Article Title:The 'book' that never was...
Author or Credit:Craig Young
Published on:25th September 2005 - 12:00 pm
Story ID:925
Text:Garnet Milne's bogus anti-civil union website really should check its sources. It currentlycites a non-existent 'book' whose publication didn't go ahead. Haworth Press was about to publish a tome entitled Same-Sex Love and Desire in Greco-Roman Antiquity. Evidently, they need to improve the quality of their editorial processes, because one essay in the proposed tome in question had an article promoting paedophilia within it. Moreover, its inclusion would have seriously been at odds with the classical focus of the book in question. Commendably, Haworth pulled the book from projected publication as soon as it became aware of the situation, as explained below. I don't consider this to be self-censorship, because I do not consider self-identified paedophile activists and apologists as being part of the LGBT community. While historical constructions of same-sex desire and identity were different in Ancient Greek societies, they are irrelevant to contemporary societies, in which we regard paedophilia as a form of child sexual abuse. This 'book' doesn't exist, although I notice that galley copies have appeared on a certain paedophile networking website, along with the offending essay. It is fascinating that Milne and World Net Daily (from which he sourced it) have been caught out in deliberate distortion. And while we're at it, Garnet, could we please have more comment about the convicted serial paedophile who used to run a certain political party for which you stood as an election candidate in the nineties...? I think his name was Capill? Typical. First, they start seeing imaginary 'children'in discredited decadeold fabrications fromjunk scientist Judith Reisman. Now, they're hallucinating about 'books' that don't really exist. No wonder they call themselves 'committed Christians.' Haworth Press: Announcement of Decision Not to Publish Book: Craig Young - 25th September 2005    
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