Article Title:At home with the Wigs on the Waterfront girls
Author or Credit:Matt Akersten
Published on:20th February 2009 - 08:24 pm
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Text:Drag divas from the upcoming Wigs on the Waterfront fundraiser shared a private moment with – and we saw them like we've never seen them before! This Sunday's Wigs day of shows downtown at Auckland's Viaduct Basin is a fundraiser for the fight against breast cancer, a charity which – like their padded bras – is close to the divas' hearts. We got some exclusive and very genuine shots of the girls at home, as they told us what they've been up to recently. BUCKWHEAT Buckwheat is currently in lockdown at TV3's NZ's Next Top Model mansion, where she's "still in the running". "I'm taking the contest very seriously," she reveals, "as the winner gets to be on the cover of's glossy Gig Guide, and also gets their own line of clothing at The Warehouse – just like Rachel Hunter!"   SUZANNE PAUL At least one of the divas on stage at Wigs is a real woman! After our photoshoot with Suzanne Paul in her everyday lounging at home outfit, she tarted us up a treat using her Natural Glow… the difference was incredible – we almost looked young enough to be bought drinks at Family bar!   MISS MOLE Since marrying Hermann Munster, Miss Mole has settled into her luxurious haunted home. The spooky bats flitting around the rafters were a little unsettling at first, but Moley has now befriended them and even gave them each LGBT community awards at her annual Oscars Night!   CINDY OF SAMOA On the nightclub stage she's a raunchy Tina Turner, but by day Cindy of Samoa is a talented actress. So convincing is her portrayal of Mia in the upcoming remake of Pulp Fiction that she was twice mistakenly arrested during filming. Police apologized, but only after Cindy had spent the night in a women's prison and had wowed the inmates with her rendition of What's Love Got To Do With It.   DAPHNE BUSH We caught up with drag alien Daphne Bush a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. "Perform Downtown I might," she said cryptically. "New outfit I have. Second-hand shop it from. Cheap it was!" Luckily we escaped before she was able to 'use the force' on us.   MISS K Fairytale Princess Miss K has been asleep since New Years' Eve, and is waiting for a handsome prince to wake her up in time for Wigs. In the meantime, she has Seven Twinks to complete her household chores.   MISS RIBENA We caught up with Miss Ribena backstage at Family bar, where she was perfecting her sparkly make-up. When we suggested one of her massive eyelashes might be on crooked, she cried "hiii-yaaah" and gave us a swift kick in the goolies. "See you on Sunday!" she called as we staggered away.   BUFFY AND BIMBO Wigs will be the 37th Pride '09 event Buffy and Bimbo have appeared at over the last few weeks. Their antics at Wigs will be captured by TV cameras as the duo complete their whistlestop tour of central Auckland for an upcoming reality show where they have a go at various jobs, including teaching dancing to senior politicians and teaching aerobics to confused Ponsonby residents.   AND MANY MORE! Wigs on the Waterfront kicks off at 11am on Sunday 22 March (the weather was dodgy on the previous 22 February date) at Auckland's Viaduct Basin and goes non-stop right through to 5pm… with plenty of other acts including Vera   
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