Title: Dis/United? Credit: Craig Young Comment Thursday 1st September 2005 - 12:00pm1125532800 Article: 890 Rights
On current polling, Peter Dunne will be alone again after the next general election. After he is decaucused, he may find that his erstwhile cohabitants want a divorce on philosophical grounds. Consider this. Without Future New Zealand, Dunne will face growing calls from Vision New Zealand and other fundamentalist lobby groups to dissolve his relationship with Future New Zealand. They weren't pleased when Dunne voted for the Relationships (Statutory References) Act, and they aren't going to be when they read and find out that he still supports banning discrimination on the basis of gender identity, and is 'undecided' on adoption law reform. After the departure of his caucus, Future New Zealand may demand that Dunne reverses his stance, or else. If Dunne refuses, then this may be the casus belli, and United and Future New Zealand may revert to their separate existences. If it sounds familiar, it should. Given the recent departure of Paul Adams and dissatisfied noises from Marc Alexander, are we seeing identical symptoms to those that led to the demise of the Alliance in 2002? And does this free Peter Dunne from having to be a hardline moralist? Recommended: United Future New Zealand Challenge Weekly [Weekly NZ fundamentalist newspaper] Christian News NZ Catholic [Fortnightly Catholic newspaper] Vision New Zealand [A NZ fundamentalist lobby group] Craig Young - 1st September 2005    
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