Article Title:Hero planning session for 2006 Festival
Author or Credit:Hero Brand Management Group
Published on:21st April 2005 - 12:00 pm
Story ID:706
Text:Date announced for HERO Strategic Planning Day to include input from as much of the community as possible for 2006! HERO Strategic Planning Day moved to 21st May 2005: "To align HERO with community expectations, and to be able to Maximize visibility of the HERO brand." This will be from 10am to about 4pm, and will be run by independent facilitator Nicky Benson, from Rogen, a global communication company, helping us to develop strategies to position our organization appropriately for our most important stakeholders. So that means all event organizers from this year's festival, as well as those planning to be involved in next year's Festival are invited, plus key community figures with an eye to seeing HERO develop in the right direction. For more information, to be involved, and for confirmation of the venue, contact We regrettably had to change the date of the Strategic Planning Day! There are a number of Key organisers that could not attend at the last minute, and we have decided to risk the change in the hope that this works for you all. Our new SPD day is SATURDAY 21st MAY 2005 10am – 4pm The Planing day on the 21st will be a facilitated session by Nicky Benson from Rogen, a professional communications and facilitation company. We see this day as being important for the development of the brand within the BMG structure. The success and development of the HERO Festival 2006 and beyond is in all of our hands, and we hope that you will understand our efforts in trying to find the best way to bring everyone together! Please RSVP to and we will send you the formalised agenda, and venue details…and so we can cater for your lunch! As mentioned in the first invitation, the HERO Festival 2006 Calender arrangements will be first up, so even if that is all you can manage, please come for the first hour or two. Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to seeing you next month! Love from HERO BMG xxx BMG responds to FAQ's Q: What did Hero achieve this year? A: Weve identified the touch-points to tap into expertise for next year. We continued the foundation for a solid HERO to develop. We now have an opportunity to have ideas shared and a format to build on future HERO Festivals. The cornerstone Festival events have given maintenance donations to the BMG. The smaller events were self-funding and made direct donations to charities under the HERO name. This year's Heroic Gardens has raised around $50,000 for Herne Bay House! Q: Were there any activities and/or events that were missing... any gaps? A: We did feel that different parts of Auckland weren't represented, and there were no womens events. We feel that HERO needs more Cultural Diversity  
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