Article Title:How to pick up guys... in one easy step
Author or Credit:Matt Akersten
Published on:23rd April 2009 - 03:32 pm
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Text:Our competition to win a dinner with Mr. Gay Auckland produced some great pick-up lines just begging to be tried out - and several tragic ones too! Mr. Gay Auckland Aku Hammond The lucky winner will enjoy a complimentary meal and bottle of wine with the lovely Aku Hammond - who was crowned Mr. Gay Auckland last September at Family bar - at K' Road's Caluzzi cabaret restaurant on a Wednesday night coming soon. Yes, we'll be there to see how things go and will report back with gossip! In the meantime… our question for our witty readers was "what's your best 'pick-up' line or icebreaker advice?" Here's our picks of the bunch: "Is your Dad a terrorist? Because you're the bomb!" "If being sexy is a crime, you're guilty as charged." "Can I have your phone number? I seem to have lost mine." "Lick your finger, touch your t-shirt and then the guy's t-shirt you're interested in, follow by saying 'Now lets go home and change out of these wet clothes'." "You be the Titanic, I'll be the iceberg, and I'll go down on you." "That outfit would look great in a crumpled heap next to my bed." "My favourite pick up line is 'you smell kinda pretty. You wanna smell me?!' (usually followed by confused laughter and forced conversation - but always gets their attention! ;-P ) "When people ask how I am, I normally say I'm fag-tastic, thanks for asking!" Oh dear. There were also a few 'boy next door' types who sent us cute ones: "Hey, I love your smile" "Hi there man, you know the world might be against us but with you by my side it doesn't stand a chance." "A complement always works a charm. Something like 'wow I love your hair'. Or 'I wonder if the rest of your body is as cute as your face'. Bahahahahaha, LOL. Maybe not." Gorgeous! And some good advice: "Be who you are." "My advice - just relax, be yourself - don't think about it too much." And our winner Gareth sent us this one, it's our favourite of all of them: "It's a physical one, so will try and explain best I can :-P Sit next to him, and say 'Did you know, the distance from here **touch shoulder** to here **touch hand**, is the same as from here **touch same shoulder**, to here' **run hand from shoulder, over top of back, to other shoulder so that your arm is now around the guy**" Well done Gareth, enjoy your dinner date with Aku!     Share your best pick-up lines and stories of ice-breakers which worked... or bombed... on our Forum. We promise we won't LOL too hard! ;-)     Matt Akersten - 23rd April 2009
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