A list of archived articles from GayNZ.com, in the original category of: Entertainment.

GayNZ.com was a news, features and commentary website focussing on LGBTI rainbow issues in Aotearoa New Zealand. It ran for approximately 16 years, publishing over 18,000 articles. Before it ceased operation on 31 May 2017, two large-scale web archives - the Internet Archive and the National Library of New Zealand (NHDA) captured and made much of the content available online. The Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand also captured an off-line copy of the content.

Please note that the first time you click on an NDHA link it may first take you to the archived front page of gaynz.com. Close the window and try again. This is because the NDHA website uses cookies and you cannot access an indiviual page without visiting the front page first. Plain text versions of the articles are also available.

The plain text versions were captured by PrideNZ.com just before GayNZ.com went offline. They are ordered here in the order of publish date and time. The original article ID is noted after the article title in brackets. Please note that the content (which contains a variety of news, personal opinion and review) is provided here for personal research and review and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of PrideNZ.com. If you would like to reuse any of this material please read this article

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