Title: Reassignment surgery - Medical and social neccessity Credit: Craig Young Comment Thursday 7th April 2005 - 12:00pm1112832000 Article: 688 Rights
Destiny New Zealand and Libertarianz seem to agree that pre-operative transpeople should be denied neccessary medical treatment, namely subsidised reassignment surgery. Wrong. In the case of Libertarianz, it's at least philosophically consistent. It doesn't believe that the state should fund abortion access within public hospitals and associated clinics, either. As for Destiny New Zealand, it's malicious ignorance, probably. In both cases, an evidence-based rebuttal should dispose of Libertarianz' philosophical assertions, through a cost/benefit analysis. Sure, taxpayer subsidised abortions and reassignment surgery might incur costs through use of anaesthesia, pharmaceutical consumption, renumeration for staff time, wear and tear on surgical equipment and hospital bed occupancy. However, there's also benefit from foregone costs in terms of child-related medical, welfare and criminal justice expenditure in the context of socio-economic status-related terminations of pregnancy, and risks of onstream costs if transpeople attempt or carry out suicidal behaviour as a result of denial of access to neccessary corrective surgery. In the latter case, Gender Identity Disorder is listed in the APA's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for that very reason. Libertarianz needs to explain why they'd prefer to incur additional state spending in these contexts, ironically enough. As for Destiny New Zealand, it needs to explain whether it would use the same 'reasoning' in the context of other surgical procedures. If they ever form part of a viable government, would we then see rationing of healthcare access to those who have led 'pure' lives? Would we see an economically discriminatory health insurance programme that would discriminate against its very own Maori and Pasifika constituencies, akin to US Medicare? Recommended Reading: Destiny New Zealand Party Libertarianz Party Gale Encyclopedia: Gender Identity Disorder (DSM IV Classification) Craig Young - 7th April 2005    
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