbians picket the Human Rights Commission office in Wellington
Feb 1981Lesbians picket the Human Rights Commision office in Auckland
6 Feb 1981Lesbians carry Lesbians Oppose Racism banner at protest against Waitangi celebrations in Wellington
Mar 1981Lesbians dykecott the census in protest at the Human Rights Commission's denial of human rights
30 Mar 1981Lesbian/Gay Media Collective is formed, Wellington
The group later merged with the Pink Triangle Publishing Collective in 1982
Apr 1981National Lesbian Mothers' weekend is held in Auckland
5 Apr 1981First broadcast of Wellington Access Radio [Wellington, New Zealand]
Wellington Access Radio was the first community access radio station to broadcast regularly in New Zealand. The first broadcast featured the feminist show Leave Your Dishes in the Sink - entirely lesbian run and lesbian-oriented (although it wasn't explicitly stated)
25 Apr 1981'Lesbian Liberation' is painted on a war memorial in Wellington
Jun 1981Lesbians attend a Lesbian activist weekend
Jun 1981The Grey Lynn / Ponsonby Black Women's collective holds a Black Dykes' hui on Waiheke Island
5 Jun 1981CDC reports five previously young, healthy gay men in Los Angeles having PCP
This Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report later was acknowledged as the first published scientific account of what would become known as Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS).
10 Jul 1981Wellington Mayor Michael Fowler is picketed in San Francisco [San Francisco, United States of America]
A Chamber of Commerce dinner honouring Michael Fowler was picketed in San Francisco. Fowler had previously stopped lesbian support notices being placed in Wellington buses.
Sep 1981Lesbians and Gays Against Racism is formed during the campaign against the Springbok rugby tour
1982Daybreak, New Zealand's first feminist bookshop closes
Jan 1982Gays in Education ends
1 Mar 1982Frank Sargeson (writer) dies
Apr 1982Mobilisation for the Opening of Parliament is formed
22 Apr 1983Topp Twins perform at Circa Theatre [Wellington, New Zealand]
2 May 1983The first international AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held in San Francisco and New York
(there is no memorial in 1984)
Aug 1983Gay and Lesbian Information Centre is formed in Dunedin
It is absorbed by the Otago Gay and Lesbian Welfare Council in 1984
12 Dec 1983Laetus Social Club ends
1984AIDS Support Network is formed
1984Lesbian Programme begins broadcasting weekly on Wellington Access Radio [Wellington, New Zealand]
1984National Gay Rights Coalition of New Zealand ends
1984Otago Lesbian and Gay Welfare Council is formed
1984Wanganui Gay Rights Group ends
1984Wellington Gay Task Force is formed
9 Mar 1984An interview with New Zealand's first AIDS patient is broadcast on TV. [New Zealand]
The 29-year-old man had been infected overseas and had come back to New Plymouth. He died shortly after the interview was broadcast.
Links: Film Archive
10 Apr 1984Customs officials raid Gay's the Word bookstore (Operation Tiger), London
The bookstore was charged with conspiring to import indecent literature
Aug 1984Bruce Burnett begins a nationwide AIDS education roadshow
22 Oct 1984Churches in New Zealand attempt to block the BBC television series Jesus the Evidence. [New Zealand]
The series contains references to homosexuality.
Links: YouTube
26 Oct 1984Media report that health professionals meet in Wellington to discuss AIDS [Wellington, New Zealand]
5 Nov 1984Media reports AIDS antibodies are found in donated blood products. [New Zealand]
16 Nov 1984Media reports the government tightening screening for blood donors due to the risk of AIDS transmission. [New Zealand]
17 Nov 1984Media reports Health Department will setup an AIDS hotline. [New Zealand]
1985Accept: Human Rights for Homosexuals is formed, Nelson
1985Auckland Gay Task Force is reformed to campaign for homosexual law reform
1985Campaign for Tolerance is formed in Auckland
A largely heterosexual group set up to support the homosexual law reform campaign
1985Dunedin Gay Task Force is formed
1985Gisbourne Gay Task Force is formed
The task force consisted of two men who left the area in the face of anti-gay discrimination and harassment
1985Greater Auckland Business Association (GABA) is formed
It later becomes the Gay Auckland Business Association
Jan 1985Hawkes Bay Gay Society ends
12 Jan 1985Lesbian camp is held, Christchurch
(12-19 January)
2 Feb 1985Gay BC begins broadcasting a weekly programme on Wellington Access Radio [Wellington, New Zealand]
The Gay Broadcasting Collective was formed to connect the community and advocate for homosexual law reform
2 Feb 1985Jeff Whittington is born [Wellington, New Zealand]
Whittington was later murdered in Wellington by Jason Meads and Stephen Smith in May 1999
Links: Wikipedia
19 Feb 1985Walter Scott (civil libertarian) dies
Mar 1985AIDS Support Network becomes a chartiable trust
8 Mar 1985Labour MP Fran Wilde introduces the Homosexual Law Reform Bill.
Links: Wikipedia
27 Mar 1985A petition against homosexual law reforms is circulated in some schools. [(nationwide), New Zealand]
30 Mar 1985Tom Williams (Roman Catholic Cardinal) speaks out against the homosexual law reform bill. [New Zealand]
Williams appears on TV 1 news.
31 Mar 1985Homosexual Law Reform campaigners picket Salvation Army citadels throughout the country. [(nationwide), New Zealand]
The Salvation Army were a vocal opponent of homosexual law reform.
2 Apr 1985Media reports the Auckland Blood Transfusion Service is sampling AIDS testing kits. [Auckland, New Zealand]
11 Apr 1985The Government announces funding for a blood screening program to combat the spread of AIDS [(nationwide), New Zealand]
13 Apr 1985Large numbers of Homosexual Law Reform campaigners crash a protest rally [New Zealand]
13 Apr 1985National Council of Churches votes in support of decriminalizing homosexuality. [New Zealand]
14 Apr 1985A debate is held on the Homosexual Law Reform bill at the Wellington Town Hall [Wellington, New Zealand]
26 Apr 1985Public submissions close on the Homosexual Law Reform bill. [New Zealand]
May 1985Street march supporting homosexual law reform, Wellington
6 May 1985Lesbian and Gay commemoration of the Holocaust is held on the steps of the National War Memorial [Wellington, New Zealand]
19 May 1985International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
(held annually on the third Sunday in May)
21 May 1985Bigot Busters rally is held at Wellington Town Hall
22 May 1985Human Rights Commission comes out in support of the Homosexual Law Reform bill. [(nationwide), New Zealand]
24 May 1985Dr David Cooper is interviewed about how homosexual law reform may affect the spread of AIDS. [New Zealand]
The interview was broadcast on Eyewitness News, TV1.
24 May 1985Rally for homosexual law reform is held in the Auckland Town Hall [Auckland, New Zealand]
The event is emceed by a Topp Twin; and features music, dance and speeches.
26 May 1985Claims by some gay organizations that Gay visibility week has resulted in harassment. [(nationwide), New Zealand]
1 Jun 1985Bruce Burnett (AIDS activist/educator) dies of AIDS related complications. [Auckland, New Zealand]
Links: PrideNZ
5 Jun 1985Self defence courses for gay men become more popular. [New Zealand]
This follows a reported increase in gay bashings as the Homosexual Law Reform bill moves through Parliament.
10 Jun 1985Public meeting in Auckland to discuss homosexual law reform. [Auckland, New Zealand]
Fran Wilde goes head-to-head with opponents of the Bill.
10 Jun 1985Three more patients are diagnosed with AIDS in New Zealand promoting health warnings. [New Zealand]
18 Jun 1985Gay Rights members call for homosexual law reform to reduce the spread of AIDS. [New Zealand]
18 Jun 1985HUG: Heterosexuals Unafraid of Gays is formed. [New Zealand]
A (nominally) straight organisation set up to support the homosexual law reform campaign.
14 Jul 1985Theo Schoon (artist) dies
24 Jul 1985Media reports New Zealand's first locally-contracted case of AIDS. [Wellington, New Zealand]
The Health Department says the man from Wellington hadn't been overseas - but this was disputed by a Gay Task force spokesperson.
6 Aug 1985Blood testing kits are made available to test for AIDS. [New Zealand]
6 Aug 1985Louis P. Sheldon (American Presbyterian pastor) warns New Zealand about homosexual law reform. [New Zealand]
Sheldon founded the Traditional Values Coalition in 1984. He visited New Zealand in 1985 to oppose law reform.
Links: Wikipedia
9 Aug 1985Media reports on a half-million AIDS awareness campaign. [New Zealand]
31 Aug 1985Lesbian and Gay conference is held at Victoria University, Wellington
(31 August-1 September) Approximately 150 people attend
Sep 1985New Zealand AIDS Foundation is formed
The Foundation grew out of the AIDS Support Network, after receiving a government grant in April 1985
8 Sep 1985Alison Laurie appears on television about homosexual law reform
(930pm, TV1, responding to Barry Reid)
9 Sep 1985Media reports the announcement of New Zealand's eleventh case of AIDS. [New Zealand]
11 Sep 1985Picket for homosexual law reform in Wellington
It took place at the Queen Victoria statue, on Cambridge Terrace
13 Sep 1985Street march in support of homosexual law reform along Lambton Quay. [Wellington, New Zealand]
Scuffles break out with marchers.
24 Sep 1985Coalition of Concerned Citizens presents a petition to Parliament, reportedly with 800,000 signatures, against homosexual law reform. [Wellington, New Zealand]
Links: Te Papa
26 Sep 1985Rise of the Moral Majority screens on TV1. [New Zealand]
The Close Up examines Christian political activism and homosexual law reform.
2 Oct 1985Rock Hudson (actor) dies from AIDS related conditions. [United States of America]
Links: Wikipedia
2 Oct 1985Select Committee ends public hearings on the Homosexual Law Reform Bill. [(nationwide), New Zealand]
The committee votes to end hearings despite 85 people still waiting to be heard.
8 Oct 1985Homosexual Law Reform bill is returned to Parliament from Select Committee. [New Zealand]
The Select Committee earlier voted to end hearing public submissions.
21 Oct 1985Testing of all donated blood for AIDS antibodies begins. [New Zealand]
1986Lesbian Feminist Circle publication ends
2 Jan 1986Leo Bensemann (artist) dies
18 Mar 1986Love Life AIDS broadcasts on TV. [New Zealand]
The documentary traces the spread of AIDS in New Zealand.
27 Mar 1986Parliament debates the age of consent provisions in the Homosexual Law Reform Bill. [New Zealand]
The age of consent is set at 16. It is also decided that homosexual acts will remain illegal in the armed services.
Links: Film Archive, LAGANZ
17 Apr 1986Media reports that Eve van Grafhorst is confirmed to have AIDS. [New Zealand]
Van Grafhorst was born prematurely in 1982, and required eleven blood transfusions to save her life. The eleventh transfusion was contaminated, and van Grafhorst contracted HIV.
Links: Wikipedia
18 May 1986International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
(held annually on the third Sunday in May)
9 Jul 1986Part 1 of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill is narrowly passed in Parliament (49 to 44). [(nationwide), New Zealand]
Part 2 of the Bill dealing with anti-discrimination measures is lost.
Links: Wikipedia
11 Jul 1986Homosexual Law Reform Act is signed into law by the Governor General
11 Jul 1986The Burnett Clinic is opened by the Health Minister Dr Michael Bassett [Auckland, New Zealand]
The Burnett Clinic (named after Bruce Burnett) was the first HIV AIDS clinic to be opened in New Zealand.
8 Aug 1986The Homosexual Law Reform Act comes into effect
23 Aug 1986Lesbians and Gays in Education conference is held
30 Aug 1986Women's Studies conference is held in New Plymouth
11 Sep 1986Lesbian and Gay Rights Resource Centre is damaged by arson in Wellington
13 Nov 1986Celebrating Ourselves - a lesbian festival is held in Auckland
1987New Zealand Homosexual Law Reform Society ends
Its files are donated to the Lesbian and Gay Rights Resource Centre
1987Trevor Barnard stands as an openly gay candidate for the NZ Democratic party in Eastern Hutt
9 Feb 1987Media reports that the Rev Carl Titchener is giving out condoms during church services. [New York, United States of America]
Titchener, a Unitarian minister in New York, gives out condoms to help prevent the spread of AIDS.
Mar 1987Gay rights activists demonstrate against visiting evangelist Leighton Ford, Wellington
1 Apr 1987Media report that an underground treatment network is setup for AIDS patients. [United States of America]
The network, setup in the USA, provides access to unapproved treatments.
11 Apr 1987Awhina Clinic [HIV/AIDS] opens in Wellington
It is later renamed Awhina Centre
May 1987Glad Rag magazine begins publication in Wellington
17 May 1987AIDS: The New Lepers is broadcast on TV [New Zealand]
The programme includes a panel discussion with health professionals in New Zealand plus excerpts from Australian and British TV campaigns.
17 May 1987A two-hour discussion on HIV AIDS is broadcast on TV [(nationwide), New Zealand]
The public are invited to phone in with their views and concerns.
17 May 1987International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
Aug 1987Wellington City Council grants same-sex partners of bus-drivers the same free-passes as opposite-sex partners
19 Nov 1987Norman Jones (National MP) dies of a brain tumour
Jones had been a vehement opponent of law reform
27 Dec 1987Rewi Alley (teacher, writer) dies
1988The Dorian Society ends
15 May 1988International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
4 Aug 1988Brian Brake (photographer) dies [Auckland, New Zealand]
Links: Wikipedia
Oct 1988National hui for Maori Lesbian's is held
12 Oct 1988New Zealand Navy announces its gay-friendly policy
31 Oct 1988Peter Cuthbert dies from an AIDS related condition. [New Zealand]
Cuthbert is remembered in the first panel of the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt.
Links: NZ AIDS Memorial Quilt
1 Dec 1988New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt is shown for the first time on World AIDS Day [Wellington, New Zealand]
The first panel presented is for Peter Cuthbert by his partner and founder of the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt, Daniel Fielding
1989Auckland Gay Men's Health Group is formed
1989Crimes Act incorporates Homosexual Law Reform Act amendments
1989Gay and Lesbian Community Centre opens in Wellington
It is absorbed into the Evergreen Coffee Lounge
1989Rock of Life Ministries is formed in Christchurch
Formed ca. 1989 (date unknown)
1989Spectrum - a social group is formed, Nelson
1989The Women's Place bookshop closes, Wellington
24 Feb 1989Lesbian Club ends, Wellington
The club ends for the 3rd time
13 Mar 1989Lesbian and Gay visibility week begins, Wellington
It ran from 13 - 19 March
21 Mar 1989If I Should Die, a book by Tom McLean is launched at Turnbull House [Wellington, New Zealand]
McLean dies a few days later from an AIDS related illness
24 Mar 1989National Gay and Lesbian Conference held in Auckland
Theme: Building Bridges, 24-26 March
24 Mar 1989Tom McLean, journalist and author of If I Should Die dies [Wellington, New Zealand]
McLean dies from an AIDS related illness
Links: AIDS Memorial Quilt
13 May 1989Young Lesbian and Gay Festival is held in Newtown School Hall, Wellington
13 and 14 May
21 May 1989International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
Jun 1989GLAD is formed in Hamilton
The group was formed to work for anti discrimination legislation such as the broadening of the Human Rights Commission Act
2 Jun 1989Judy Small (singer) performs at St Patricks Hall in Wellington
5 Jun 1989South Island Lesbian conference is held at Christchurch Polytech
5-6 June
Sep 1989Gay motorbike club formed
It soon became the Mercury Motorbike Club
14 Oct 1989Rodney Kennedy (artist) dies
3 Nov 1989National hui for Maori Lesbian's , Tapu Te Ranga Marae, Wellington
Held over three days (3 - 5 November)
24 Jan 1990Expatriate New Zealander Richard Johnson is murdered in Sydney by a gang of youths
23 Apr 1990Lew Pryme (singer) dies. [New Zealand]
Pryme dies from AIDS related conditions.
Links: NZ On Screen
20 May 1990International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
20 May 1990Will making workshop for lesbians is held, Wellington
21 May 1990AIDS [candle light] memorial is held in the foyer of the Beehive, Parliament
The memorial features Sir Paul Reeves - the first patron of the AIDS Foundation and MP Fran Wilde; plus 5 blocks of the NZ AIDS Memorial Quilt
2 Jun 1990Lesbian gathering/conference is held in Christchurch
(2-4 June)
22 Jun 1990Gay Community Centre in Wellington closes
18 Aug 1990Lesbian ball is held [Auckland, New Zealand]
Sep 1990Pink Triangle magazine ends [(nationwide), New Zealand]
Pink Triangle is the newspaper of the National Gay Rights Coalition. It is an important source of news and feature articles and was distributed nationally. The first issue was published on 14 May 1979. The magazine's last issue was September/October 1990.
Links: Auckland Museum
1991Dangerous Desires by Peter Wells is published
1991Man to Man magazine begins
It is later renamed to Express
1991The Every so slightly naughty Gay BC cookbook by the Gay Broadcasting Collective of Access Radio is published
1991The Shining City by Stevan Eldred-Grigg is published
15 Apr 1991Alex Mihailovic and Dean Howard are convicted of the murder of New Zealander Richard Johnson in Australia
Mihailovic and Howard were part of a gang of youths convicted of the murder
19 May 1991International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
18 Aug 1991A television debate is broadcast on whether there should be ordained homosexual ministers in the Christian Church. [New Zealand]
The debate was broadcast on TV1.
25 Aug 1991Sue Dunlop performs Better Than Normal in Wellington
Performance held at North by Northwest cafe
5 Oct 1991First public unveiling of the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt, Auckland
9 Nov 1991Heather McPherson launches Other World Relations at Unity Books, Wellington
7 Dec 1991First Devotion dance party - held at the Overseas Passenger Terminal [Wellington, New Zealand]
Tickets $20-$25
14 Dec 1991Bring and Buy lesbian fair is held in Wellington
21 Dec 1991Dominion Dance is held in the Dominion Hotel, Wellington
Organized by DOODS (Dykes Out Of Debt)
1992A pink book : a collection of readings on aspects of EEO and gay men by Phil Parkinson is published
1992First Hero Parade is held in Auckland
Apr 1992Human Rights Commission publishes the discussion paper Discrimination on the ground of sexual orientation
18 Apr 1992National Gay Rights Coalition Hui Aranga
Held over Easter weekend
24 Apr 1992Sheilas Arms (women only) nights begin in New Plymouth
17 May 1992International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
Jun 1992Bog Spy - an underground newsletter is published
The newsletter is about sexual activity in Auckland's public toilets
17 Jul 1992Frank Haigh (lawyer, social reformer) dies
Among other things Haigh was prominent in the cause of homosexual law reform
5 Aug 1992Robert Muldoon (former Prime Minister of New Zealand) dies. [Auckland, New Zealand]
In 1976 Muldoon revealed in Parliament that prominent Labour MP Colin Moyle had been questioned by the police in regard to possible homosexual soliciting. Moyle subsequently resigned from Parliament in 1977.
Links: Te Ara
Oct 1992Lesbian, Gay and Christian national conference is held
Theme: Sexism and heterosexism
21 Nov 1992Second Devotion dance party - held at Shed 26 [Wellington, New Zealand]
The party included a merry-go-round
1993Aphrodisia by Michael Parmenter (choreographer, dancer) premieres at the Hero Festival
1993Sweet and Sour Cocktails by Robert Leek is published
1 Feb 1993The Hero Festival: a celebration of diversity begins
It runs 1 - 20 February
Apr 1993Taranaki Lesbian Newsletter begins publication
23 May 1993Beacons of Hope is held at Frank Kitts Park [Wellington, New Zealand]
Beacons of Hope was held as part of the 10th International AIDS Memorial commemorations. The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and Wellington members of the New Zealand Youth Choir performed at Frank Kitts Park. The event began at 7pm and included people carrying flaming torches representing those that had passed away.
Links: Archives New Zealand
29 Jul 1993The Human Rights Amendment Act, outlawing discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation is passed [(nationwide), New Zealand]
The government is exempt until 31 December 1999
Nov 1993Devotion: a lesbian and gay celebration is published
Published by Sprung! Productions and Caspers
24 Nov 1993David Halls (Hudson and Halls) was found dead in his apartment. [London, United Kingdom]
Halls committed suicide after his partner Peter Hudson died from cancer a year earlier. Halls wrote Without Peter I don't want to go on - he was my life, and I have no regrets. I love him now as much as I always did and I want to be with him for all eternity.
27 Nov 1993Third Devotion dance party - held at Shed 21 [Wellington, New Zealand]
Note there was no Devotion party held in 1994
23 Dec 1993MP Chris Carter (Labour) comes out publicly - becoming the first openly gay Member of Parliament in New Zealand [New Zealand]
Links: Queer History
1994The body of Man by David Herkt is published
Jan 1994Buddies - New Zealand's first gay massage parlour opens, Wellington
1 Feb 1994The Human Rights Act 1993 comes into force.
The Act outlaws discrimination on a wide variety of grounds including sexual orientation
16 Mar 1994MP Chris Carter gives his maiden speech in Parliament [(nationwide), New Zealand]
May 1994First National Lesbian Studies conference
15 May 1994International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
Jul 1994First annual Stonewall Ball in Taranaki
2 Aug 1994Richard Leonard kills ex-Aucklander Stephen Dempsey with a crossbow. [Sydney, Australia]
Leonard later claims it as was an act of self-defence after Dempsey propositioned him. Leonard was finally captured, tried and found guilty of two murders and sentenced to life in prison.
Links: Forensic Investigators
28 Sep 1994AIDS activist and educator Tom O'Donoghue dies [Wellington, New Zealand]
Links: Tui Motu InterIslands Magazine
27 Nov 1994Arthur Tauhore (artist) dies
Tauhore dies from AIDS related illnesses
Dec 1994High Court rules that post-operative transsexuals can marry in their adopted sex
1995A Long Undressing created and performed by Michael Parmenter premieres
1995Nights in the Gardens of Spain by Witi Ihimaera is published
1995Birthdaze dance parties are held
1 Jan 1995Warren Douglas (dancer) dies [Wellington, New Zealand]
Warren is remembered on the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt. The Warren Douglas Scholarship Fund was established in May 1995 to help those who wanted to make the transition from performer to arts administrator, as he had done.
Links: New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt, Warren Douglas Scholarship Fund
Feb 1995Devotion 95: a gay and lesbian celebration by Elizabeth Smith and Rachell Rose is published
4 Feb 1995Fourth Devotion Dance party - held at Civic Square and Wellington Town Hall [Wellington, New Zealand]
18 Mar 199510th Gay and Lesbian Fair is held, Wellington
25 Mar 1995Eric McCormick (writer) dies
McCormick wrote, among other works, biographies on Alexander Turnbull and Frances Hodgkins
24 Apr 1995Tai Tahi Marsters attacks Jim Curtis causing brain injuries
Marsters claimed Curtis made a sexual advance. A jury later found Marsters not guilty
May 1995Second National Lesbian Studies Conference is run by Lesbians On The Land
21 May 1995International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
26 May 1995Poor Superman by Brad Fraser opens at Circa Theatre [Wellington, New Zealand]
Links: National Library
24 Jun 1995Man to Man Gay and Lesbian Writers festival is held in Auckland
Oct 1995Queer News Aotearoa online newsletter begins
21 Oct 1995Georgina Beyer is elected Mayor of Carterton. [New Zealand]
Beyer becomes the world's first openly transexual mayor.
Links: Queer History, Wikipedia
5 Nov 1995Martin Dickson is licensed as a Presbyterian minister [New Zealand]
Dickson is the first openly gay man to be licensed in New Zealand. In 1999 the Sunday Star Times reported that despite being licensed as a minister, no congregation wanted him. One thing I've learnt is people often have quite good intentions, but the last thing they want in their Church is conflict.
Links: Sunday Star Times
1996Growing up gay : New Zealand men tell their stories by James Allan is published
1996Queer Nation begins screening on TVNZ
It became the world's longest running free-to-air TV programme for an LGBT audience
1996Mani Bruce Mitchell publicly comes out as Intersex [(nationwide), New Zealand]
Mani is recognised as the first out Intersex person in New Zealand
Links: PrideNZ
1996Patrick Clotworthy stabs Wayne Cowan six times while shouting anti gay comments [Auckland, New Zealand]
Clotworthy later pleads guilty in 1997 and was initally sentenced to a 2 year suspended sentence but this was appealed by the Crown. In June 1998 his sentence was increased to 3 years imprisonment
Links: Sensible Sentencing Trust
1996The Topp Twins tv series begins
Jan 1996Judith Tizard MP (Labour) proposes legalising same-sex marriage
19 Jan 1996Eugenia (play) premieres at Taki Rua Depot Theatre [Wellington, New Zealand]
Written by Lorae Parry and based on the life of Eugenia Falleni
Links: Wikipedia
25 Jan 1996Jonathan Larson (composer) dies. [New York, United States of America]
Larson's musical Rent was just days away from opening on Broadway when he passed away.
Links: New York Times
22 Feb 1996Gay Association of Professionals (GAP) is formed in Wellington
Mar 1996Tai Tahi Marsters is acquitted of attempted murder and causing Jim Curtis grievous bodily harm
5 Mar 1996Cenus forms have the option of specifing same-sex partners
24 Apr 1996The High Court hears an application by three lesbian couples to rule on the legality of their applications to marry
16 May 1996Sexual Healing? a documentary featuring former homosexual Noel Mosen is broadcast on TV One [(nationwide), New Zealand]
A number of people complain to the Broadcasting Standards Authority about the content. The complaints are upheld in November 1996.
Links: BSA
19 May 1996International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
30 May 1996The High Court rules that marriage in common law means mixed couples
5 Jul 1996Presbyterian Church rules that lesbian and gay people may not be licenced or ordained as elders or ministers or put in positions of leadership
18 Jul 1996Shona Laing (singer) comes out as bisexual in Express magazine
Aug 1996Gays and Lesbians in Business (GLIB) is formed, Christchurch
12 Oct 1996Tim Barnett (Christchurch Central, Labour Party), who is openly gay, is elected in the first MMP General Election [Christchurch, New Zealand]
Barnett would subsequently introduce the Prostitution Law Reform Bill (2003) and was heavily involved in the passing of the Civil Union Bill (2004)
Links: Wikipedia, Parliament
4 Nov 1996Bryan James Gardner murders David Shore in a hotel room in Christchurch [Christchurch, New Zealand]
Gardener is sentenced to life imprisonment in May 1997
Links: Sensible Sentencing Trust
14 Nov 1996A complaint against the Sexual Healing? documentary is upheld by the Broadcasting Standards Authority [(nationwide), New Zealand]
The documentary featured former homosexual Noel Mosen, and broadcast on TV One on 16 May 1996
Links: BSA
1997Best Mates: Gay Writing in Aotearoa New Zealand edited by Peter Wells and Rex Pilgrim is published [(nationwide), New Zealand]
1997Broadsheet publication ends [New Zealand]
1997Emerging tribe: gay culture in New Zealand in the 1990s by Nigel Gearing is published [New Zealand]
1997The Government stops funding Consistency 2000 - the Human Rights Commission's investigation into discriminatory legislation [(nationwide), New Zealand]
2 Jan 1997Morals campaigner Keith Hay dies [Auckland, New Zealand]
Hay took a lead role in campaigning against homosexual law reform in 1985/86
Links: Te Ara
Feb 1997The Devotion parade is held through the inner city [Wellington, New Zealand]
A group of fundamentalist Christians protest along the parade route
22 Feb 1997The Hero Parade is broadcast by TV3 [Auckland, New Zealand]
27 Feb 1997Labour MP Tim Barnett gives his maiden speech in Parliament [(nationwide), New Zealand]
Links: Parliament
Mar 1997Branches of the Gay and Lesbian Labour Party are formed by Tim Barnett and Chris Carter in Auckland and Christchurch [(nationwide), New Zealand]
26 Mar 1997The Awhina Centre in Mein Street is badly damaged by a suspected arson [Wellington, New Zealand]
The Centre moves to Tory Street
13 Apr 1997Alyson Murrie-West is licensed as a Presbyterian minister at St Andrews-on-the-Terrace [Wellington, New Zealand]
May 1997Patrick Clotworthy pleads guilty to assaulting Wayne Cowan in a side street off Karangahape Road [Auckland, New Zealand]
Clotworthy stabbed Cowan six times in 1996 while shouting anti gay comments. He was initally sentenced to a 2 year suspended sentence but this was appealed by the Crown. In June 1998 his sentence was increased to 3 years imprisonment
Links: Sensible Sentencing Trust
7 May 1997The world's first Intersex Centre opens [Wellington, New Zealand]
The Intersex Society of New Zealand (Aotearoa) is founded by Mani Bruce Mitchell
18 May 1997International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held [(nationwide), New Zealand]
26 May 1997Bryan James Gardner is sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering David Shore in November 1996 [Christchurch, New Zealand]
Gardner tried unsuccessfully to use the homosexual panic defence.
Links: Sensible Sentencing Trust
Sep 1997Auckland City Council refuses to fund the Hero Parade [Auckland, New Zealand]
The organisers had asked for $32,000 to crowd barriers and cleanup
10 Nov 1997Richard Leonard is found guilty of killing Stephen Dempsey with a crossbow in 1994 [Sydney, Australia]
Leonard claimed it was an act of self-defence after Dempsey propositioned him. Leonard was also found guilty of murdering a taxi driver. He was sentenced to life in prison
Links: Forensic Investigators
12 Nov 1997The Rev. David Bromell, an openly gay man, is ordained in the Methodist Church [(nationwide), New Zealand]
17 Dec 1997The Court of Appeal turns down three lesbian couples' appeal against a High Court ruling against same-sex marriage [(nationwide), New Zealand]
1998Vanity fierce by Graeme Aitken is published [(nationwide), New Zealand]
1998The 13th annual Wellington Lesbian and Gay Fair is held [Wellington, New Zealand]
1 Jan 1998Jacqui Grant is made a Member of the NZ Order of Merit [(nationwide), New Zealand]
Grant was given the award for her work as a foster parent to more than 60 children. She is affectionately known as the tranny granny of the West Coast
Links: Te Ara, A Gender Variance Whos Who
9 Apr 1998Dare, Truth or Promise by Paula Boock wins the NZ Post Children's Book Award [(nationwide), New Zealand]
Links: Wikipedia
27 Apr 1998Anti-homosexual stickers are distributed across Victoria University campus [Wellington, New Zealand]
Salient magazine reports that at least a dozen commercially produced stickers which describe homosexuality as shameful and unnatural have been distributed across campus, one targeting Shane Town who had recently completed his PhD research on the difficulties faced by young gay men in New Zealand's secondary schools.
May 1998The Government announces a Human Rights Amendment that will prolong the Government's exemption from the Human Rights Commission Act indefinitely [(nationwide), New Zealand]
17 May 1998International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held [(nationwide), New Zealand]
Jul 1998Camp Mother (a.k.a. Lynda Topp) announces she will run for Mayor of Auckland [Auckland, New Zealand]
Topp decides to run against Les Mills who was against the Hero festival. She withdraws two weeks before the election
Jul 1998The Defacto Property Bill is introduced [(nationwide), New Zealand]
It aims to standardise disposal of property on death or separation of unmarried couples (but not same-sex ones)
Jul 1998The Labour Relations Bill is introduced, granting same-sex partners leave for partners' sickness [(nationwide), New Zealand]
10 Jul 1998Presbyterian General Assembly bans ordination of practising gay men or lesbians for one year [(nationwide), New Zealand]
5 Aug 1998Hamilton District Court rules a lesbian is liable for maintenance of a child born to her ex-partner during their relationship [Hamilton, New Zealand]
There are no corresponding custody rights
19 Aug 1998National Government introduces a Human Rights Amendment saying it will bring Government into line with HRC Act (with some exceptions) [(nationwide), New Zealand]
30 Aug 1998Artist Toss Woollaston dies [Tasman district, New Zealand]
Links: Te Ara
12 Oct 1998Matthew Shepard is killed in Wyoming [United States of America]
Links: Wikipedia
22 Oct 1998New Zealand Navy announces a gay-friendly policy [(nationwide), New Zealand]
It includes the issuing of pink triangle stickers to identify safe places
26 Nov 1998Government's Human Rights Amendment Bill is defeated [(nationwide), New Zealand]
27 Nov 1998Auckland City Council under new Mayor Christine Fletcher grants $15,000 for Hero Parade cleanup [Auckland, New Zealand]
1999Get used to it! children of gay and lesbian parents by Pat Rosier and Myra Hauschild published [(nationwide), New Zealand]
1999Out! publication ends [(nationwide), New Zealand]
1999When two men embrace: the New Zealand anthology of gay and lesbian poetry by Jonathan Fisher published [(nationwide), New Zealand]
19 Mar 1999Freda Stark (dancer) dies
Links: Te Ara
9 May 1999Teenager Jeff Whittington dies [Wellington, New Zealand]
Whittington was murdered in Wellington by Jason Meads and Stephen Smith
Links: Wikipedia
16 May 1999International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held [(nationwide), New Zealand]
3 Dec 1999Jason Meads and Stephen Smith are found guilty of murdering teenager Jeff Whittington [Wellington, New Zealand]
Links: Wikipedia
2000Laurie Guy's thesis Worlds in Collision: The Gay Debate in New Zealand 1960-86
2000The Property (Relationships) Act 2000 becomes law
The Act gives de facto couples, whether opposite or same sex, the same property rights on the break-up of a relationship
21 May 2000International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
8 Nov 2000Patricia Bartlett (morals campaigner) dies
2001Sucking feijoas by Jeff Buchanan is published begins [(nationwide), New Zealand]
Based in Auckland, GayNZ was a daily news and features website. It also had forums, an event calendar, scene photographs, business listings and personal ads
17 Feb 2001Hero Parade is held along Ponsonby Road [Auckland, New Zealand]
This would be the last Hero parade. It isn't until 2013 that another large scale Pride parade is held.
Links: Film Archive, Wikipedia
19 Apr 2001Dallas Peneha, Daniel Beams and Jack Blance attack Jeff Pinfold and Peter Kitchen in Napier
Kitchen died in hospital a number of days later
20 May 2001International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
6 Jun 2001Douglas Lilburn (composer) dies
Lilburn, described as the grandfather of New Zealand music, dies peacefully at his home in Wellington. Lilburn was a composer, teacher, philanthropist and advocate for social justice.
2002The Penguin book of gay Australian writing by Graeme Aitken is published
19 May 2002International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
9 Aug 2002Auckland police senior sergeant Mark Richards resigns after a newspaper sting. [Auckland, New Zealand]
Richards resigns despite being cleared of any criminal wrongdoing after he discussed drug use with a newspaper reporter. The Sunday Star Times headline read Senior policeman at the centre of sex and drugs investigation resigns before facing internal charges.
Links: Queer News Aotearoa
18 Aug 2002A man is arrested in connection with the killing of John Rogers. [Tauranga, New Zealand]
Rogers was found near a public domain toilet block in central Tauranga.
Links: Gay NZ
21 Aug 2002The Hero Incorporated Society is wound up. [Auckland, United States of America]
The Society was responsible for Auckland's Hero parties and parade.
Links: Queer News Aotearoa
3 Sep 2002New Zealand AIDS Foundation is blocked from erecting penis billboards. [(nationwide), New Zealand]
The billboards were to promote National Penis Day on 5 September.
Links: Gay NZ
5 Sep 2002New Zealand AIDS Foundation launches the Toolbox safe sex campaign. [(nationwide), New Zealand]
The toolbox contains condoms, lubricants and application hints, and was distributed to people on the street.
Links: Gay NZ
11 Sep 2002Newtown Primary School withdraws support for next years Wellington Gay and Lesbian Fair. [Wellington, New Zealand]
The school declines a request for the school hall to be used for what would have been the 18th fair at the site.
Links: Gay NZ
15 Sep 2002Kiwifruits fundraising calendar is launched. [(nationwide), New Zealand]
The community calendar is a fundraising project for gay touch rugby players heading to the Sydney Gay Games.
Links: Gay NZ
20 Sep 2002Countrymen's Institute sauna closes. [Auckland, New Zealand]
The sauna was established in 1988 by Glen Morris and Lawson Bracewell.
Links: Gay NZ
27 Sep 2002The general assembly of Presbyterian Church rejects a motion to investigate the church's position on gay ministers. [(nationwide), New Zealand]
The motion is put forward by the Wellington Presbytery.
Links: Gay NZ
28 Sep 2002Michael Pattison gains media attention as an openly gay man competing in the Cleo Bachelor of the Year. [(nationwide), New Zealand]
Pattison has previously won Mr Gay Wellington and Mr Drag Wellington.
Links: Gay NZ, Access My Library
16 Oct 2002Uzi Even becomes the first openly homosexual man in Israel's parliament.
Links: Wikipedia, Gay NZ
17 Oct 2002The Jimmy hosts a farewell event for people going to the Gay Games in Sydney. [Wellington, New Zealand]
Links: Gay NZ
1 Nov 2002Panels from the New Zealand Memorial AIDS Quilt travel to Australia to be part of an international display at the Sydney Gay Games. [Sydney, Australia]
Links: Gay NZ
2003Gender and women's studies. Queer sexualities, histories and politics is published by Victoria University of Wellington
2003David McNee, an interior designer and former television host is killed
The provocation defence is successfully used by Phillip Layton Edwards who is found guilty of manslaughter. Edwards was sentenced to nine years imprisonment. He is due for release in April 2012
8 Mar 2003Pansy by Peter Wells is screened on TV1. [New Zealand]
Wells looks at his own life and the world of New Zealand in the 1950s and 60s.
Links: MF Films
12 Mar 2003An advert from Wellington City Council supports the annual Gay and Lesbian Fair [Wellington, New Zealand]
Published in Capital Times, the text reads: Wellington City Council is proud to support the Gay and Lesbian Fair. Best Wishes Kerry [Prendergast, Mayor of Wellington]
18 May 2003International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
25 Jun 2003The Prostitution Law Reform Bill is read a third time, voted on and passed. [New Zealand]
The Bill was introduced into Parliament by Tim Barnett (Christchurch Central, Labour Party). It passed its third reading 60-59.
5 Oct 2003The Pope states to the Anglican Church his opposition to homosexuality. [(worldwide)]
7 Dec 2003Two people announce that they are now straight after years as homosexuals. [New Zealand]
The interview was screened on 20/20, TV3.
2004From Freyberg : a novel by Bill Edginton is published
2004Queer Nation broadcasts end
It became the world's longest running free-to-air TV programme for an LGBT audience
16 May 2004International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
24 Aug 2004Brian Tamaki (Destiny Church) is interviewed about the Enough is Enough march in Wellington. [New Zealand]
The interview broadcasts during the Holmes programme on TV1.
18 Sep 2004Peter Wells writes about the killing of David McNee [(nationwide), New Zealand]
Wells writes an article for the Listener about the trial of Phillip Layton Edwards who killed David McNee in Auckland. The article begins: Listening to a dead person being made responsible for their own violent death is an odd sensation. Later in the article Wells makes the point: It is impossible in New Zealand - and many other countries - to murder a homosexual. It is possible to be found guilty of manslaughter. The underlying message is that any homosexual's life is of little value
Links: Listener
24 Sep 2004Presbyterian Church votes to prevent lesbians, gays or people in defacto relationships from becoming church leaders. [(nationwide)]
1 Dec 2004Civil Union Bill passes its second reading in Parliament. [(nationwide), New Zealand]
2 Dec 2004A trans woman burglar is sent to a male prison. [New Zealand]
9 Dec 2004Civil Union Act is passed
The Act gives same-sex couples an equivalent to marriage
2005Outlines: lesbian and gay histories of Aotearoa is published by Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand
6 Jan 2005Makgatho Mandela, the eldest son of Nelson Mandela dies of AIDS related conditions.
Links: BBC
15 May 2005International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
11 Jun 2005There are calls in the media to help protect homosexual students from bullying. [New Zealand]
News reports on TV1 and TV3 call for more protections.
5 Oct 2005Justin Dalley is found not guilty of criminal nuisance. [Wellington, New Zealand]
Dalley used a condom during sex with a woman but didn't tell her of his HIV-positive status. It is the first time in New Zealand that anyone is charged with criminal nuisance following protected sexual intercourse. The case sets a significant legal precedent: that HIV-positive people can choose not to tell sexual partners about the virus, as long as they wear a condom.
Links: NZ Herald
15 Oct 2005Daniel Fielding dies [Wellington, New Zealand]
Daniel established the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt project in December 1988. Daniel dies at Wellington Public Hospital.
Links: Tributes Online
Nov 2005UP magazine begins
2006Peter Wells is made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to literature and film [New Zealand]
Links: New Zealand Book Council
21 May 2006International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
7 Oct 2006Carmen Rupe's 70th birthday party is held at the Boatshed, Wellington [Wellington, New Zealand]
10 Oct 2006Carmen Rupe visits Parliament on her birthday [Wellington, New Zealand]
32 years earlier Carmen had been brought before Parliament's Privileges committee because she suggested there were homosexual MPs.
12 Apr 2007Corner 4am and Cuba by Ronald Trifero Nelson premieres, Wellington
2 May 2007Henare te Ua (broadcaster) dies. [Auckland]
Links: NZ Herald
20 May 2007International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
26 Nov 2007The trial of Ashley Arnopp and Andre Gilling begins over the death of Stanley Waipouri. [Palmerston North, New Zealand]
Arnopp and Gilling are charged with murdering Waipouri in Palmerston North on 23 December 2006.
Links: Gay NZ
3 Dec 2007During his trial, Ashley Arnopp pleads guilty to the murder of Palmerston North man Stanley Waipouri. [Palmerston North, New Zealand]
Arnopp's co-accussed, Andre Gilling maintains his innocence.
Links: Gay NZ
6 Dec 2007There is a hung jury in the murder trial of Andre Gilling. [Palmerston North, New Zealand]
Gilling, along with Ashley Arnopp, is on trial for the 2006 killing of Palmerston North man Stanley Waipouri. Co-accused Ashley Arnopp, 20, earlier changed his plea to guilty.
Links: Gay NZ
15 Apr 2008Mahinarangi Tocker (singer) dies
30 Apr 2008The television soap opera Shortland Street includes a gay sex scene [(nationwide), New Zealand]
The BSA later rule that the scene breached good taste and decency and children's interests. The scene involved two male characters lying in bed talking. One then went under the blankets and the other nervously asked him where are you going?. The first character popped his head back up and replied it's a surprise before descending back under. This was the first time a BSA complaint was upheld against Shortland Street.
Links: BSA
18 May 200825th International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
18 May 2008International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
Jun 2008Mates and Lovers, a History of Gay New Zealand by Chris Brickell is published
10 Sep 2008Composer Chris Gendall wins the 2008 APRA SOUNZ Contemporary award [Auckland, New Zealand]
Chris receives the award during the APRA Silver Scroll Awards event held in Auckland
Links: RNZ
10 Sep 2008The Topp Twins are inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame [Auckland, New Zealand]
The Topp Twins receive the honour during the APRA Silver Scroll award event in Auckland
2009Teddy by Number 8 Films is released
Apr 2009Bud by Ronald Trifero Nelson premieres, Wellington
5 Apr 2009Marvin Te Maunga Te Kotahitanga Peihopa, a teenager bullied for being feminine, commmits suicide. [New Zealand]
The coroner found Peihopa had experienced bullying at a number of schools in Northland before taking his own life.
Links: Stuff
29 Apr 2009Diksy Jones is killed by two men in Disky's home in Upper Hutt
Phillip Sanders and David Galloway were later found guilty of manslaughter
17 May 2009International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
Jul 2009Ferdinand Ambach is convicted of the manslaughter of Ronald Brown
Ambach was initially charged with murder, but the charge was downgraded after Ambach's lawyer successfully argued the provocation defence (gay panic)
12 Sep 2009The Vintner's Luck has its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival
The film is based on Elizabeth Knox's novel
Links: Wikipedia
23 Sep 2009Mates and Lovers play by Ronald Trifero Nelson premieres, Wellington
12 Nov 2009The Vintner's Luck has its New Zealand premiere. [New Zealand]
Based on Elizabeth Knox's novel.
Links: Wikipedia
26 Nov 2009Provocation Defence (gay panic) is abolished by Parliament
Section 169 of the Crimes Act 1961
Links: GayNZ
30 Nov 2009Glenn Mills is found dead in a remand cell. [Auckland, New Zealand]
Mills was accused of purposely infecting a number of sex partners with HIV. He was awaiting trial at the time of his death. He faced 28 charges relating to 14 people.
Links: TV3, Gay NZ
2010Communication by Number 8 Films is released
2010Men Alone, Men Together by Mark Beehre is published
16 May 2010International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
30 Oct 2010An article profiling LGBTI people in the NZ Defence Force is published in Your Weekend (Dominion Post) [(nationwide), New Zealand]
Out in Uniform, an article by Beck Eleven, is published in Your Weekend (Fairfax) magazine profiling LGBTI people in the NZ Defence Force including Major Brendan Wood and Lieutenant Commander Kevin Sanderson, Flight Sergeant Annette Walding and Flight Lieutenant Stu Pearce
5 Nov 2010Phillip Sanders and David Galloway are found guilty of the manslaughter of Diksy Jones
Galloway was [finally] sentenced to nine years imprisonment, and Sanders nine years and six months
2011The Colonel's Outing by Number 8 Films is released
16 Jan 2011A lesbian couple's business is burnt down in a continued serious of hate crimes at Mangawhai Heads
7 Mar 2011Jason Meads is released from prison after serving a sentence for murdering Jeff Whittington in 1999 [New Zealand]
Links: Stuff, Wikipedia
12 Mar 20112nd AsiaPacific Outgames is held in Wellington
The games ran for a week and included sports and cultural events plus a human rights conference
12 Mar 2011Queen of the Whole Universe (a slightly queer beauty pageant) takes place at the Opera House [Wellington, New Zealand]
Links: Scoop
16 Mar 20112nd AsiaPacific Outgames Human Rights Conference is held in Wellington
15 May 2011International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
25 Jun 2011Sitaleki Koloamatangi attacks Trevor Kaukau leaving him severely brain damaged. [Auckland, New Zealand]
Koloamatangi is later sentenced to 12 months imprisonment.
Links: GayNZ, NZ Hearld
3 Oct 2011A couple's car is targetted in an ongoing series of hate crimes at Mangawhai Heads
19 Oct 2011Willie Ahsee is found guilty of the manslaughter of Denis Phillips
20 Oct 2011Around 200 people march on parliament campaigning for gay marriage and adoption. [Wellington, New Zealand]
The march was part of the LegaliseLove campaign.
Links: GayNZ
29 Oct 2011Frank Lund (a.k.a. Toni Roget) dies [Wellington, New Zealand]
Frankie was a female impersonator who created elaborate outfits (a number of them now are held by Te Papa)
19 Nov 2011Piri Norris and Justin Elder have the first civil union at Parliament
10 Dec 2011Phillip Cottrell is assaulted while working home and subsequently dies, Wellington
15 Dec 2011Carmen Rupe dies [Sydney, Australia]
Carmen was a New Zealand-Australian performer, brothel keeper, anti-discrimination activist, would-be politician, and HIV AIDS activist.
15 Dec 2011Willie Ahsee is sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for the manslaughter of Denis Phillips
21 Jan 2012Out in the Square is held in Civic Square, Wellington
It is the 27th annual gay and lesbian fair to be held in Wellington
23 Jan 2012Roman Skorek is stabbed to death in Kuirau Park, Rotorua
Four young men were charged with his murder
12 Feb 2012Andreas Derleth wins Mr Gay New Zealand 2012 [Auckland, New Zealand]
Links: GayNZ
12 Feb 2012Big Gay Out is held at Coyle Park in Pt Chevalier, Auckland
It is estimated 14,000 people attended
14 Feb 2012A lesbian couple saboutage the win a divource promotion on the The Rock radio station [(nationwide), New Zealand]
Links: Gay NZ
15 Feb 2012Green MP Jan Logie makes her maiden speech in Parliament
Logie describes herself as a leftie, feminist lesbian
16 Feb 2012Sam Johnson wins Young New Zealander of the Year
Johnson was the founder of the Student Volunteer Army that assisted during the Christchurch earthquake recovery
28 Feb 2012Nicholas Nitro is convicted on a charge of receiving commercial sexual services from a person aged sixteen
Nitro is the co-owner of the Closet cruise club in Christchurch
28 Feb 2012Sitaleki Koloamatangi is sentenced to 12 months in jail for attacking Trevor Kaukau
Koloamatangi was charging with injuring that, had death been caused, he would have been guilty of manslaughter. Kaukau was left severely brain damaged
3 Mar 2012Sea of Love float honouring Carmen Rupe is part of the Sydney Mardi Gras, Australia
19 Apr 2012Johnny Croskery (female impersonator, volunteer, activist) dies [Wellington, New Zealand]
Links: Tapatoru
20 May 2012International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
1 Jul 2012The Topp Twins first ever museum exhibition opens at the Waikato Coalfields Museum in Huntly [New Zealand]
The exhibition, called Six Strings and Politics, opened with a concert featuring the Hamilton County Bluegrass Band and the Cultural Performance Group from Huntly College
28 Feb 2013Coroner Gordon Matenga rules Douglas Hughes (soldier) committed suicide. [New Zealand]
Links: Stuff
29 Mar 2013Warren Freer (former MP) dies
21 Jun 2013Meg Torwl (artist) dies, aged 46.
Links: North Shore News
11 Aug 2013Police search for Phillip Edwards after a child is abducted. [Auckland, New Zealand]
In 2003 Edwards was found guilty of the manslaughter of interior decorator David McNee.
Links: Gay NZ
22 Aug 2013Wentworth Miller (actor) comes out in an open letter protesting Russia's anti-gay laws. [United States of America]
Miller is best know for his role in the tv series Prison Break.
Links: Stuff
31 Aug 2013A quiz night raises $1,500 for the new Body Positive office in Wellington. [Wellington, New Zealand]
Links: Gay NZ
31 Aug 2013An event to honour Peter Taylor is held at St Matthew-in-the-City. [Auckland, New Zealand]
Taylor, who has been unwell for a number of years, tells media that he will stop medical treatments after the event.
Links: Gay NZ
3 Sep 2013Coroner H Brandt Shortland finds a teenager bullied for being feminine, committed suicide. [New Zealand]
Marvin Te Maunga Te Kotahitanga Peihopa died on 5 April 2009.
Links: Stuff
3 Sep 2013Phillip Edwards is arrested after a child was abducted in August and later found abandoned. [Auckland, New Zealand]
In 2003 Edwards was found guilty of the manslaughter of interior decorator David McNee.
Links: Gay NZ
10 Sep 2013A tour of Archives New Zealand is held as part of the inaugural Queer Heritage Month. [Wellington, New Zealand]
The tour is organised by the Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand.
Links: Gay Express
10 Sep 2013David Cunliffe stands down a campaign worker during his bid for the Labour Party leadership. [New Zealand]
Jennie Michie is quoted as remarking earlier It would be naive to imagine that there would be no resistance to a gay prime minister at this point.
Links: Gay NZ
16 Sep 2013Peter Taylor, a well known Auckland personality dies. [Auckland, New Zealand]
Taylor died shortly after stopping treatments for long-term HIV and leishmaniasis infections.
Links: Gay NZ
25 Sep 2013Correction Minister Anne Tolley announces that transgender prisoners will be housed according to their legal sex. [New Zealand]
At the time of the announcement there were nine transgender offenders in the prison system.
Links: Stuff
27 Sep 2013A national conference on HIV is held. [Auckland, New Zealand]
The conference heard about the growing evidence of links between HIV infection and sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis, gonorrhoea and the HPV virus.
Links: Gay NZ
27 Sep 2013Paul Findlay resigns as a board-member of youth group Q-topia. [Christchurch, New Zealand]
A sexting conversation was publicized in the media allegedly between Findlay and a person identifying themselves as a fifteen-year-old.
Links: NZ Herald, GayNZ
28 Sep 2013A tour of Archives New Zealand is held as part of the inaugural Queer Heritage Month. [Wellington, New Zealand]
Links: Gay Express
28 Sep 2013Aunty Wai Mason (NZ AIDS Foundation kaumatua) dies. [Auckland, New Zealand]
Links: NZ AIDS Foundation, Gay NZ
30 Sep 2013A public meeting is held to discuss safety on Karangahape Road. [Auckland, New Zealand]
The meeting follows an increase in violence towards rainbow people in the K'Road area.
Links: K'rd Community Safety
1 Oct 2013Nathan Verhelst, a Belgium transsexual, dies through euthanasia.
Verhelst told media None of these [gender reassignment] operations worked as desired ... I do not want to be a monster.
Links: Stuff
1 Oct 2013The Solicitor General (Mike Heron) declines a request for a second Coronial Inquiry into the death of Corporal Douglas Hughes. [New Zealand]
Hughes committed suicide in Afghanistan shortly after being questioned about a situation with a subordinate soldier.
Links: Gay NZ
17 Oct 2013Geno Sisneros' complaint against the Anglican Church is dismissed by the Human Rights Tribunal. [Auckland, New Zealand]
Sisneros complained that the Bishop of Auckland had prevented him from becoming a priest because of his sexuality.
Links: Gay NZ
19 Oct 2013The Government announces it will send a diplomat to watch over New Zealanders attending the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. [New Zealand]
Various Members of Parliament had requested the government help protect rainbow people at the games from discrimination and harassment.
Links: Gay NZ
26 Oct 2013Paul Jenden (dramatist, performer) dies. [Wellington, New Zealand]
Jenden was a lyricist, writer and choreographer of numerous New Zealand productions.
Links: Stuff, Gay NZ
10 Nov 2013The first Gay wedding expo takes place in New Zealand [Auckland, New Zealand]
The expo at the Ellerslie Event Centre showcases over 150 wedding professionals.
Links: Gay Wedding show
7 Feb 2014Auckland Pride is held. [Auckland, New Zealand]
Links: Gay NZ
6 Jul 2016The rainbow flag is flown for the first time at Parliament [Wellington, New Zealand]
The rainbow flag is flown for the first time on the forecourt of Parliament to mark the 30th anniversary of Homosexual Law Reform.
15 May 2017Vicki Letele dies [Auckland, New Zealand]
Letele, who was serving a prison term for fraud, was denied parole in October 2016, but was released on compassionate grounds in November 2016 to spend her final months with loved ones.
Links: GayNZ
17 May 2017Chelsea Manning is released from US military prison [United States of America]
Manning, a former US military intelligence analyst, was released after serving seven years in a US military prison for passing on classified documents to WikiLeaks. Manning's 35-year sentence was commuted by President Obama just before he left office.
17 May 2017The rainbow flag is flown at Parliament to mark IDAHOBIT [Wellington, New Zealand]
The rainbow flag is flown for the second time at Parliament to mark International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, Biphobia and Intersexphobia (the first time the flag flew was on 6 July 2016 to mark the 30th anniversary of Homosexual Law Reform)
20 May 2017The Topp Twins exhibtion shows at Te Manawa Musuem [Palmerston North, New Zealand]
The exhibition, curated by Sian Torrington, runs from 20 May - 29 October 2017
21 May 2017International AIDS Candlelight Memorial service is held at St Matthew-in-the-City [Auckland, New Zealand]
This is one of only two memorial services held in New Zealand.
21 May 2017International AIDS Candlelight Memorial service is held at Tararua Tramping Club [Wellington, New Zealand]
This is one of only two memorial services held in New Zealand.
Links: PrideNZ
23 May 2017Butch: a photographic exploration by Rachel Hoskin exhibits at Te Manawa Musuem [Palmerston North, New Zealand]
The exhibition runs from 23 May - 18 June 2017.
29 May 2017Data released today shows that 244 people were diagnosed with HIV in 2016 in New Zealand [(nationwide), New Zealand]
The data from the AIDS Epidemiology Group showed that in 2016, 217 men and 27 women were diagnosed HIV+, the highest numbers ever recorded in New Zealand
Links: RNZ
31 May ends [(nationwide), New Zealand]
Based in Auckland, GayNZ was a daily news and features website. It also had forums, an event calendar, scene photographs, business listings and personal ads
2 Jun 2017Dr David Lim is found guilty of stupefying and indecently assaulting patients [New Zealand]
7 Jun 2017PPTA calls for gender-neutral uniforms and toilets be introduced into schools [(nationwide), New Zealand]
The Taranaki Daily News reports that in its latest voluntary guidelines, the Post Primary Teachers' Association (PPTA) calls for gender-neutral uniforms and toilets be introduced into schools.
16 Jun 2017Aaron Fleming (LGBTI advocate) receives a Blake Leader Award from the Sir Peter Blake Trust [Wellington, New Zealand]
The award was presented to Fleming by the Governor General Her Excellency Dame Patsy Reddy at Government House in Wellington.
Links: Stuff
16 Jun 2017Mika X is confirmed as The Opportunities Party (TOP) candidate for the Auckland Central Electorate [Auckland, New Zealand]
TOP was founded by philanthropist Gareth Morgan in November 2016.
Links: Scoop
16 Jun 2017Purple Onion - a dance work inspired by the drag venue - is performed by Le Moana at the Hannah Playhouse [Wellington, New Zealand]
The dance work had two performances - Friday and Saturday night at 9.30pm
Links: Stuff
20 Jun 2017Blake Skjellerup (speed skater) says leading sporting bodies still aren't doing enough to counteract homophobia [(nationwide), New Zealand]
Stuff reports Skjellerup saying: I still think within the professional sporting environment in New Zealand there is a fear by administration and athletes to step outside of the status quo, and to go against what has always been done, or in this case, not be done.
Links: Stuff
30 Jun 2017Germany's Bundestag votes to legalize same-sex marriage
The Bill is passed 393-226, with 4 abstentions and 7 absentees.
Links: Wikipedia
4 Jul 2017Sportsperson Cory McLennan reveals to the NZ Herald that he almost gave up on the sport due to fears about coming out as gay [New Zealand]
Aged 19, McLeannan was the youngest person to sail solo from Port Taranaki, New Zealand to Mooloolaba, Australia. He came out in 2015. In 2017 he launched the Rainbow Racing project to promote a message of acceptance and inclusiveness
Links: NZ Herald
5 Jul 2017Creative New Zealand announces writer Paul Diamond is the latest recipient of the Berlin Writers Residency [(nationwide), New Zealand]
Diamond will spend up to 11 months in Berlin researching and writing a book about former Whanganui mayor, Charles Mackay, who was killed in Berlin in 1929 while working as a journalist
Links: Creative New Zealand
6 Jul 2017Criminal Records (Expungement of Convictions for Historical Homosexual Offences) Bill 2017 is introduced [Wellington, New Zealand]
Justice Minister Amy Adams introduces the first reading of the Criminal Records (Expungement of Convictions for Historical Homosexual Offences) Bill 2017. The first reading was passed unopposed.
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6 Jul 2017Parliament apologies for the hurt and stigma caused by the historic criminalisation of consensual homosexual activity [(nationwide), New Zealand]
During the first reading of the Criminal Records (Expungement of Convictions for Historical Homosexual Offences) Bill, Justice Minister Amy Adams read the following apology: Today we are putting on the record that this house deeply regrets the hurt and stigma suffered by the many hundreds of New Zealand men who were turned into criminals by a law that was profoundly wrong, and for that, we are sorry
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9 Jul 2017In a radio interview National MP Chester Borrows says he has changed his mind on same-sex marriage [(nationwide), New Zealand]
The departing Member of Parliament talks about how, after voting against Marriage Equality, now supports it. As celebrant he has married a gay couple
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12 Jul 2017Alison Mau is announced as a finalist in the Women of Influence awards [(nationwide), New Zealand]
Established in 2012, the awards are run by Fairfax Media
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18 Jul 2017Johnny Lumsden admits in court to endangering the health of three men by criminal nuisance [Christchurch, New Zealand]
After lying about his HIV status, Lumsden has unprotected sex with three men he met through social media
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23 Jul 2017Auckland Pastor Logan Robertson calls for gay people to be shot [Auckland, New Zealand]
During a sermon at the Westcity Bible Bapist Church, Past Robertson states he isn't against homosexuals getting married as long as a bullet goes through their head the moment they kiss...that's what should happen. Excerpts of the video sermon are then uploaded to Youtube.
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18 Aug 2017Day of Silence is held [(nationwide), New Zealand]
The National Day of Silence is a day of action in which students across the country vow to take a form of silence to call attention to the silencing effect of homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying, name-calling and harassment in schools.
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18 Aug 2017Dr David Lim is sentenced to five years in prison for indecently assaulting five male patients [New Zealand]
Dr Lim was sentenced in the Napier District Court
18 Aug 2017Police say Pastor Logan Robertson committed no criminal offence with his hate speech [Auckland, New Zealand]
In a sermon on 23 July, Robertson from the WestCity Bible Baptist Church in Avondale said I'm not against [homosexuals] getting married as long as a bullet goes through their head the moment they kiss...that's what should happen. Police issued a statement to Newshub stating no criminal offence has been committed.
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23 Sep 2017The General Election sees at least seven rainbow politicians in Parliament [(nationwide), New Zealand]
Louisa Wall, Grant Robertson, Meka Whaitiri, Tamati Coffee and Kiri Allan (Labour Party); Jan Logie (Green Party) and Chris Finlayson (National Party)
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25 Sep 2017A same-sex couple are denied a church wedding by St Peter's Anglican Church [(nationwide), New Zealand]
The Anglican Church denies Alexandra Saunders and Sara Rimmer the right to marry at St Peter's in Paekakariki. The churches nationwide position is to uphold Christian marriage as a union of a man and a woman. Priests are not allowed to officiate same-sex marriages.
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20 Nov 2017Transgender Day of Remembrance is commemorated around New Zealand [(nationwide), New Zealand]