Article Title:Synergy Queer Dance Party
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Published on:4th August 2005 - 12:00 pm
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Text:A dance party with an entry fee under twenty bucks? Outside of a blue light disco (do they still have those?), it's not likely you'll find one, particularly one specifically targeted at gays and lesbians, but the organiser of this weekend's Synergy Party in Auckland, John Christie, has managed to do it. "I wanted to appeal to the young crowd," he says, many of whom can't afford to pay upwards of $40 for more established events. However, the modest ticket price of $15 doesn't equate to budget entertainment. Christie says punters can expect a great night out. "The big thing to expect is good quality music. We've got DJs Donald Bennett, Mark Emerson, Rochelle, and Karl Moser, who played at Mardi Gras," he says. "You could go to a nightclub for free and have Kylie remixes played if you want, but what you're paying for is the top DJs." There'll also be a floorshow from Judy Chicago, aka Miss Drag Auckland, and the DJ Station go-go boys. "The show is going to add something. It's a bit more of a whole experience, whereas at a club you just pop in and out. This is an all-night event," says Christie. "There'll be giveaways, the DJ Station go-go boys will be going round chucking out lollipops, and safe sex packs specially made up for the party by the AIDS Foundation. The drag queens are going to give away Durex products, so it's going to be quite fun. It's a bit different." Christie said he was inspired to create Synergy after seeing similar one-off dance party events in Sydney. "I think these one-off events add a bit of variety, a bit of flavour. It mixes up the crowd. In Sydney you never see the same people," he says. Having said that, he hopes Synergy will have sequels if the first one goes well. "Auckland doesn't have that many venues. We have enough to get by, but there's a limited number and we complement that by having occasional events. If Synergy goes off, I'd like to see it happen every 2 – 3 months." Will there be boys and girls, or just the boys? "I'm suspecting we'll probably get 80% guys, but there are lesbians who get into the dance parties, and even straight girls as well. Age-wise, I suspect we'll be aiming at a slightly younger market than Seduction. Probably little bit younger than most dance parties." And will your gay credentials be checked at the door? "No it's all inclusive, so whatever you are, whoever you are, you're pretty much welcome. The aim is to provide a safe environment for any different identity you might have." WHAT: Synergy Dance Party WHERE: Bacio, 309 K Rd, Auckland WHEN: Saturday August 6, 10pm - late - 4th August 2005    
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