Article Title:"His wife turned up and rear-ended my car!"
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Published on:12th April 2005 - 12:00 pm
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Text:I've been bonking with a guy for a couple of months but last week as I left his house his wife(!) returned home and purposely rear-ended my car as I was leaving. I didn't know he was married but he seems a really nice guy, the nicest and hottest I've met in ages. What should I do? - Terry, Auckland Carol comments: I'm hearing that you have been enjoying great sex but now there is an insurmountable problem – and I don't mean the wife and her fender-bending anger. Do you really want to be involved with a cheat ? If the sex is all-important then arrange to meet somewhere other than the family home but, if you're looking for more, then go find someone who you can really love and respect. - Carol Jacquie comments: My mind was spinning while reading your letter all this talk of rear-ending and bonking sounds like a Tamahairy comment doesn't it. Are you really trying to tell us you went to the guy's house, had a bonk (presumably in the bedroom) and didn't know he was married? Yeah right. It seems as if the wife knew what was happening and to be honest if I was her I would have done a lot more than rear-end your car after I had done a Bobbitt on the husband. Seriously, unless you want to be a home-wrecker leave it alone. There's no future there, reading between the lines of his wife's reaction you are probably not the first and no doubt not the last. If you want to have a serious talk to this guy tell him how you feel and try to gauge what his intentions are... is he looking for a casual relationship and happy with his wife? Or is he coming out of the closet and does this relationship have a future? Only when you know the real situation can you make a judgment as to where to go from here. - Jacquie - 12th April 2005
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