Article Title:Queer Nation's Kelly Rice
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Published on:10th March 2003 - 12:00 pm
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Text:Kelly Rice Kelly Rice is one of the new presenters of TV2's gay lifestyle programme Queer Nation, but she's been a fixture of the Auckland GLBT scene for some time... Who are you... what's your background? I grew up in Tauranga and realized I was different when I was 10. My mother cried when she found out. She said she wasn't crying because she was ashamed, she was upset because she knew how hard my life was going to be - I was 19 and so relieved to be honest that I didn't understand what she was worried about. At the end of the conversation she said well if you have music and love in your life you will be fine…. She was right! In hindsight I guess my life has been harder than that of a straight woman but I'm a lot stronger in myself because of it - I don't take shit basically. My mother told my father, and he gave his usual humorous Maori answer - "I bet you're embarrassed - I would kick your ass but I love you too bloody much" and that was it. I love what he said because in that short sentence he expressed what I was feeling, what he was feeling and how he planned to handle it - I think that's what he's passed on to me - say what you mean and mean what you say. What skills do you bring to this job? I guess I have been out long enough to feel comfortable with myself, and my sexuality, and that in itself is a huge thing to bring to Queer Nation. I know how the scene was and is now, and how everything about it has changed and evolved and I aim to reflect those views from our community - the good, the bad and the ugly! What do you hope to achieve by your reporting at Queer Nation? See above. What characterises the New Zealand GLBT community for you? Friendship, love, strength blah blah blah - I think diversity has to characterise it for me. What is the worst thing for you about being GLBT? Straight women flirting with you to prove they are open-minded, but they're not gonna go all the way so its kind of boring for me really. What is the best thing about being GLBT? Meeting a woman who blows me away with her style, sense of herself and is fearless in her approach to life…. It doesn't happen often enough sadly. Relationship status? N/A Favorite food - 10th March 2003
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