Article Title:Review: Chch's Globes Awards 2009
Author or Credit:Matt Akersten
Published on:28th October 2009 - 01:37 pm
Story ID:8082
Text:Miss Mole (left) and Fur Purse (right) greet MP Lianne Dalziel on the red carpet Miss Mole says her annual 'Oscars' night is dead, but long live the astonishingly similar Globes Awards! Yes, it was time for all Christchurch's rainbow warriors, fire-breathers, window-cleaners, transdimensional transgenders, UniQers, Nokia earpiece wearers, lovely lezzies, excitable MPs, fancy-dressed 40-somethings and unforgettable showgirls to awaken and glitter themselves up for the Garden City's biggest - and longest - gay night of the year. It's hot stuff as Miss Ribena quizzes a puzzled fire breather I'd stayed at the Globes in the big Bedford venue until 3am, when the party was still in full swing after the amusements on stage had finally shimmied and stomped its way to conclusion at 2:20am. That many hours of entertainment has to be good value, right? And DJ Danice has great taste in music. Miss Mole looked after us on the night with a great table in the VIP area, where Chch Labour MP Lianne Dalziel was at a nearby seat with members of the city's trans royalty, and visiting 'dignitaries' from Auckland and Wellington's drag scene were cheering and heckling the on-stage antics. I'd estimated there were around 750 people there but Mole politely informs me there were only 650 (how strange that an event organiser wants me to round the attendee numbers down, but I admire her honesty). The place was packed and pumping right through the night though, with much merry drinking and dancing. It was great to see so many people in fancy dress, and a wide variety of walks of life including many groups of sparkling ladies. 'Mr. Spunky Hunk' Brad Mannering with his proud mum! As always, the award category winners were decided by voting at The Bedford Bar's various gay events in the last few weeks. Here's who got the gongs: 'Window Cleaning Woman' Mary MacHarper earned Business of the Year David, Suzie and Hamish got the Outstanding Community Award for their work on Chch Pride Week Astarea Rae was 'Female Icon of the Year' Sexiest Woman was Shaz, and Brad Mannering took out 'Hunky Spunk of the Year' Sophie's Café's friendly host Kieth Hilton was named 'Male Icon of the Year' Drag Diva of the Year was Stella Roadkill, and 'Miss Bitch Attitude' was Queen Iva Chch Business Association's Jill Borland was 'Women of the Year'. Person of the Year was Shulamit Gordon And the coveted title 'Queen of the Year' went to 26-year-old drag performer Little Miz Cinnamon. HOURS OF FUN! Watch out Mole, these young queens are ready for the spotlight Among the many highlights of the night were Miss Gloriousole's energetic show; hottie fire breathers Proven Performance (watch them in action on the video clip below); Miss Ribena's snoring noises on the mic whenever there was a pause in proceedings; the Brazilian all-girl troupe Stella; and Betty Ford visiting from K' Rd's Caluzzi venue. Starting late and losing its way a little after 1am, the action on stage could have been tightened up somewhat to shorten the running time. The audience's patience was wearing a bit thin when some of the music tracks wouldn't work for the shows later on. But it's all put together by volunteers in their spare time for charity, so the night's problems are easily forgiven. Its charm is in its grassroots staging and talent - a true celebration of the city's LGBT community and its many friends. I must say a very big thank you to Miss Mole for helping me collect money by rattling the OUTLine NZ donation bucket during a break between shows on the night. We raised a little over $100 in gold coins for the LGBT phone support network, on a night which was already a successful fundraiser for Q-Topia youth group. As ever, Mole truly was the 'go to' person who brought the whole event together, and - also as ever - she's not sure she wants to do it again next year. It takes a lot of work and energy to create a night this big! But what would Christchurch do without its big gay Labour Weekend bash? And can any other Kiwi city hold an event which can come near it for sheer over-the-top stonkin' showgirl slaps-on-the-back fun? I'm keeping Labour Weekend 2010 free, with fingers crossed.   On the video below: Fire breathers Proven Performance heat up The Globes Awards. Matt Akersten - 28th October 2009    
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