Article Title:Carmen's birthday: Organiser's accounts and report
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Published on:20th October 2009 - 12:45 pm
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Text:1.40PM: The embattled organiser of a Wellington fundraising party for trans legend Carmen has produced his financial report on the event, amidst mounting criticism that the event was mishandled and that the ailing Carmen returned to Sydney with significantly less proceeds than she should have. Carmen Rupe with Jevan Goulter Jevan Goulter has taken a pounding in recent days over the October 9th An Evening of Glamour event with allegations flying between Goulter and Carmen's supporters and a number of people involved in the event. Below is Goulter's financial information as just received by, plus his response to a variety of criticisms. We print his figures and words verbatim, but should point out that Amanda La Whore, the event's drag queen MC, has denied she kept any funds from ticket sales as they were all given away as complimentaries and has announced that she will take Goulter to court over non-payment for her services; that Jacquie Grant has been an outspoken and determined critic of the organisation and finances of the event; and that the Mike/Hope Bros. reference is to Michael Wallace, owner of Hope Bros., the venue for An Evening Of Glamour. On legal advice we have had to remove two unsubstantiated and unspecified allegations which do not specifically relate to the event in question.     FINANCIAL REPORT by Jevan Goulter SUMMARY Friday 9 October: An Evening of Glamour This is my summary and report of the evening along with the financial report for everybody to see. I have to begin by thanking the following people/organisations for their support and help with this evening being a great night and Carmen's stay in Wellington: Hope Brothers, Rainbow Wellington, Pip Boag (Fosters New Zealand), Miss Kola, Travel Lodge, Phil Rogers, Dominion Post, Nightline, Goodmorning (TVNZ), Labour MP Charles Chauvel's, Labour MP Winnie Laban, Princess, Andre, Sophie (Sophies Cafe), Liz Christie, Warren Dion Smith, The Chocolate Cake Company, Prestige Classics Ltd you are obviously a very bored person with little else to do. I am absolutely disgusted in how you approach situations, I had heard from a handful of people about yourself all though I thought those people merely did not like you, looks like however they were right, you are nothing but a loud mouth, ageing queen to put it quite honestly. I would also point out that you are right in saying Carmen does not have a hating bone in her body, let me just tell you this is why she is the Queen and you never will be, because she posses so much more style and class than yourself and your measly followers. After speaking to you I would quite honestly assume you are jealous of our Queen. I'm glad you have so much love for Carmen, as do I, maybe you would like to pledge some money towards having Carmen's scooter fixed since you have no problem in being vocal about your love towards her! It was interesting that you decided to have had such a voice in these matters with out finding out what actually went on considering you were neither at the event nor do you live in Wellington. Amanda La Whore: You performed very well on the evening   
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