Article Title:Queens in the making
Author or Credit:Jacqui Stanford
Published on:15th September 2010 - 10:02 am
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Text:It's full steam ahead for Queen of the Whole Universe rehearsals for the next show in Auckland in November. We had a chat to four of the cast and crew members about why they love being involved so much. Matthew Hunt Matthew Hunt will be Miss Samoa for the pageant and has an incredibly elaborate wardrobe planned. It's his first year in the pageant – he decided to get involved when he saw the show in Wellington last year. "I'm nervous and a bit excited," he says. The "amazing" bunch of people involved in the show make him feel much more comfortable. He's pretty confident he will be able to pick up the dance moves – but is a little nervy about the prospect of dancing in heels! Todd Warner American Todd Warner has called New Zealand home for five years and is getting involved in Queen of the Whole Universe for the third year running. It was a simple decision for him to get involved. "I went to the show as an audience member, not knowing anything about it. And then I said to my partner 'oh I think I'd like to do that. And then it turned out I knew people who were in it." Warner has been Miss Israel and Miss Holland in the past two years and this year will be Miss Denmark who at this stage is a "work in progress". He doesn't get nervous on stage, he simply gets excited. "I like being up on the stage in front of people. I wouldn't say I'm a natural – I just enjoy it! And I find I am a natural in heels, which is a surprise to me," he laughs. Clint Woolly Clint Woolly already has the title of Young Gay Person of the Year, which was bestowed on the hardworking and bighearted Rainbow Youth board member at the OurFest Awards in February. He is now seeking to add the impressive title of Queen of the Whole Universe to his trophy cabinet when he takes to the stage for the third time as Miss Jamaica. While he doesn't so much enjoy being onstage, he adores being in character. "It's the character that likes being onstage and performing, so I guess it allows me to play out this alter-ego, other person, other life, other character – other than being me." Daniel Spragg Daniel Spragg will need his jogging shoes on backstage, where he will be a runner for the production. "I'm going to be running around and helping out with props. Basically communicating from one end of the stage to the other, because there are usually two stage managers. I'll just be making sure that everything's done on time." He has been involved with Queen of the Whole Universe since 2005 and says he keeps coming back because he loves meeting people. "It's just a really great atmosphere on the night. It's a great social environment and it's a nice community that we have." Queen of the Whole Universe Saturday 6 November, 8pm ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre, THE EDGE. Auckland Tickets: $15 - $69 (service fees may apply) Jacqui Stanford - 15th September 2010    
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