Title: Destiny Church: Defending the Bigotry Credit: Craig Young Comment Tuesday 11th January 2005 - 12:00pm1105398000 Article: 567 Rights
At the time of the first Destiny Church march against the Civil Union Bill, some regarded Brian's blackshirts as a Maori Pentecostal innovation. On Sunday, I checked up on Defending the Legacy, Destiny Church's new extravaganza, planned for 3 March 2005. There have been some changes. For starters, the new march is based in Auckland, rather than Wellington. Is this because the citizens of the capital have more sense than to regard Tamaki as a meaningful religious figure? Is it because there are financial difficulties contingent on importing large numbers of Destiny Church etc members southward? Is it because church membership is contracting now that TVNZ has closed the timeslot on Destiny Television? Is it because they figure that they'll attract less opposition from Auckland, which has a large social conservative blot called Mount Roskill embedded in it? Interestingly too, City Impact Church's Peter Mortlock is the only other backer at this stage. Does this mean that Tamaki has alienated the likes of Trevor Yaxley etc, which backed his first effort? Was there a falling out over the invasion of those annoyingly cute huhu grubs in his former time slot? What about the Christian Heritage Party? Will the rarely-seen Ewen McQueen be seen singing in chorus with Mortlock and Tamaki this time? Will they import Eddie Long and Bernice King for the big event? And where's the Maori content in all this? In the early Enough is Enough newsletters, there was some reference to the seabed and foreshore legislation. Not this time. It looks like issues of concern to iwi-based Maori are irrelevant, compared to Christian Right obsessions like abortion, sex work, civil unions and hate speech, which are featured prominently on the Legacy website. Again, did Destiny omit Maori-related concerns to pander to its redneck paheka fundamentalist mates? And hey, it's good to see that Destiny Church and City Impact Church are ecologically sound, given that they've recycled propaganda from the Enough is Enough march. Again, does this mean the pulled plug has cost Destiny Church more than air time? Is it draining membership away as well? Or are they just being post-modern and recognising that repetitive performances are a way of establishing social identities? Who knows? Is it the case that Enough is Enough hurt Destiny Church more than it did its opponents? And is that why Defending the Legacy shows evidence of a scaledown? Recommended Reading City Impact Church Destiny Church/New Zealand Defending the Legacy rally website: Auckland, March 3rd 2005: New Birth Missionary Baptist Church (Eddie Long, Tamaki's 'shepherd.' Craig Young - 11th January 2005    
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