Historical Events in the 1930s

5 Jul 1931Photographer Henry Winkelmann dies (Auckland, New Zealand)
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Feb 1933The Nazi Party launches a purge of gay clubs, publications and groups (Germany)
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26 Mar 1933Broadcaster Henare te Ua is born (New Zealand)
6 May 1933Members of the German Student Union attack the Institut fur Sexualwissenschaft (Institute of Sexology) (Berlin, Germany)
The attack follows a two-month Nazi purge of gay clubs and the banning of gay groups and publications.
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10 May 1933Mobs of Nazi supporters burn books, including those taken from the Institut fur Sexualwissenschaft (Institute of Sexology) (Germany)
The burning of books happens throughout Germany. Most notable is the book burning by students in Berlin's Opernplatz of over 25,000 volumes.
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9 Jun 1933Te Ahurangi Matene (a.k.a. Rosanna Laihae) appears in court charged with falsely representing himself to be a woman (Auckland, New Zealand)
Matene's lawyer submits that Matene had every intention of paying money owing, and so therefore a fraud charge could not stand. The case is dismissed.
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1 Jul 1934Ernst Roehm, an early Nazi leader and co-founder of the Sturmabteilung (SA) is executed (Germany)
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1935The Prisons Department report 1934/35 is tabled in Parliament (New Zealand)
The report notes (p.7) that homo-sexual prisoners in New Plymouth are segregated and "the majority of them are either emotionally unstable or suffering from some degree of mental abnormality."
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11 Apr 1935Entrepreneur Tony Katavich is born (Auckland, New Zealand)
Katavich would later create the OUT! business empire with Brett Sheppard.
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15 Apr 1935Eric Mareo murders his wife Themla Mareo (Auckland, New Zealand)
Themla was also in a relationship with dancer Freda Stark.
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16 Apr 1935Painter Dorothy Richmond dies (Wellington, New Zealand)
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14 May 1935Physician and sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld dies (Nice, France)
Hirschfeld dies of a heart attack on his 67th birthday.
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11 Sep 1935Mountaineer Freda Du Faur dies (Sydney, Australia)
Du Faur commits suicide.
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1936The Prisons Department report 1935/36 is tabled in Parliament (New Plymouth, New Zealand)
The report notes (p.22) "the desirability of keeping the mental outlook of the homo-sexual prisoners detained here as bright and sound as possible [...] Many evening entertainments and lectures have been provided by members of the public [...] It is helpful to see each prisoner trying his very best to excel. It is felt that these exercises and the effort put into the preparation of songs, music, recitations for concerts have an uplifting effect on the men."
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26 Feb 1936Eric Mareo is found guilty of murdering Themla Mareo (Auckland, New Zealand)
Mareo is sentenced to death. His sentence is later commuted to life imprisonment on 5 August 1936.
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5 Jul 1936Photographer Robert Gant dies (Wellington, New Zealand)
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5 Aug 1936Eric Mareo's death sentence is commuted to life in prison (New Zealand)
Mareo was earlier found guilty and sentenced to death for the murder of his wife Thelma Mareo.
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26 Sep 1936Phillip Stewart is arrested in an Auckland hotel "dressed as a girl" (Auckland, New Zealand)
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10 Oct 1936Entrepreneur and activist Carmen Trevor Rupe is born (Taumarunui, New Zealand)
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1937The Prisons Department report 1936/37 is tabled in Parliament (New Zealand)
The report notes (pp.13-14) that "the Rotary Club have paid fortnightly visits and have provided first-class entertainment. The fact that homo-sexual prisoners are allowed to see an audience from the outside world and listen to their effort to uplift and benefit them has a wonderful anti-depression effect. Men here are encouraged to take an active part in entertainments, and it is decidedly noticeable what a beneficial effect it has on their demeanour. At first they are shy, nervous, and backward, but this gradually wears off, and in time they are able to stand before an audience and do their part in a manly way."
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1938Author William Taylor is born (New Zealand)
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10 Jun 1938Eugenia Falleni dies following injuries sustained in an accident (Sydney, Australia)
The previous day Falleni had stepped off the pavement in front of a motorcar.
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