Article Title:What's so funny about the Pope's shoes?
Author or Credit:Kitten Power
Published on:29th April 2010 - 03:44 pm
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Text:Zoe Lyons Zoe Lyons likes mocking the Pope. The out British comedian, who is currently on stage in Wellington as part of the New Zealand International Comedy Festival, got the giggles as soon as this interviewer even mentioned Pontifex Maximus. "He's not having a great time of it at the moment," she laughs. "I think he needs to consult his PR people." Pope Benedict has become one highlight of Lyons' shows, particularly his concerns about the blurring of the genders. She thinks this is hilarious, considering he wears a frock and pretty red shoes. "I quite like his shoes, to be honest with you. His little red Prada shoes fascinate me as much as any of the comments he makes regarding world issues. But he's having a bit of a rough ride of it at the moment, some would say justifiably." He's not the only target of her mockery, she draws from real life. In fact she carries a notebook around with her just in case something tickles her funny bone. "When I get to a town like Wellington I like to walk around and have a look and get a feel for the place and try and write jokes about literally what I see around me." Other topics she covers in her show Miss Machismo include arming the elderly, gay penguins, her new love of 'snuggies' and 'slankets' and accidental threesomes. When asked how someone can get involved in an 'accidental threesome' she laughs and hints it involves her going 'for a tinkle in the bushes' and losing her footing. "And involuntarily joining in with a couple who were, well, enjoying nature, fully, is probably the most polite way of saying it. You'll have to come to the show if you really want to hear the full story. It's very embarrassing." Last year Lyons featured in The Independent's 10th Annual Pink List, which is a rundown of the 101 most influential lesbian and gay people in Britain. She came it at number 81. Lyons says when she read the news in the paper one Sunday morning, she spat her coffee out across the breakfast table. She says like any accolade, you have to take it with a pinch of salt. "Yeah number 81, Elton John was only 76th so I'm obviously doing something right. I mean what's he done?" But seriously, Lyons says it was a nice honour. She is a London Pride patron and says she tries to do what she can for the gay community. "I always feel so bad because I'm away so much I don't do as many charity gigs or fundraising gigs as I'd like to do, but whenever I can, I make myself available. And last year I was at the head of the march at London Pride, which was a lovely honour and a fabulous day - it just reminds me how lucky I am to live where I live and be able to be and do what I want." Lyons hasn't always been a comedian. In fact she trained as an actress (a world she didn't enjoy at all) and even had a pretty successful stint on Survivor (making the final six) before her stand-up debut. She says she found comedy was the perfect forum for her mixture of desperation and a need to show off. "I did a five minute open spot in a little gig in the north of London about six and a half years ago - and I mean it was rubbish, it was truly proper rubbish, but I loved it. And I thought 'this is it, this is my new path, this is where I'm going from here'." She understands some people think comedy is terrifying, but she says when it goes well and the audience is good it is the best feeling in the world. "It's extreme in the emotions it evokes in you. But I love it. I absolutely love it. I love the thrill of going onstage." Zoe Lyons on stage with her show Miss Machismo at the Ivy Lounge in Wellington until May 1, then she will travel to Auckland to take the stage at Elliott Stables from May 4 to May 8. Kitten Power - 29th April 2010    
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