Title: Chris Carter: Your views Credit: Comment Sunday 1st August 2010 - 4:59pm1280638740 Article: 9132 Rights asked gay men and women who were out and about in Auckland on Saturday night the following three questions about Chris Carter: 1: What's your opinion of Chris Carter's actions as an MP in recent weeks? 2: As NZ's most senior openly gay MP what impression, if any, is he giving the general public of gay people? 3: What should he do now? Here's what they had to say: Steve, 45yo auto electrician from Howick: 1. Unprofessional and foolish 2. It shouldn't make a difference to how people see the rest of us, but to some people he is making us look loopy. 3. He should take a break. There is a huge range of things he can do to achieve his objectives without being an MP. Geoff, 49yo property investor from Herne Bay: 1. He just seems tired and burned out. 2. It's good that in this latest episode he has kept his sexuality out of it and it's a sign of the other politicians' respect for the glbt community that they also haven't played the sexuality card. 3. He should accept that his political career is over and bow out as gracefully as he can - with our blessing for what he and the Clark government have done for us. Rachel, 25yo student from central Auckland 1. I say good on him for speaking out, but maybe he could have done it in a better way. 2. I don't really see it as a gay issue, it's politics. 3. Well he's started something, he should finish it. Andre, 50-something North Shore jeweller: 1. Terrible. 2. He is giving a shocking impression of gay people. 3. He should just resign and disappear. Ngahou, 49yo hospital worker from the inner city: 1. He's done a good job in the past and he's still ok. 2. He's shown that glbt people can work hard and do well. 3. He should hang in there and see it through. Ashley, 31yo 'temporarily unemployed' from Henderson 1. The whole thing is pretty embarrassing. 2. He makes us look pretty bad. 3. Get out of there, his time is up. Martin, 60+ businessman from St Heliers: 1. His recent actions and reactions have been rather over the top but what he is saying about Goff, in particular, is true. 2. He's not giving any impression of the rest of us gay folk, he's just a politician. 3. He should lay low and let events take their course. Ana, 40-something retail worker from Penrose 1. It's all a beat up, the media just love the drama. 2. People will think whatever they think about us anyway. 3. Whatever he wants! Greg, 25yo accountant from Hamilton: 1. Inept. 2. Embarrassing. 3. He should leave politics immediately and start over in a new field. Tavita, 30yo painter from Mangere: 1. He seems way out of his depth. 2. Not good. 3. Pray! Or ring Helen Clark for advice, and follow it. Hayley, 28yo chef from Grey Lynn 1. Really odd! 2. I do think he has been picked on for being gay. Journalists bring up his partner for no reason all the time. I think he has always been a good representative for us. 3. Is he enjoying it anymore? If not, maybe he should find something else to do out of the spotlight. Pat, 38yo lab technician from Mt Wellington: 1. I used to admire him but I'm not sure I do now. 2. Very negative. 3. Leave politics before things get worse for him. - 1st August 2010    
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