Article Title:Your guide to gay Christmas etiquette
Author or Credit:Campbell Stodart
Published on:17th December 2009 - 02:55 pm
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Text:Got your Christmas Party invites sorted out?'s festive foodie Campbell Stodart has some tips for the silly season. I can't help but notice a rather annoying little culture has developed and it's becoming more apparent as we near the holidays. It's C.N.T. - Cheap, Naughty and Thankless. The festive season is starting, involving a healthy calendar of gatherings and socialising, finger food and nibbles, bbq's, picnics and very fresh 'fruit'. I am certainly not saying I am the most popular kid on the block at all - my dance card is always open - but it seems as the Christmas Trees go up, people's level of courtesy go down. I am noticing a lot of folk have seemed to have misplaced their manners when attending a Festive event at a private home. An invitation to Rick and Steve's place does not equate to a free for all in the world of Food and Beverage and all things social. Never arrive empty handed, even if your Host uses the "Just bring yourself" line. It is actually considered polite to take something along... like a bottle of wine, or maybe grab some Christmas Mince Pies on your way. A little gesture is very sweet and will go noticed. Speaking of Wine, if it is BYO, under no circumstances grab the cheapest bottle of plonk from your Supermarket and tuck that under your wing and then promptly on arrival, contribute that to the bar and then quaff your way through the delicious Mount Difficulty Pinot that some other soul has spent $50 on for their enjoyment. I am sure there are many Hosts who clean up at the end and are left with skanky bottles of obscure Mexican Sav Blanc. If it is a "Ladies a plate" situation, then it should be a contribution with a little thought and care behind it. A bag of potato chips and some mixed nuts really isn't sufficient and is mildly bad taste these days. They are almost up there with petrol station flowers. Maybe your friends have gone all out and hired caterers or service staff to make their job a lot easier. Remember to always treat the hired help with respect and courtesy as they are people too! Way too many times I have seen waiters and barmen being traumatised by some vile queen who has had a skin full of Pimms. Let them do their job and don't assume that they are gay and will be your next husband or wife. Have you noticed that a road runs both ways? It is the same with social invitations. Rick and Steve may throw great parties but don't simply wait on their next one for a catch up over food and a glass of bubbles. The reciprocal invitation is a normal courtesy and maybe your evening may not be quite as grand but it is the gesture and intent that matters. Quite a few people are in the habit of a 'thank you' call the next day, which is just lovely. You may be nursing a hangover and feeling a little special needs - and then you're grateful for a thank you call. It's also a good way of finding out how the night ended and of course who went home with who. Above all, enjoy the Festivities... Indulge, mingle, flirt and be merry and gay. Merry Christmas! Campbell Stodart - 17th December 2009    
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