Article Title:Express editor Mike Binis
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Published on:1st April 2003 - 12:00 pm
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Text:Mike Binis is the latest in a succession of gay men to take on the editorship of express newspaper in recent times. The former radio commercial producer and Auckland bar manager is well known to the Queen City's gay community as a prominent leatherman, but what else is he? Who are you and what's your background? I am a Polish Catholic boy from Buffalo, New York, who, after 10 years of working in Radio came to New Zealand in the late 80's to continue to work in Radio. I was out in Buffalo, and always was visible and a volunteer, but it wasn't until after I moved to Wellington that I became so involved in Gay events and movements. What skills do you bring to the express editorship? Being a friendly familiar face in the community, and very used to radio deadlines, helps with my credentials... after that, I think it's more what express can do for me! Express has had so many really talented editors that I only hope I can learn and live up to the job. What do you hope to achieve with express stories and features? One thing I hope to achieve at Express is to get the community working together and curtail the infighting. Whether it's between venues or organizations or media or personalities... our strength as an alternative community relies on cross support. I have no time for "bitter venom and bile" as one letter to the editor put it. I hope to find stories that make us shine, or at least make us think.. What characterises the GLBT community for you? Bold, unencumbered freedom. What is the worst thing for you about being GLBT? There is no "worst" thing about being gay for me. Every time I see a tacky ad on TV... a suburban family in a gas-guzzling 4-wheel drive trying to park at the mall... or the line of "trendy straights" waiting to enter a niteclub... I'm thankful that I'm not one of them! What is the best thing about being GLBT? Freedom is the best thing about being Gay. Freedom to reject all the conventions that are conventions simply because they are conventions. So much of modern day society is immoral when you really look at it, yet the vast majority doesn't see it, and think we must be wrong. I don't have to fall into that trap. Relationship status? I have the sexiest partner I can imagine, who I also think is brilliant, and keeps my thoughts in check by challenging them. I don't always agree with him, but even after ten years, I value what he says, and still think he's the sexiest guy I've seen. Favourite food - 1st April 2003
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