Article Title:Fetish Balls bring Pollyfilla back to NZ
Author or Credit:Matt Akersten
Published on:5th November 2008 - 11:06 pm
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Text:Back for Balls: Pollyfilla Wellington's favourite drag diva Pollyfilla has been based in Melbourne for a couple of years now, but we miss her so much that we keep calling her back! It's not for a specifically gay event this time though – she's here to be Miss-tress of Ceremonies for the annual Fetish Ball in Wellington this Saturday and Christchurch next Saturday. "The Fetish Ball in Christchurch is a long running event – not as long as the Oscars, but it's getting there," she tells us. "This year will be the 4th Ball I have been involved with, and they are always an awesome night out - good music, a fun vibe and the attitude of the partygoers just make it one of the best annual nights out... hell, why do you think I always fly back for it?" The Fetish Balls are unique in that they are 'costume essential' – so you must be dressed accordingly or you will not be allowed entry. NO discussions, NO refunds! Polly lists the acceptable forms of attire: "Fantasy/Fetishwear such as drag, corsets, uniforms, leather, lingerie, latex, rubber, PVC, feathers, cyber, sci-fi, or special fx costuming - or anything else you might dream up. Sheer fabrics, and revealing outfits are encouraged. Gothic - try to make it as over the top as you can Creativity is key - anything made from Rubber, PVC, Leather, Metal, Vinyl or Latex will be fine." Not acceptable are everyday street clothes, regular business suits (although tuxedos are OK), denim of any kind or colour (unless it is part of a pretty spectacular costume), and sneakers (unless they are part of your costume). Well that clears that up – got an outfit in mind yet? "I really do mourn the fact that the gay community at large thinks its a bit embarassing to go all out and dress up," Polly reflects. "I remember when Hero and Devotion in the mid - late 90s - part of the fun was for people to organise, find, buy or make their outfits, get your hair done, buy new shoes, do some crazy makeup - boys in hotpants, sequins for Africa... and now its just designer jeans and a singlet that you're going to take off and tuck in the back of your waistband and dance shirtless like every other clone on the dancefloor. I'm not saying that's good or bad, just in my opinion, it's boring and sad." The showgirl doesn't want to reveal too much about what she's got in store for Fetish Ball-goers – except to say she's creating performances inspired by the theme of 'Sin City'. "As well as performing, I'll be introducing the acts and whipping the crowd into a frenzy... literally!" A waxwork Pollyfilla? Since leaving New Zealand in late 2006, Polly has basked in the glow of the stage spotlight in Melbourne. But of course! "I'm lucky enough to have two regular weekly gigs here in Melbourne," she tells us proudly. "On Thursday nights, at Priscillas@153 Commercial Road in Prahran – in the inner south gay club area – I co-produce The P.M.S Sisters - along with two Australian drag sisters of mine - Missy Normous and Sue Ridge. Its a glass and a half of full cream CAMP at a gorgeous boutique showbar, lots of fun and frolicking around in frocks, and a very very gay crowd. "Then on Saturdays I produce The Saturday Night Sparklettes at The Commercial Hotel. We perform three shows a night and generally the second and third sets are choreographed production shows - which means we do the same themed show every Saturday for a month. The crowd changes, and people come back to see the show again because they loved it so much the first time. The place packs out, and although its mainly a heterosexual crowd, everyone is really easy-going and laid back and no one gives a shit! "It's funny, as we've ended up with a totally all Kiwi lineup at this little Aussie pub in the inner west of Melbourne! My Saturday night co-stars include ex Auckland Diva Bumpa Love, who moved to Melbourne a few months ago from Sydney, and ex-Wellington showgirls Mia Slapper and Dawn Breaker, who both moved over about three months ago." Coming back to NZ for the Fetish Ball is also a valuable chance for Polly to catch up with her family and many friends at home… but naturally, she has other important engagements too: "I'll be doing a special performance on Friday 7th November, called 'Pop Princess' at Club Ivy in Wellington, where I'll be performing to some of my favourite pop tunes. It's been a while since I performed to my hometown crowd, so I'm really looking forward to it - I have chosen some of my favourite shows from the past years work here in Melbourne - we'll have 5 shows over the night, 1 per hour from 11 pm... so again, get your ass out of the house early,” she instructs. Pollyfilla will also be in the studio next Wednesday night 12 November from 11pm until 1am on Aaron and Andy's CampFM radio show having a gossip, answering listeners' questions and playing some camp classics and chart hits in between. The show will be streaming live at or on 88.5 Munt FM in central Wellington. So watch out Wellington, here comes Hurricane Polly (Kinda like Hurricane Katrina, but a whirlwind of feathers, sequins and glitter)… Pollyfilla's video showreel is shown below. Matt Akersten - 5th November 2008    
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