Historical Events in the 2000s

2000Laurie Guy's thesis Worlds in Collision: The Gay Debate in New Zealand 1960-86
2000The Property (Relationships) Act 2000 becomes law
The Act gives de facto couples, whether opposite or same sex, the same property rights on the break-up of a relationship
21 May 2000International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
21 Sep 2000The Prostitution Reform Bill is introduced into Parliament by Labour MP Tim Barnett (New Zealand)
8 Nov 2000Morals campaigner Patricia Bartlett dies (Wellington region, New Zealand)
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8 Nov 2000The first reading of the Prostitution Reform Bill takes place (New Zealand)
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15 Nov 2000Bette Armstrong dies (Wellington region, New Zealand)
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2001Gaynz.com begins (New Zealand)
Based in Auckland, GayNZ was a daily news and features website. It also had forums, an event calendar, scene photographs, business listings and personal ads
2001Sucking feijoas by Jeff Buchanan is published
17 Feb 2001The final HERO Parade is held (Auckland, New Zealand)
The parade is held along Ponsonby Road. This would be the last HERO Parade. A smaller march happened in March 2002, but it wasn't until 2013 that another large scale pride parade occurred.
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19 Apr 2001Dallas Peneha, Daniel Beams and Jack Blance attack Jeff Pinfold and Peter Kitchen in Napier
Kitchen died in hospital a number of days later
20 May 2001International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
25 May 2001The seventh annual Out Takes film festival takes place (New Zealand)
The festival runs in multiple centres: Auckand 25 May - 5 June, Wellington 31 May - 10 June, Dunedin 16 - 17 June, Christchurch 22 - 24 June.
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6 Jun 2001Composer Douglas Lilburn dies (Wellington, New Zealand)
Lilburn, described as the "grandfather of New Zealand music," dies peacefully at his home in Wellington. Lilburn was a composer, teacher, philanthropist and advocate for social justice.
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2002The Penguin book of gay Australian writing by Graeme Aitken is published
22 Feb 2002The Minister of Health Annette King opens the new Awhina Centre (Wellington, New Zealand)
The Awhina Centre is the New Zealand AIDS Foundation's Wellington Regional Office.
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23 Mar 2002The HERO Pride March takes place (Auckland, New Zealand)
The smaller march follows the demise of the HERO Parade in 2001.
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19 May 2002International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
5 Aug 2002Bea Arthur dies (Wellington region, New Zealand)
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9 Aug 2002Auckland police senior sergeant Mark Richards resigns after a newspaper "sting". (Auckland, New Zealand)
Richards resigns despite being cleared of any criminal wrongdoing after he discussed drug use with a newspaper reporter. The Sunday Star Times headline read "Senior policeman at the centre of sex and drugs investigation resigns before facing internal charges".
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11 Aug 2002GayNZ.com reports that Newtown Primary School has declined to host future Gay and Lesbian Fairs (Wellington, New Zealand)
The fair had utilized the venue for the last 17 years.
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18 Aug 2002A man is arrested in connection with the killing of John Rogers. (Tauranga, New Zealand)
Rogers was found near a public domain toilet block in central Tauranga.
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21 Aug 2002The Hero Incorporated Society is wound up. (Auckland, United States of America)
The Society was responsible for Auckland's Hero parties and parade.
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3 Sep 2002New Zealand AIDS Foundation is blocked from erecting penis billboards. (New Zealand)
The billboards were to promote National Penis Day on 5 September.
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5 Sep 2002New Zealand AIDS Foundation launches the "Toolbox" safe sex campaign. (New Zealand)
The toolbox contains condoms, lubricants and application hints, and was distributed to people on the street.
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11 Sep 2002Newtown Primary School withdraws support for next years Wellington Gay and Lesbian Fair. (Wellington, New Zealand)
The school declines a request for the school hall to be used for what would have been the 18th fair at the site.
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15 Sep 2002Kiwifruits fundraising calendar is launched. (New Zealand)
The community calendar is a fundraising project for gay touch rugby players heading to the Sydney Gay Games.
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20 Sep 2002Countrymen's Institute sauna closes. (Auckland, New Zealand)
The sauna was established in 1988 by Glen Morris and Lawson Bracewell.
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27 Sep 2002The general assembly of Presbyterian Church rejects a motion to investigate the church's position on gay ministers. (New Zealand)
The motion is put forward by the Wellington Presbytery.
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28 Sep 2002Michael Pattison gains media attention as an openly gay man competing in the Cleo Bachelor of the Year. (New Zealand)
Pattison has previously won Mr Gay Wellington and Mr Drag Wellington.
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16 Oct 2002Uzi Even becomes the first openly homosexual man in Israel's parliament.
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17 Oct 2002The Jimmy hosts a farewell event for people going to the Gay Games in Sydney. (Wellington, New Zealand)
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31 Oct 2002GayNZ.com reports that the Newtown School Board will now allow the Gay and Lesbian Fair to take place at the school (Wellington, New Zealand)
The school had previously declined a request to hold the annual fair at the school (something which had occurred for the last 17 years).
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1 Nov 2002Panels from the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt travel to Australia to be part of an international display at the Sydney Gay Games. (Sydney, Australia)
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5 Nov 2002Chrissy Witoko dies (Wellington, New Zealand)
Witoko owned (among other businesses) the Evergreen Coffee Lounge in Wellington.
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29 Nov 2002The Select Committee reports back on the Prostitution Reform Bill (New Zealand)
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2003The Nayland Alliance of Gays and Straights (NAGS) is formed at Nayland College (Nelson, New Zealand)
2003Gender and women's studies. Queer sexualities, histories and politics is published by Victoria University of Wellington
15 Feb 2003The Outlines conference takes place (Wellington, New Zealand)
The conference is about lesbian and gay history in Aotearoa.
19 Feb 2003The second reading of the Prostitution Reform Bill takes place (New Zealand)
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8 Mar 2003Pansy by Peter Wells is screened on TV1. (New Zealand)
Wells looks at his own life and the world of New Zealand in the 1950s and 60s.
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12 Mar 2003An advert from Wellington City Council supports the annual Gay and Lesbian Fair (Wellington, New Zealand)
Published in Capital Times, the text reads: Wellington City Council is proud to support the Gay and Lesbian Fair. Best Wishes Kerry [Prendergast, Mayor of Wellington]
15 Mar 2003The 18th Gay and Lesbian Fair takes place at Newtown School (Wellington, New Zealand)
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18 May 2003International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
25 Jun 2003The Prostitution Reform (Bill 2003) is read a third time, voted on and passed (New Zealand)
The Bill was introduced into Parliament by Tim Barnett (Christchurch Central, Labour Party). It passes its third reading 60-59.
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27 Jun 2003The Prostitution Reform Act (2003) is enacted (New Zealand)
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20 Jul 2003David McNee, an interior designer and former television host is killed (Auckland, New Zealand)
The provocation defence was later successfully used by Phillip Layton Edwards who was found guilty of manslaughter. Edwards was sentenced to nine years imprisonment. He was due for release in April 2012.
5 Oct 2003The Pope states to the Anglican Church his opposition to homosexuality. ((worldwide))
7 Dec 2003Two people announce that they are now straight after years as homosexuals. (New Zealand)
The interview was screened on 20/20, TV3.
2004From Freyberg : a novel by Bill Edginton is published
2004Queer Nation broadcasts end
It became the world's longest running free-to-air TV programme for an LGBT audience
13 Mar 2004The 19th Gay and Lesbian Fair takes place at Newtown School (Wellington, New Zealand)
This year the fair is organised by the Gay Association of Professionals (GAP).
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16 May 2004International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
23 Aug 2004Destiny Church's Enough is Enough march takes place (Wellington, New Zealand)
Followers of Destiny Church march from Civic Square to the steps of Parliament.
Links: GayNZ.com, NZ Herald
24 Aug 2004Destiny Church's Brian Tamaki is interviewed about the Enough is Enough march in Wellington. (New Zealand)
The interview broadcasts during the Holmes programme on TV1.
25 Aug 2004The Dominion Post publishes a Tom Scott cartoon mocking the Enough is Enough march (Wellington, New Zealand)
The text on the cartoon reads "I know this is not the right place or time, Kev, but you're really hot in those black pants".
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18 Sep 2004Peter Wells writes about the killing of David McNee (New Zealand)
Wells writes an article for the Listener about the trial of Phillip Layton Edwards who killed David McNee in Auckland. The article begins "Listening to a dead person being made responsible for their own violent death is an odd sensation." Later in the article Wells makes the point "It is impossible in New Zealand - and many other countries - to murder a homosexual. It is possible to be found guilty of manslaughter. The underlying message is that any homosexual's life is of little value."
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24 Sep 2004The Presbyterian Church votes to prevent lesbians, gays or people in defacto relationships from becoming church leaders.
21 Oct 2004MP Georgina Beyer introduces the Human Rights (Gender Identity) Amendment Bill in Parliament (New Zealand)
The Bill offers specific protection from discrimination on the grounds of gender identity. Beyer later withdraws the Bill in August 2006 following an opinion from Crown Law saying that transgender people are already protected under the existing human rights legislation of New Zealand.
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25 Oct 2004HIV educator and activist Matt Whyte dies (New Zealand)
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29 Nov 2004Gay Eaters for Jesus call on Civil Union supporters to eat an extra portion of food at their next meal (New Zealand)
The call comes following the "limited fast" undertaken by United Future MP Paul Adams and Baptist pastor Steve Trim as protest to Civil Unions. "We want to promote a positive message with our action", said Xavier Goldie, facilitator of GEFJ. Goldie went on to say that GEFJ were not promoting a lifestyle of excess. "After all, many gay, lesbian and progressive people realise the beauty of restrained minimalism - whether in interior decorating or one's political outlook, and we certainly wouldn't want to contribute to an expanding waistband."
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1 Dec 2004The Civil Union Bill 2004 passes its second reading in Parliament (New Zealand)
2 Dec 2004Media report that a trans woman burglar is sent to a male prison (New Zealand)
3 Dec 2004The Waikato Times publishes an Allan Charles Hawkey cartoon on the Civil Union Bill (Waikato region, New Zealand)
The cartoon text reads "The Civil Union Bill is still very discriminatory. Giraffes do not even rate a mention."
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6 Dec 2004The Otago Daily Times publishes a Garrick Tremain cartoon on marriage (Otago region, New Zealand)
The cartoon text reads "The fact is!.. Marriage is a blessed sacrament... A treasured institution! And you can't tell me that these gays and things...Will treat their marriages with the devotion and respect... That I've treated all mine!"
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9 Dec 2004The Civil Union Act is passed
The Act gives same-sex couples an equivalent to marriage
2005The Samoa Fa'afafine Association is formed (Samoa)
The Association is founded by So'oalo To'oto'oali'i Roger Stanley.
2005Outlines: lesbian and gay histories of Aotearoa is published by Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand
6 Jan 2005Makgatho Mandela, the eldest son of Nelson Mandela, dies from AIDS related conditions
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10 Feb 2005The New Zealand AIDS Foundation comes out in support of the Human Rights (Gender Identity) Amendment Bill (2004) (New Zealand)
NZAF Executive Director Rachael Le Mesurier said that "safe sex is a self-care behaviour that is enhanced when people feel that they belong to, and are accepted by, their communities and society at large. Legal protection against discrimination will go a long way toward achieving that."
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5 Mar 2005The Green Party supports the Don't Hate, Celebrate event (Auckland, New Zealand)
The event is held in the Auckland University Quad in response to Destiny Church's planned Defend the Legacy march. Green Social Services Spokesperson Sue Bradford said "We have proudly supported the Civil Union Bill, the Prostitution Reform Bill, and the Gender Identity Bill. We likewise support the message of this event: that all New Zealanders - no matter their sexuality, gender, race, religious belief, relationship or family status - should be treated with respect."
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12 Mar 2005The 20th Gay and Lesbian Fair takes place at Newton School (Wellington, New Zealand)
The fair includes the cutting of a civil union cake, celebrating the upcoming passing into law (next week) of the Relationships (Statutory References) Act 2005. This year the fair was organised by the Gay Association of Professionals (GAP).
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15 May 2005International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
4 Jun 2005The fundraising Black and White Ball is held (Wellington, New Zealand)
The event takes place at Pipitea Marae in honour of the late Chrissy Witoko. Attendees include Frankie Stevens, Carmen, Mayor Kerry Prendergast, Hon Marian Hobbs, MPs Tim Barnett and Georgina Beyer.
Links: Friends of Chrissy (1), Friends of Chrissy (2)
11 Jun 2005There are calls in the media to help protect homosexual students from bullying. (New Zealand)
News reports on TV1 and TV3 call for more protections.
24 Jun 2005The first Trans Day of Action is held (New York, United States of America)
Pride weekend begins with a 1,000 strong march led by TransJustice demanding rights for trans and gender non-conforming people.
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5 Oct 2005Justin Dalley is found not guilty of criminal nuisance. (Wellington, New Zealand)
Dalley used a condom during sex with a woman but didn't tell her of his HIV-positive status. It is the first time in New Zealand that anyone is charged with criminal nuisance following protected sexual intercourse. The case sets a significant legal precedent: that HIV-positive people can choose not to tell sexual partners about the virus, as long as they wear a condom.
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15 Oct 2005Daniel Fielding dies (Wellington, New Zealand)
Daniel established the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt project in December 1988.
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Nov 2005UP magazine begins
16 Nov 2005MP Maryan Street makes her maiden speech in Parliament (New Zealand)
Street is New Zealand's first openly out lesbian elected to Parliament (Marilyn Waring was outed by the Truth newspaper in August 1976).
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1 Dec 2005The first ILGA Pacific conference is held (Auckland, New Zealand)
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2006Peter Wells is made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to literature and film (New Zealand)
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8 Jan 2006Security guards at an international cricket game stop two women from kissing (Napier, New Zealand)
The kiss had screened on McLean Park's big-screen monitor to a cheering crowd. A guard allegedly told the women that they were distracting the crowd, and would be thrown out if they did it again. A spokesman for the company later told media that the kiss "was inflammatory" and had "upset two of my more sensitive staff. It got the boys riled up, to be honest."
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11 Mar 2006The 21st Gay and Lesbian Fair is held at Newtown School (Wellington, New Zealand)
This year the fair was organised by the Gay Association of Professionals (GAP).
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21 May 2006International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
2 Aug 2006Crown Law releases an opinion saying that transgender people are already protected under the existing human rights legislation of New Zealand (New Zealand)
MP Georgina Beyer had introduced the Human Rights (Gender Identity) Amendment Bill in 2004 which would have offered specific protection from discrimination on the grounds of gender identity. However, Crown Law felt that transgender people could make complaints about discrimination under the ground of 'sex'. The legal opinion was also backed by the Human Rights Commission.
Links: Hansard, Human Rights Commission
23 Aug 2006MP Georgina Beyer withdraws the Human Rights (Gender Identity) Amendment Bill from Parliament (New Zealand)
The Bill offered specific protection from discrimination on the grounds of gender identity. Beyer withdrew the Bill before its first reading following an opinion from Crown Law saying that transgender people are already protected under the existing human rights legislation of New Zealand.
Links: Hansard, Parliament
Oct 2006The Human Rights Commission launches an inquiry into discrimination experienced by transgender people (New Zealand)
The inquiry is a world first by a national human rights institution. It results in the publication of To Be Who I Am/Kia noho au ki toku ano ao in January 2008.
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7 Oct 2006Carmen Rupe's 70th birthday party is held at the Boatshed, Wellington (Wellington, New Zealand)
10 Oct 2006Carmen Rupe visits Parliament on her 70th birthday (Wellington, New Zealand)
32 years earlier Carmen had been brought before Parliament's Privileges committee because she had suggested there were gay and bisexual MPs.
1 Dec 2006A conference to mark the 20th anniversary of homosexual law reform is held (Wellington, New Zealand)
The 20 Years On - Homosexual Law Reform Conference is hosted by LAGANZ at the National Library.
23 Dec 2006Stanley Waipouri is killed (Palmerston North, New Zealand)
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10 Feb 2007MP Chris Carter (Te Atatu, Labour Party) and Peter Kaiser are civilly joined (New Zealand)
Carter and Kaiser's civil union is the first for a Cabinet Minister or Member of Parliament in New Zealand.
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10 Mar 2007The 22nd Gay and Lesbian Fair takes place at Newtown School (Wellington, New Zealand)
This year the fair was organised by Rainbow Wellington - formerly the Gay Association of Professionals (GAP).
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12 Apr 2007Corner 4am and Cuba by Ronald Trifero Nelson premieres, Wellington
2 May 2007Broadcaster Henare te Ua dies (Auckland, New Zealand)
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20 May 2007International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
26 Nov 2007The trial of Ashley Arnopp and Andre Gilling begins over the death of Stanley Waipouri. (Palmerston North, New Zealand)
Arnopp and Gilling are charged with murdering Waipouri in Palmerston North on 23 December 2006.
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3 Dec 2007During his trial, Ashley Arnopp pleads guilty to the murder of Palmerston North man Stanley Waipouri. (Palmerston North, New Zealand)
Arnopp's co-accussed, Andre Gilling maintains his innocence.
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6 Dec 2007There is a hung jury in the murder trial of Andre Gilling. (Palmerston North, New Zealand)
Gilling, along with Ashley Arnopp, is on trial for the 2006 killing of Palmerston North man Stanley Waipouri. Co-accused Ashley Arnopp, 20, earlier changed his plea to guilty.
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Jan 2008The Human Rights Commission publishes To Be Who I Am/Kia noho au ki toku ano ao (New Zealand)
The inquiry into discrimination experienced by transgender people is a world first by a national human rights institution.
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13 Feb 2008The Awhina Centre opens at Level 1, 187 Willis Street (Wellington, New Zealand)
1 Mar 2008Out in the Square takes place (Wellington, New Zealand)
Out in the Square grew out of the Gay and Lesbian Fair which had been run annually in Wellington since 1985. The fair changed its name in 2008 from the Gay and Lesbian Fair to be more inclusive.
Links: GayNZ.com, Wikipedia
15 Apr 2008Singer-songwriter Mahinarangi Tocker dies (Auckland, New Zealand)
Tocker dies following a severe asthma attack.
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30 Apr 2008The television soap opera Shortland Street includes a gay sex scene (New Zealand)
The BSA later rule that the scene breached good taste and decency and children's interests. The scene involved two male characters lying in bed talking. One then went under the blankets and the other nervously asked him "where are you going?". The first character popped his head back up and replied "it's a surprise" before descending back under. This was the first time a BSA complaint was upheld against Shortland Street.
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10 May 2008The documentary Through Rainbow Coloured Glasses premieres (Christchurch, New Zealand)
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18 May 200825th International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
18 May 2008International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
Jun 2008Mates and Lovers, a History of Gay New Zealand by Chris Brickell is published
19 Jun 2008Dr Matt Wildbore dies (Auckland, New Zealand)
Wildbore supported many HIV positive men during the 1980s and 1990s.
Links: GayNZ.com, NZ.com
31 Aug 2008Sister Paula Brettkelly dies (New Zealand)
10 Sep 2008Composer Chris Gendall wins the 2008 APRA SOUNZ Contemporary award (Auckland, New Zealand)
Chris receives the award during the APRA Silver Scroll Awards event held in Auckland
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10 Sep 2008The Topp Twins are inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame (Auckland, New Zealand)
The Topp Twins receive the honour during the APRA Silver Scroll award event in Auckland
2009Teddy by Number 8 Films is released
Apr 2009Bud by Ronald Trifero Nelson premieres, Wellington
5 Apr 2009Marvin Te Maunga Te Kotahitanga Peihopa, a teenager bullied for being "feminine", commmits suicide. (New Zealand)
The coroner found Peihopa had experienced bullying at a number of schools in Northland before taking his own life.
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29 Apr 2009Diksy Jones is killed by two men in Disky's home in Upper Hutt
Phillip Sanders and David Galloway were later found guilty of manslaughter
17 May 2009International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is held
Jul 2009Ferdinand Ambach is convicted of the manslaughter of Ronald Brown
Ambach was initially charged with murder, but the charge was downgraded after Ambach's lawyer successfully argued the provocation defence (gay panic)
12 Sep 2009The Vintner's Luck has its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival
The film is based on Elizabeth Knox's novel
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23 Sep 2009Mates and Lovers play by Ronald Trifero Nelson premieres, Wellington
12 Nov 2009The Vintner's Luck has its New Zealand premiere. (New Zealand)
Based on Elizabeth Knox's novel.
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26 Nov 2009The provocation defence (gay panic defence) is abolished by Parliament (New Zealand)
The removal of the provocation defence (Section 169 of the Crimes Act 1961) was in part due to a public outcry when it was used in a heterosexual context by Clayton Weatherston. He claimed he was provoked into stabbing his ex-girlfriend 216 times. He was eventually convicted of her murder.
Links: NZ Herald, GayNZ.com
30 Nov 2009Glenn Mills is found dead in a remand cell. (Auckland, New Zealand)
Mills was accused of purposely infecting a number of sex partners with HIV. He was awaiting trial at the time of his death. He faced 28 charges relating to 14 people.
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